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    39 products

    Boho Silver Earrings will Complete Your Look!

    Silver earrings are the perfect final touch to complete your look. Our jewelers and silversmiths at Boho Magic have channeled their creativity into an exciting new range of earrings. We have a range of traditional and modern styles that combine gleaming 925 sterling silver mounts with handpicked precious stones and gems. We chose sterling silver for our earrings firstly because it is eye-catching and looks amazing, and secondly, because it compliments the center stones and displays their natural colors to their full advantage.

    All the precious stones we use in our earrings are handpicked by Boho Magic jewelry buyers and ethically sourced from around the world. Our most popular gemstones are mysterious Moonstones and beautiful blue and green shades of Turquoise. We also created some stunning earrings with vivid raw Citrine stones, Aquamarine, Opals, Labradorite, and Larimar gems. Whether you're looking for bright colors, bold contrasts, or subtle and enigmatic designs, you'll find the perfect earrings in our new online collection.

    Boho Silver Earring Designs

    Your choice of earrings depends as much on your lifestyle and daily activities as your personal taste. If you're planning on a day of extreme sports or a challenging martial arts class, large hoop earrings, jacket earrings, or climber earrings definitely won't be your first choice. They can be great to wear to work or college classes and are perfect for a night out. Suppose you need earrings that are more practical or minimalistic. In that case, our range of stud earrings and simple round earrings is ideal. They may be smaller, but they definitely aren't boring!

    Boho Jewelry designers love to explore historical styles and pay tribute to the hundreds of generations of creative jewelers who still inspire us today. Gems like Turquoise, Moonstones, and Aquamarine have been used for thousands of years, and we're continuing the ancient traditions. Check out our Evil Eye amulet earrings, with Turquoise and 925 sterling silver. For millennia, the Evil Eye amulet has protected wearers against all kinds of misfortune. If you love ultra-modern earrings - and a rebel look - try our sterling silver safety pin earrings. The safety pin design is inspired by London's iconic 1970s punk scene and the New Wave scene that swept across the US.

    What is 925 Sterling Silver?

    925 sterling silver is an alloy made of fine silver (which is almost 100% pure) and other metals. It was developed at least 800 years ago when silversmiths looked for a way to create more robust silverware and jewelry. Fine silver is a soft metal that can easily dent or be bent out of shape. The 925 (92.5% by weight) silver looks amazing and is easy to work into intricate designs like silver earrings. The advantage is that the additional metals make the silver alloy tough enough for daily wear. Otherwise, it would be impossible.

    When you buy 925 silver jewelry, it will naturally dull and tarnish over time. If you like gleaming silver, you can easily clean it with any silver polish from your local hardware store or supermarket. If you prefer a more rugged and aged look - particularly with raw, unpolished gemstones - just let the silver lose its polish.

    Which Boho Silver Earrings have Birthstones?

    Birthstones are very popular - especially as gifts. Many believe that birthstones have protective and healing qualities or can enhance a particularly positive aspect of the wearer's personality. You can choose from the following months if you want to buy birthstone earrings.

    Current Boho Birthstones

    • March - Aquamarine
      Aquamarine is a mysterious blue stone whose name comes from the Latin words for seawater. It was traditionally believed to protect seafarers and sailors and has a strong connection with water. Aquamarine earrings are especially popular with Pisceans, who were born in March - and with everybody who loves these enigmatic gems.
    • June - Moonstone
      Moonstones were once believed to be solidified moonbeams and have been valued for thousands of years. Light diffraction inside Moonstones causes a magical interior light that ranges in hues from milky white to blueish shades. Moonstone earrings look amazing in all lights but seem to take on an extraordinary power on moonlit nights.
    • October - Opal
      Opals are fascinating gemstones that can appear in a wide variety of colors, depending on where they were mined and what type of opal they are. The rarest precious opals are jet black, while more affordable opals are usually a milky-blue to green color. Opal earrings can look a little like Moonstones but have a unique sheen and luster.
    • November - Citrine
      Citrine is a beautiful stone that is prized for its vivid yellow to orange coloring. At first glance, Boho Magic Citrine earrings can look a little like natural Amber. When you look closer, you see the unique crystalline qualities of the stones. Our raw Citrine earrings use natural, unpolished Citrine stones with a rugged striking effect.
    • December - Turquoise
      Turquoise is one of our all-time favorite gemstones. The stones vary in color with a range or blues that gradually transform into striking greenish hues. Some of the most fascinating Turquoise gems contain a crystalline matrix of multicolored strands. Turquoise looks especially beautiful set in gleaming 925 sterling silver.

    Buy Silver Earring Gifts

    Silver earrings are the perfect small gift. They're ideal for almost every occasion; birthdays, anniversaries, graduation presents - or as a wonderfully romantic gift. Boho Magic earrings are available in a great range of creative styles, and there is something for every personal taste. If you're looking for a cheerful and stylish gift, check out our distinctive hoop earrings and climber earrings. The bold, confident designs make a strong personal statement. If you want to surprise someone who prefers smaller earrings, try our discreet Hexagon Silver Turquoise earrings or Silver Larimar earrings.

    Buy Earrings with a BOHO Gift Card

    If you want to buy a special gift of silver earrings but are spoiled for choice, buy a Boho gift card instead. The online card is valid for our entire range of earrings and jewelry. When you give someone a Boho Magic gift card, they'll have the pleasure of browsing our online collections and choosing the perfect present. Any jewelry you buy online with a Boho gift card comes with free US shipping and 60-day returns.