Jacket Earrings


    Boho-Magic’s Jacket Earrings

    If you’re seeking a stunning and unique addition to your earring collection, you’ve come to the right place. Boho-Magic offers beautiful ear jacket earrings, crafted with sterling silver and healing gemstones. Add a gorgeous element to your next outfit with a new set of jacket earrings from our assortment of options.

    What Are Jacket Earrings?

    If you’ve ever seen an earring that seems to wrap around the back of an ear, you’ve encountered jacket earrings. These earrings, sometimes referred to as front-back earrings, are composed of a stud and the extra wrap component that makes the jacket. Simply slide the stud earring through your ear as you would with any other earring and secure it in place with the jacket piece. Combined, you have an elegant element that completes any style. 

    With Boho-Magic, you receive an additional bonus to your ear jacket earrings — the powers of breathtaking gemstones. Our collection boasts Moonstone, Turquoise, and Opal options that can bring a sense of optimism, protection, good fortune, and more. Browse our selection and choose the stone that best fits your aspirations. 

    How To Style Jacket Earrings

    Styling jacket earrings is simple. With so many options to choose from, you can find a sterling silver jacket earring set that matches every outfit in your wardrobe. Add gemstones for a splash of color or stick with solid sterling silver to compliment your look.

    Front-back earrings also come in a variety of sizes, so you can pair them with any occasion. Select a smaller size for a more casual, everyday style or glam up your look with a larger design. No matter how you choose to wear your jacket earrings, there’s a style out there for you!

    Caring for Your Jacket Earrings

    Just like any other jewelry in your collection, ear jacket earrings need love and care to stay in great shape. Before you begin your journey with jacket earrings, you’ll want to understand how to properly care for your new addition.

    Caring for sterling silver jacket earrings is similar to caring for any other sterling silver jewelry you may already have in your collection. Simple soap and water should do the trick, as long as you remember to thoroughly dry each piece to avoid rusting. 

    Keep in mind that caring for gemstone jacket earrings may require an additional level of care. Cleaning Turquoise jewelry, for example, may require a baking soda bath or a gentle scrub in a lemon and olive oil mixture. As you prepare to clean your sterling silver jacket earrings, spend some time learning how to properly care for your precious gemstones to avoid damage. 

    Add Jacket Earrings To Your Collection

    At Boho-Magic, we offer beautiful Bohemian-style jacket earrings that you can pair with every look. Enhance your style with any of the pieces in our collection. From jacket earrings to spinner rings, we have just what you need to complete your wardrobe.

    Shop our Most Loved collection to find the perfect piece!