3 Self-Care Rituals

Are you looking for ways to cultivate more self love and to become a more empowered version of yourself? Self-care rituals can help you do this! Let’s dive into the magic of ritual and how a set of simple steps can elevate your life.

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Rituals are intentional actions that we take to create a specific outcome. Many times rituals are repeated actions but a ritual can also look like completing several steps within a one time action too. For example, brushing our teeth every day is a ritual. But, having a self-care night that includes a healthy meal, a face mask, pedicure and massage could also be a ritual too. Self-care rituals can help us reconnect with our personal power, get energy moving and realign our body, mind and soul.

The intention behind your ritual and actions is important because energy can be directed by the intentions that we hold in our mind. When we attached an intention to care for ourselves and love ourselves during a ritual, it becomes empowering.

As well, creating sacred space for a ritual is important too. Creating sacred space means creating an intentional physical container for our intentions to flourish. This might look like cleaning your room, cleansing the energy and decorating it in a way that feels special. This might also mean doing the work to be distraction free and only having supportive energies near by. Keep this tip in mind when doing rituals.

Wearing crystals and gems during your rituals can accent your intentions and enhance the experience. Every gem has a unique set of physical and metaphysical characteristics that can create powerful shifts. Pairing your gemstone jewelry with your intention can be powerful!

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Here are a few gems that can assist you during a ritual:

Rose Quartz: Self-love, unconditional love, compassion

Black Tourmaline: Energy protection, purification

Citrine: Abundance, gratitude, prosperity

Turquoise: Luck, abundance, ancestral wisdom

Aquamarine: Intuition, inner child, purification

Here are 3 self-care rituals that can empower you:

1. Draw a Medicine Bath

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The element of water is purifying and cleansing! When we bathe in water, or have a shower, the water can wash away stagnant energy and allow our spirits and bodies to renew. When having a bath, you can add ingredients and create sacred space to make it a self-care ritual that reminds you that you are worthy of love and presence.

Light candles, turn the lights down, burn incense or candles and add your ingredients to the water. Add things like water safe crystals, such as rose quartz, essential oils, salt, and rose petals. You can curate your medicine bath to fit your intention and choose ingredients that work for you.

*Always do your research to find safe ingredients and measurements. As well, avoid wearing your silver jewelry in the bath!

2.  Ground with Nature

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Go to your favorite place in nature and find a spot where you can be alone. Leave your distractions behind and simply sit with nature. Use your senses to ground into the present moment and witness the gifts of nature. What do you see? What do you feel? What do you smell? What do you hear?

Allow yourself to take these moments to rest and reset with the help of nature. Being distracted and continuously multi-tasking are societal norms these days. At first, it might feel uncomfortable to do this exercise but allow yourself to sink into the uncomfortable feelings so that you can overcome them and experience the joy on the other side.

If you're restricted in your access to nature, you can simplify the process. Open your windows, be with your plants and crystals and continue to engage your senses.

3. Dance

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Moving our body in a way that feels natural can be so empowering, freeing and it can help move the energy in our bodies. Simply take some time to dance and move your body in all the ways that it craves. Don’t worry about what you look like and just go for it!

This is such a simple and gratifying way to get your energy flowing and reconnect with your with your body. Make it a daily ritual to gain momentum in your empowerment!

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