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What's our Story?

Our story - this is us

We are Nataly and Lior

The proud owners and artists of Boho- Magic.
For more than 15 years we've designed and sell bohemian jewelry all over the world.

We especially love working with silver and draw much of our design inspiration from the striking combination of different metals and gemstones. We're always looking to create something very unique in a modern boho style. We aim to combine our passion and doing good in the world.

We love that our jewelry gets to become part of our clients’ happiest moments (:

In our spare time, you can find us by the ocean. Something about the ocean just recharges and inspires us.

And yes, we are also a couple for 20 years ♥

Nataly Vanunu

I’m a true creator and even in my spare time, I can be found thinking of new designs.

this is us - Nataly
My hobbies: Photography, swimming, travel around the world, go to the beach and snuggling with my cat.
this is us - Lior

Lior Abady

Creativity has been a part of my life since ever. I remember myself as a child always curious and in a look for something new.

My hobbies: Play the guitar, cooking, hiking, soccer, yoga and jogging, sitting on the hammock and dream.

Our mission is

to inspire women find their unique voice in the world

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