How to Care for your Jewelry

Taking care of your jewels is a necessity if you want them to sparkle and shine for years to come! Luckily, there are many ways to ensure the longevity of your beloved pieces. Let’s explore the best ways to care for your jewelry.

Boho Sterling silver and genuine gemstone jewelry for men and women available at Boho Magic

It’s essential to protect and care for your jewelry pieces so that they can last a lifetime. We often invest in quality pieces that we expect to stand the test of time, but it’s important to also make an effort to see that they remain in tip top shape!

At Boho-Magic we use only genuine gemstones and sterling silver which ensure the longevity of each piece. While sterling silver is tarnish resistant, things like the elements and your daily activity can create wear and tear over time. So taking pride in the jewelry pieces you invest in can keep them looking pristine.

Whether you have a collection of silver or gold jewelry or rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces it’s important that you care for the pieces you invest in to help them stay in perfect condition. We have a wide range of tips that can help inform the way you care for your most loved jewels and gems so that you can continue wearing them forever.

Boho Sterling silver and genuine gemstone jewelry for men and women available at Boho Magic

Luckily for us, one of our team members used to be an artifacts manager who worked closely with vintage jewelry collections to ensure their longevity and we worked with her to create the best tips for you!

 Here are our top 5 tips for jewelry care:

 1. Store your jewels properly

While you aren’t wearing your jewelry, it’s critical to store each piece properly. Proper storage can reduce tarnishing, protect gemstone settings, prevent scratches and keep your favorite pieces looking brand new. There are several things that you can do for storage:

  • Keep jewels in a sealed box or pouch
  • Keep individual pieces in sealed plastic bags if being stored for long periods of time
  • Store away from sunlight and in cool dry spaces
  • Store where the elements can not reach your jewels
  • If traveling, use a travel case that ensures your pieces don’t tangle or scratch each other

Keep in mind that every Boho-Magic jewelry piece comes in a little blue box that you can use for storage and protection!

 2. Keep your jewels dry

While we use sterling silver, which is tarnish resistant, jewelry that is exposed to water over long periods of time has the potential to discolor. While it is safe to wear your jewelry in water for short periods of time, there are specific actions that you want to avoid:

  • Avoid wearing jewels in salt water
  • Avoid keeping jewels submerged for long periods of time
  • Put jewels on after your lotions and perfumes
  • Always pat jewelry dry after getting wet
  • Don’t let water or liquid substances sit on jewelry

Even if you are storing your jewels in an open dish to keep them on display (because they are just so pretty), keep them out of the sun and away from the elements. If this is your preferred way to let jewelry sit, then tip #4 may help you too!

Boho Sterling silver and genuine gemstone jewelry for men and women available at Boho Magic

 3. Don’t wear during high intensity activities

We recommend taking your jewelry off before participating in certain activities to protect the metals and jewels especially if the piece is delicate. This can help prevent scratches, bending of metals, stop gems from falling out, or even losing jewelry altogether. Avoiding wearing jewelry during high intensity activities can also protect your clothes from any snagging! Avoid wearing jewelry while doing the following:

  • Working out
  • Going into a sauna
  • Swimming
  • Cleaning the house

 4. Clean your jewelry

Periodically cleaning your jewelry, especially if you notice tarnishing, can help your pieces looking fantastic longer. If you’re a customer of Boho-Magic, each jewelry piece comes with a polishing cloth that can assist you with this process. But, there are also a few more tips to help you:

  • Use a silver polisher
  • Use baby soap and a soft cloth
  • Use a non-abrasive smooth toothpaste
  • Use your Boho-Magic polishing cloth

Whenever you clean jewelry, always ensure that you are using something soft to polish it, like a worn in cloth or old toothbrush, and that you pat it dry.

Boho Sterling silver and genuine gemstone jewelry for men and women available at Boho Magic

 5. Rotate your jewelry

This last tip might seem obvious, but it can slip our minds when we favor specific jewelry pieces. Rotating your jewelry every once in a while can help reduce wear and tear and exposure to the elements. Just remember that while you aren’t wearing your jewels, store them properly!

Now that you know how to care for your jewelry, you might consider adding some magical pieces to your collection! Check out our sterling silver and gemstone jewelry collections for all your jewelry inspo!

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