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Redefine your look with a stylish silver thumb ring. You’ll love our original Boho thumb rings, with free US shipping and 60-day returns.

    32 products

    32 products

    Create a Striking Personal Style with Boho’s Silver Thumb Rings

    Boho Magic has taken the ancient concept of thumb rings and reinvented it for the 21st century. Our latest online collection of sterling silver thumb rings has some fantastic designs with a range of vintage and modern styles. Our jewelry designers have really given free rein to their creativity. A silver thumb ring - or two silver thumb rings - will transform your personal style!

    Some of our most beautiful thumb rings are decorated with Turquoise, Moonstone, and Aquamarine gems. Where we thought an extra splash of color would transform a design, we added gold-plated brass ornamentation for a remarkable contrast. You can also choose cute thumb rings with intricately crafted silver feather designs, or elegant triple chevron thumb rings for women and superbly crafted adjustable thumb rings.

    A lot of people assume that thumb rings are solid and chunky. This may come from the historical connection to archer’s rings worn by bowmen to protect their thumbs and fingers. Some of our vintage styles are reassuringly solid, and you’ll definitely know that you’re wearing them.

    If you’re already a fan of Boho Magic jewelry, you’ll know that we have something for everyone. Our thumb rings include slender and discreet styles, and thumb rings for men, as well as a selection of stunning handpicked gemstones, including Aquamarine, Moonstone, and blue or green Turquoise.

    What are Thumb Rings?

    A thumb ring is more than just a ring that you wear on your thumb. It’s a bold fashion statement, a stylish addition to any outfit. For some people, thumb rings can even have esoteric or therapeutic value. If you’re looking for greater mindfulness or want to wear a ring to remind you of a goal or to break unwanted habits, a silver thumb ring can make a difference in your life.

    Whatever your reasons for wearing a thumb ring; fashion, personal growth, or just a love of creative jewelry, a beautiful thumb or finger ring can become part of your personal identity. Once you’ve worn it for a day, you’ll want to wear it at every opportunity!

    Featured Silver Thumb Rings

    The Triple Chevron Sterling Silver Ring for Women is a beautiful example of how an elegant silver band can be crafted into a simple but striking design. This is one of our most popular ladies thumb rings, partly because it is an ideal thumb ring to wear with formal office wear or an evening dress.

    The Chevron Moonstone Thumb Ring is a solid and chunky sterling silver thumb ring for men and women. Instead of slender bands, it’s crafted in a silver band design and is decorated with rows of fine silver beading. The round shimmering Moonstone is set on the band at the base of your thumb.

    Thumb Rings for Health

    There hasn’t been a great deal of scientific research into the therapeutic value of thumb and finger rings. There is no medical evidence to prove that wearing certain types of jewelry can improve your health, or offer protection against any health problems. Nonetheless, many people are convinced they benefit from the healing properties of various crystals, gemstones, and precious metals used in thumb rings.

    Their attitude is that scientists don’t know everything and often don’t want to know when it comes to alternative therapies and natural healing. Some of the bestselling rings and bracelets in our online collection are bought by people who value the jewelry as potentially therapeutic - as well as beautiful and stylish.

    Arthritis Silver Thumb Ring

    One of our most popular thumb rings for women is the Arthritis silver thumb ring. It’s an elegant spiraling band that sits comfortably on your thumb and looks fantastic. The Arthritis thumb ring follows an ancient tradition deeply rooted in folklore and natural healing. The belief is that the flowing spirals of the ring and its influence on the energy pathways in the body can subtly alleviate the symptoms of arthritis. Whether the effect is real or just a placebo, many arthritis sufferers swear by it.

    Special Birthstone Thumb Rings

    You can add a special - and uniquely personal touch - to a thumb ring by choosing one that’s set with a handpicked birthstone gem. All our birthstones are ethically sourced and selected for the quality of their natural colors, the clarity of the stones (or their complex mineral matrix), and their perfect shapes.

    Our online 2023 collection of birthstone thumb rings for women has a great choice of Aquamarine, Moonstone, and Turquoise gemstones.

    • Aquamarine - March
    • Moonstone - June
    • Turquoise - December

    You can also buy thumb rings for women and stylish male thumb rings with a Boho Magic Gift Card. The online gift cards cover the entire 2023 jewelry collection. They are the perfect Christmas, birthday, or graduation gift for anyone who loves original and creative jewelry designs.

    You can buy Boho Gift cards for just $50 or in any multiple of $50 all the way up to $500. Every online purchase made with a Boho Magic gift card comes with free US shipping and 60-day returns.

    925 Sterling Silver Thumb Rings

    Most of our jewelry collections at Boho Magic are based on 925 sterling silver. There are several reasons why we love this silver alloy that’s been used to make jewelry for over a thousand years. The main reason is that it's a wonderful precious metal for jewelers to work with. 925 sterling silver is malleable enough to craft into stunning creative designs, but it’s tough enough not to dent or scratch easily.

    How to Clean Your Silver Thumb Ring

    925 sterling silver is a wonderful precious metal that easily takes a gleaming shine. The shine will, however, tarnish over time, and the silver will start to look dull and aged. Some people love this effect, especially with vintage-style rings. Most people prefer an elegant look and want their sterling silver thumb ring to shine like it’s still brand new.

    We simply recommend buying any commercial silver cleaner or polish in your local hardware store and following the instructions on the packet. Most silver polishes work in a minute or so - even with the most tarnished silver - and deliver a beautiful shine.

    Buy Thumb Rings Online

    You can find all kinds of ladies thumb rings, male thumb rings, and cute thumb rings with beautiful filigree designs at Boho Magic. We also have adjustable thumb rings in a variety of bold and imaginative styles. Our prices are unbeatable, and you can shop our entire 2023 collection of rings, earrings, bracelets, and other silver jewelry. Buy now for fast despatch, with free US shipping and 60-day returns.