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    20 products

    Boho-Magic’s Hammered Rings

    What is a Hammered Ring?

    The luster of a Boho-Magic hammered ring comes from the combination of high-quality 925 sterling silver and authentic gemstones that are painstakingly put together by expert craftsmen. But what exactly is a hammered ring? It all comes down to texture. Hammered rings have a distressed look to them, created by lightly hammering the metal with a chasing hammer. This hammering can create a stunning dimpled or geometric look depending on the particular style desired.

    Types of Hammered Rings

    The truly stylish understand that there’s the right ring for any occasion. A sterling silver hammered ring will always impress, but understanding the different types of hammered rings is essential to finding the right piece of jewelry for an upcoming event or celebration.

    Hammered Spinner Rings

    Hammered jewelry contain glints of beauty, yet spinner rings contain a special feature that makes them popular with anxious or meditative individuals. Hammered spinner rings consist of two bands, one of which stays firmly in place while the other “spins” around your finger, perfect for creative but pragmatic types who want dazzling jewelry.

    Hammered Cuff Rings

    Hammered cuff rings are a great addition for those seeking an adjustable ring. Whether you want to wear this textured ring on your thumb, pointer finger, or ring finger, you can shift the size of this staple piece for the perfect look every time.

    Hammered Band Rings

    A band ring is often wider than many other hammered silver rings and is frequently worn to signify love, marriage, or some sort of serious relationship with another person. While a hammered ring of this nature is frequently given as a ceremonial gift, it can also easily be purchased to highlight your hands. Like many wide rings, they draw attention due to their impressive size and fit well for those who have larger hands or thicker fingers.

    Styling Hammered Rings

    The right sterling silver hammered jewelry can be paired with any daily outfit, unique hairstyle, or seasonal costume. Top-quality sterling silver is socially impressive, visually stunning, and robust enough to withstand the tests of time. This means that your unique style can one day be passed down to loved ones who carry a little bit of your love with them wherever they go.

    Custom gemstones that match your eyes, hair, or personality are carefully cultivated by experts to add character and provide healing benefits. Delicately but firmly fixed into the sterling silver, these stones ensure your sense of style stands apart from the crowd.

    How to Care for Your Hammered Ring

    Taking care of your valued treasure is the best way to ensure a hammered ring stays in the family for generations. Our expert guide on cleaning and caring for your hammered ring will help the silver sparkle for years. Furthermore, our guide ensures that the fragile gemstones that need specific nurturing won’t ever lose their luster when treated right.

    Washing your hands or getting caught in the rain won’t tarnish your band ring, though it shouldn’t be left sitting in water for long periods nor exposed to harmful chemicals to avoid oxidation.

    In addition, rings made from the highest-quality silver can still have very mild impacts on the skin. The creation process behind silver rings involves copper, which can leave small green impressions on your skin, though everyone’s skin reacts differently.

    Keeping your fingers dry and coating the interior side of your ring with clear nail polish are both recommended to keep your hands in stellar shape as you show off your stylish hammered ring.

    Shop Boho-Magic for Hammered Rings

    Ready for a stunning piece of silver that will impress bohemians and high-society socialites alike? Shop for Boho-Magic’s Most Loved silver hammered rings that always outshine the competition. The authentic gemstones and polished silver combine to create beautiful works of art that are comfortable to wear and easy to take care of.

    A sterling silver hammered ring can be a simple band around the finger or an elaborate carving that possesses spiritual or personal meaning. Regardless of your preferences, the right gemstone can always be hewn to glimmer in the passing light like no other. With Boho-Magic hammered rings on your finger, you can make a stylish statement wherever you roam.