Feather Rings


    For most of us, feathers are simply flat appendages on birds. However, when you look beyond their appearance, you may find it surprising that feathers hold deep symbolic value in the world of fashion. If you’re hoping to communicate messages of strength, spiritual power, growth, hope, and divine protection, then a feather ring is just what you need.  

    Whether you’re seeking an adjustable feather ring or a feather wrap ring, they can all empower your persona! Read on to learn more about the significance of feathers and find the ring that enhances your expressive identity!

    Ancient Interpretation of Feathers

    For several centuries, feathers held deep symbolic meaning across ancient civilizations. In most cultures, feathers represented faith-based principles involving spirituality and deity power. Here are some examples:

    • Christianity: In Christianity, feathers symbolized the presence of angels and a connection to prayer. The presence of a white feather meant that angels were listening and helping you find the right path in your life. More to that point, a feather represented the three virtues of faith, hope, and charity.
    • Native Americans: In Native American culture, feathers represented gifts from the sky. Birds were cherished as spirit guides and their feathers expressed sacred elements with distinct meanings. Eagle feathers, for example, were considered an honorary gift provided by a deity. Pigeon feathers, on the other hand, represented peace and tranquility. 
    • Egyptians: Ancient Egyptians believed that feathers represented Maat –– the goddess of truth, justice, and mortality. Specifically, it was believed that after a person died, Maat used the weight of an ostrich feather and compared it to the weight of the person’s heart to determine whether or not they belonged in eternal paradise.

    Symbolic Meaning of Feathers by Color

    Feathers come in different colors, so each one holds a different set of values. Here are some examples:

    • White: White feathers represent harmony, love, and protection. Spiritually, a white feather means that your loved one is happy in eternal paradise.
    • Red: Red feathers represent passion. Wearing a red feather ring signifies strength, strong emotion, and courageous behavior.
    • Pink: Not surprisingly, pink feathers represent love and romance. They also symbolize the power of friendship and unconditional love.
    • Silver: Similar to the color red, silver feathers represent honor and courage. Additionally, silver rings with feathers are associated with persistence.  

    Caring for Feather Jewelry

    Sterling silver feather rings need to be cleaned properly to stay in the best condition possible. Follow these steps to ensure that your items remain intact in the long run. 

    • Dish soap, warm water, and a lint-free microfiber cloth are the best combination for gently cleaning your sterling silver feather rings. 
    • Ensure that your rings are completely dry and stored in a moisture-free location to prevent rusting. 
    • Consider using your lint-free cloth to carefully polish your sterling silver feather rings once a day to maintain the pristine look. 

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