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    117 products

    117 products

    Bohemian Jewelry for Free Spirits Everywhere

    Boho's range of affordable Bohemian Jewelry steps outside the bounds of conventional fashion jewelry. Our designers unleashed their creativity and produced a collection of boldly colored and striking pieces of personal jewelry. The online collection contains all kinds of jewelry items. Still, they are all inspired by the bohemian concept of originality and artistic self-expression. If you're a free thinker, you'll love our 2022 jewelry collection! ...

    The medium for most of our Bohemian rings and other items is beautiful 925 sterling silver. It's the perfect precious metal for this type of personal jewelry. The gleaming silver quickly takes a high polish and is robust enough for daily wear. It's also the perfect base for our special crystals, moonstones, and other brightly colored semi-precious stones.

    People who buy Bohemian style rings and earrings online often understand and value the esoteric or healing properties of precious stones and crystals. They are looking for rings or necklaces to wear for healing or protection. Our online collection combines handpicked gems, stones, and crystals with original designs to create stunning and individualistic personal jewelry. These are items that you definitely won't find in your local mall!

    What is Bohemian Style?

    Bohemian styles have been evolving since the early 19th century. They cover a range of artistic and fashion styles, as well as unconventional lifestyle choices. It's easiest to define Bohemian style as any style or movement on the edge of conventional fashion and culture that emphasizes free-thinking, originality, and spiritedness. Boho jewelry captures that passion for life and new ideas with designs that pay tribute to every era of Bohemian culture - right up to 2022 and beyond!

    Shop our Ethically Sourced Gems, Stones, and Crystals

    Boho Bohemian Jewelry includes a complete collection of rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other pieces for women and men. One of our most popular gemstones is the mysterious and evocative moonstone. Other choices include richly colored Turquoise, Labradorite, rare blue Larimar, polished Amazonite, and beautiful raw Citrine. All these semi-precious stones and crystals look amazing, set against 925 sterling silver.

    Explore the Beauty of Moonstones

    Moonstones are prized for the bluish interior light. A perfectly rounded and polished moonstone looks like a tiny planet. These lovely stones capture the spirit of the Bohemian movement, especially when they display a luminous 'cats-eye' streak. We handpick the moonstones for our jewelry. The best stones are either cut into a traditional round cut or a pear-shaped (teardrop) cut. Moonstone rings, earrings, and necklaces look particularly mysterious and alluring in candlelight or at night under real moonlight.

    Bohemian Jewelry for Men

    Our Bohemian Jewelry for men includes a finely crafted sterling silver feather ring and several esoteric rings. Our bestselling items of men's personal jewelry are the distinctive range of Boho bracelets. Boho jewelers and designers use genuine black onyx beads, black lava beads, and turquoise and tiger's eye beads to create designer-quality men's bracelets at retail prices. The slender, stylish bracelets look equally good with an old t-shirt or a bespoke suit.

    If you want something more subtle and understated, check out our sterling silver curb chain bracelet or sterling silver box chain bracelet. They're designed for men who want a stylish bracelet that still has an original and free-spirited Bohemian look. All the Boho bracelets are designed for daily wear by active men. They're strong enough to cope with your routine!

    Buy Bohemian Jewelry Gifts

    Boho Bohemian Jewelry is the perfect gift for any occasion. It appeals to artistic and free-thinking people of all age groups and will go well with any outfit or style of dress. The other advantage of Boho Bohemian Jewelry is that it's affordable. If you're looking for a beautiful birthday gift that won't break the bank, you'll find exactly what you need. Boho jewelry is also ideal for graduation presents, a small romantic surprise, or as a gift to mark a special day or event.

    Finding the right jewelry gift for an unconventional man is often challenging. Boho Bohemian Jewelry doesn't just have stylish masculine items like black lava or tiger's eye bracelets. Many of our esoteric and healing jewelry items are designed for both men and women. We especially recommend the Crystal Point Moonstone Necklace and the sterling silver Feather Turquoise Necklace.

    Buy a BOHO Gift Card

    A great way to surprise someone is to buy them a special BOHO Magic gift card. Cards range from $50 - $500 and can be used to buy all Boho Jewelry online. Gift cards are quick and convenient and are the perfect way to share some BOHO magic with a loved one. If you buy jewelry online with a BOHO gift card, you're guaranteed free US shipping and 60-day returns.

    Treat Yourself with Bohemian Jewelry

    Bohemian jewelry is avant-garde and unconventional and is popular with people who like to define their own personal styles and dress sense. Our unique items are also surprisingly popular with people who follow more traditional styles of dress but want an original and eye-catching item of jewelry to offset their look. You'd be amazed how stylish an item of original Boho jewelry can look when it's worn with a business outfit or a cocktail dress.

    Whatever your personal style or interests, your jewelry box should contain at least one item from our Bohemian collection. Any item set with a crystal or semi-precious stone will quickly become a personal favorite, and the 925 sterling silver mount will last a lifetime!