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    17 products

    Explore Our Stylish and Exciting Collection of Stackable Rings

    Stackable rings or stacking rings are a seriously stylish addition to your jewelry box. They’re ideal for people who love to wear several thin bands on the same finger or to wear on different fingers and create a different personal style every day. Boho Magic’s 2023 collection of stackable rings for women is crafted from fine 925 sterling silver. It features a range of vintage and modern designs. The online collection includes some stunningly beautiful stackable gemstone rings and stackable birthstone rings.

    Sterling silver stackable rings - and thin stacking rings in particular - require all a jeweler or silversmith's skill and creativity. It’s challenging to create attractive stackable rings, with perfect proportions that are also comfortable enough to wear all day on a single finger. Boho Magic designers love a challenge and really channel their energies and talents into the 2023 collection. The result is a stunning range of bold and elegant silver stacking rings at affordable prices.

    Enjoy the Freedom, Spontaneity and Creativity of Stacking Rings!

    One of the great things about stackable rings is the freedom and spontaneity that they allow. If you don’t want to wear all your rings on a single finger, you can pick and choose from your set and wear them on other fingers - or even on your thumbs. If you’re dressing up for a big event, or just planning a relaxed day off, you can create a unique personal look to suit every mood.

    Most of our sterling silver stacking rings come with a blaze of color thanks to their hand-picked center stones. One of our most popular rings is the raw Aquamarine stackable ring set with five natural or unpolished Aquamarine gemstones on slender silver bands. Other bestselling silver stackable rings feature mysterious Rainbow Moonstones, and some fantastic green and blue Turquoise stacking ring designs.

    Another star of the 2023 collection is the Bees, and Sunflower stacking ring with intricate gold-plated brass ornamentation. One of the great things about stackable rings is that our designers can combine different gemstones in a single ring set. Check out our Pearl and Rose Quartz combinations, as well as our unique Labradorite and Moonstone rings and Aquamarine and Moonstone rings.

    Why Do We Wear Stackable Rings?

    Stackable rings for women have been a status symbol throughout history and had religious and esoteric significance in some cultures. Silver stacking rings became fashionable in the 20th century when women began wearing their engagement rings and wedding rings together. Sometimes they’d be worn with protective bands (sterling silver with pavé diamonds was popular). Some women also added friendship rings or rings to celebrate the birth of a child.

    A set of stacking rings looks great - whatever the individual significance of each ring. Jewelry lovers started wearing thin stacking rings and stackable gemstone rings just for the look - and the style quickly caught on. Nothing looks as good as an array of 925 sterling silver bands and brightly colored gemstones. Stackable rings have a special elegance and their own magic that will continue to enchant whenever and wherever you wear them.

    Buy Stackable Rings to Commemorate Special Events

    There’s no doubt that stackable rings look amazing, but there’s a lot more to sterling silver stacking rings than just fashion and design. Stackable rings for women are often worn to mark the birth of children (either your own kids or nephews and nieces, or even grandkids). A set of beautiful silver stackable rings keeps your loved ones close to you, even if you live miles apart. There’s a particular delight in adding a new silver band whenever another child is born!

    If you’re working towards a set of life goals, sterling silver stackable rings are a great way to mark off the milestones. Each new ring celebrates a triumph and spurs you on to your next personal goal. Our ancient ancestors believed rings could have magical power and could symbolize commitment and loyalty. If you’re focused on achieving challenging goals, a ring can be a potent tool to focus, intention, and determination.

    Stackable Birthstone Rings

    Stackable birthstone rings are set with gemstones or crystals that are the birthstones for particular months. The birthstones for each month have changed throughout history according to popular beliefs, but there are some surprising constants. Aquamarine, Moonstone, and Turquoise have been worn as birthstones for hundreds of years.

    Modern beliefs about birthstones go back (at least) to the time of the Roman Empire. The Jewish historian Josephus argued that there was a connection between the twelve ritual gemstones in the high priest Aaron’s breastplate, the months of the year, and the zodiac signs.

    Aquamarine and Turquoise Stackable Rings

    In the 21st century, an Aquamarine stackable ring is the birthstone ring for anyone who was born in the month of March. Aquamarine is a mysterious stone that might belong to winter or might belong to spring. It’s definitely a water stone and is especially popular with Pisceans. If you love someone who has a birthday in March, an Aquamarine stackable ring is a truly unique gift.

    Turquoise stacking rings are for people who were born in the month of December. It’s sometimes hard to think of Turquoise, with its ocean blues and sea greens, as a winter stone. Still, it’s a big favorite with many Sagittarians and Capricorns. A Turquoise stacking ring is an exceptionally beautiful gift for anybody with a birthday in December. If the ring has two stones or two bands, it can be a combined birthday and Christmas gift.

    If you know someone with a birthday in March or December, stackable birthstone rings are a great way to show your love. Whatever style of stackable rings interests you, a Boho Magic Gift Card is the perfect gift solution. The recipient can buy any style of stackable rings, or any other Boho jewelry for between $50 and $500. Our online gift cards are a secure and convenient way to shop!

    How to Clean Sterling Silver Stackable Rings

    Boho Magic jewelers love to use 925 sterling silver because it's easy to work into beautiful designs and fairly robust. Even though your silver stacking rings shouldn’t bend or take dents, it’s still better to be careful with thin stacking rings. Wash the rings gently in warm soapy water and then pat them dry with a kitchen roll. You can polish the sterling silver with any silver polish or paste from your hardware store.

    Buy Silver Stackable Rings Online

    Sterling silver stacking rings are some of the most stylish and original rings that you’ll ever buy. When you buy stacking rings or stackable gemstone rings online, you should take a minute to think about how the rings will fit on your finger and how they will feel. Most women find that their stackable rings are perfectly comfortable to wear, and they don’t experience any difficulties. If you have particularly small hands, you may prefer to buy thin stacking rings that will fit snugly in place.

    Our 2023 collection of stackable rings have something beautiful for everyone. If you do find that your new stacking rings aren’t a perfect fit, we guarantee 60-day returns. All jewelry in the 2023 online collection comes with fast dispatch and free US shipping.