5 Ways to Connect to the Sun and Moon

At Boho-Magic, our biggest inspirations for design jewels are nature and the cosmos. We’re totally entranced by flowers, trees and the elements as well as the sun, moon and stars. We not only love to create jewelry around these themes, but love to invite these things into our every day life so that we can live a life full of magic. So, let’s chat about how to invite the magic of the sun and moon into your everyday life!

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The sun and moon are not just fun aesthetic symbols to decorate your home and closet with. They have meaning that goes beyond any aesthetic and when their meaning is understand, they can can bring an abundance of magic into our lives.

While the sun and moon can have different meanings through time and varying cultures, there is a common understanding about their symbolism. The sun represents masculine energy and can symbolize renewal, rebirth, positivity and has amplification energy. The moon represents feminine energy and can symbolize intuition, emotions, divine wisdom and cyclical living. Together, the sun and moon represent life force energy that lives within every natural being on planet earth. They are the yin and yang, light and dark, and the balance of all things.

The sun and moon hold such power and beauty and inspire all of us each day and each night. We have designed several pieces of celestial jewelry that we wear on different moon phases and during different seasons throughout the year where the sun and moon do their dance. But, in addition to wearing celestial jewelry, there are habits that we can take on to connect us to this divine energy.

Here are 5 ways to connect to the sun and moon:

1. Make sun and moon elixirs

Sun and moon elixirs are a super simple way to work with theses energies. The idea here is that you allow the rays of the sun or the light of the moon to charge your water. You can even add water safe crystals, such as quartz, to your water to amplify the energies.

To create an elixir you will add purified water (eg. boiled) to a clear glass container like a jar. Add your water safe crystals or even herbs. Think of an intention that you want to imbue into your water. For example, may this water nourish my body and give me energy to get through this week. Put your container under the sun and let the energy of the suns rays soak into your water. For a moon elixir, you would do the same thing but choose a moon phase to work with. If possible, put your water under the moonlight and bring in before the sun comes up.

To learn more about the moon phases check out this blog here.

In the morning, hold a sunstone while meditating with the sun. You could do this for just a few moments and envision the light of the sun washing over your body and filling your aura with beautiful beaming rays of light.

At night, hold a moonstone while meditating with the moon. You could do this before bed as part of your nighttime routine. Hold the same vision for the moonlight to wash over you. Release any judgement of your thoughts and let your intuition have a voice.
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3. Wear symbols of the sun and moon


Adorn yourself with symbols and crystals that represent the sun and moon. At Boho-Magic, we have several several options for you! We have a sun and moon ring and necklace, a sun spinner ring and we have an entire celestial collection with crescent moon designs.

For crystals, of course you could wear sun stone and moonstone gems. But, there are also other stones out there that hold the energy of the sun and moon.

Yellow Calcite

Peach Moonstone

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4. Discover the Wheel of the Year

The wheel of the year is, historically, a Pagan tradition meaning it is cherished by those who live in harmony with nature. The Wheel of the Year presents us with 8 seasons, instead of 4. Each of these 8 seasons represents times where the sun and moon are doing their eternal and divine dance. With this turning of the wheel, the year actually begins with the winter solstice as this marks the shortest day of the year. The day after the winter solstice is when the sun begins to return to us. Learning about these 8 seasons is a fantastic way to understand the cycles of nature that are reflected within us. It can help us not only understand nature more clearly, but it can help us understand our own cycles too.

Wheel of the Year

Yule, Winter Solstice (Dec 21)
Imbolc (Feb 1)
Ostara, Spring Equinox (March 20)
Beltane (May 1)
Litha, Summer Solstice (June 21)
Lammas (August 1)
Mabon, Autumn Equinox (Sept 22)
Samhain (Oct 31)

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5. Journaling

Each day create the sacred space to journal about the sun and moon. Discover how these dualities make you feel and explore the wisdom that they bring you. Consider these journal prompts.

  • When the days are shorter, with less sun, how does this make me feel?
  • When the days are longer, with more sun, how does make me feel?
  • When the moon is dark (new moon), what are my emotions?
  • When the moon is bright and full, how do I feel? Do I feel empowered?
  • What happens within me when I take notice of the moons phases?
  • What parts of myself do I hide from others? What do I want to bring into the light?
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If you’d like to learn more about the moon’s phases, check out our blog on this topic here! And when you’re done reading, you can also check out our celestial gift guide!

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