How to Create a Boho Summer Outfit

Now that July is here, we are living out our boho summer outfit dreams! We are feeling carefree in some of our favorite outfits that not only look great but inspire our boho aesthetic too. But, how are we putting these fabulous looks together? Keep reading to find out!

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The boho chic aesthetic has been around for decades and, for some, has even become a lifestyle. Women are not only wearing boho chic fashion and jewelry, they are also decorating their homes around this aesthetic. This tell us that your passion for boho style is here to stay and summertime offers us ways to expand on this style.

With any trend, there are tips and tricks that can assist you in achieving that boho look. If you want to know more about the 5 pillars of boho fashion, check out our blog describing each of those points. But, what about seasonal summer looks? Let’s explore the different fashion elements that you can bring into your wardrobe and accessories to live out your summer boho dreams, just like us!

Before we dig in though, let's put a spotlight on this years biggest summer trend! This year, the boho chic style called 'coastal cowgirl' is reigning supreme. And, we think it's one trend that isn't going anywhere as it combines different timeless aesthetics and boho elements. This summer you'll see girls everywhere mixing their cowgirl aesthetic with beach vibes pairing shells with leather and wearing turquoise and browns with shades of sand. In fact, we love this style so much we made a pinterest board for you to explore.

boho beach collection with sterling silver cowrie shell rings, larimar rings, turquoise rings and spinner rings for women available at boho magic

Now, let's jump into our list of 5 boho summer outfit tips that includes some of these aspects of the coastal cowgirl trend. 

1. Wear Shells and Water Element Gemstones

What marks summer more than heading to your favorite swimming spots?! Let the reflection of this water magic be mirrored in your boho jewelry. Wearing ethically sourced shells and gemstones that represent the water elements can turn any outfit into a boho beach win!

At Boho-Magic, we are obsessed with the cowrie shell and copper oyster turquoise. Both include shells that are ethically sourced and can elevate any outfit for a boho beach girlie. We also love gemstones like larimar, aquamarine and turquoise for their colors that mimic the ocean colors and also for their symbolism that represents different aspects of water too.

Check out our entire boho beach collection now.

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 2. Mix Hard and Soft

With the heat of the summer, it’s likely that you’ll want to start wearing lighter fabrics that feel more free flowing. But, you might also want to wear some of your year long staples like your favorite vintage leather belt or your prized handbag. Mixing these hard and soft details is not only so easy because it will feel like a natural progression for your summer wardrobe, but it is also super boho chic.

Mixing textures, patterns and fabrics is a foundational step with any boho chic look; however, in the summer time your methods of constructing your outfit might look a little different. For example, you might consider tying a flowy scarf to your leather handbag, or wearing tassel jewelry that compliments your metal hardware, or wearing a flowy maxi skirt with leather sandals.

Intentionally mixing your hard and soft wardrobe pieces is a key to any boho summer outfit. Plus, it’s so effortless that you can use what you already have!

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 3. Mix Florals

Florals are always a summer must-have! But, if we tap into that foundation hack of mixing patterns, then mixing florals is the boho move to make. Consider mixing different floral patterns with contrasting colours and even different types of flowers. But, if you want to tone down the drama you could also mix floral patterns in more muted colors like browns, beiges and pastels.

You might also want to mix your floral jewels together! Perhaps wearing all your flower themed rings on one hand or pairing a flower necklace with a contrasting pair of flower earrings. Mix it up and see how you feel!

4. Wear Cut Out Designs

We’re talking fabrics such as crochet, lace, and cotton eyelets but also designs that give you a fun peak-a-boo moment. These types of trends are not only practical on hot summer days, but they also say ‘summertime’ without actually using words!

In addition to wearing clothes with cut out features, you might also consider jewelry too! Having those extra spaces within your rings, for example, allow your fingers to breath and provide a little bit of fun flare to your outfits. Our sterling silver butterfly ring is a perfect example of this idea! 

 5. Layer Bold Colors

The boho aesthetic is often considered a bold fashion statement because it mixes different patterns, colors and textures which often attracts attention. But, in the summer time you can take that drama to the next level and let your outfit do all the talking! Mixing bold colors in a summer time boho outfit is not only a fun way to embrace the colors of the season but it also screams resort wear (and we’re all for a permanent vacation vibe!).

To make this work, considering pairing a bold colored pattern with other fabrics that have bold colors and no patterns. This can help each element of your outfit stand out on its own while also creating a cohesive look that everyone wants to see.

With your jewelry, you have a few options to compliment a look like this. You could choose gemstones that compliment the colors of your clothes or you could dial it down by wearing simple silver or gold metals that let your clothes have their moment. Try both out and see what you like!

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Now that you’ve devoured our boho summer outfit tips, don’t forget to check out our blog about the 5 foundational steps for constructing a timeless boho outfit! Or, if you love pinterest you can check out our summer boho outfit board.

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