Larimar Rings

Check out our new collection of vintage-style Larimar Rings set in 925 sterling silver. Buy larimar jewelry online with free US shipping and 60-day returns.

    12 products

    12 products

    Vintage Style Larimar Rings for Jewelry Lovers

    Boho Magic Jewelry uses ethically sourced larimar stones to create a range of stunning vintage-style rings. Our Larimar Rings collection includes spinner rings, shell rings, meditation rings, and a special fidget ring. Each ring features a beautiful, handpicked larimar stone.

    Our semi-precious larimar stones are chosen for their mysterious and alluring colors and then cut and polished to perfection. Boho Larimar Rings are wonderful items of personal jewelry and are also popular with people who understand the calming and healing effect of these unique stones. Larimar is one of the best-kept secrets in the jewelry world and is a ‘must-have’ item for your personal jewelry box!

    What is Larimar?

    Larimar is a rare silicate mineral formed deep in the rainforest mountains of the Dominican Republic. It occurs only around the city of Barahona and was first discovered just over a hundred years ago. Larimar is prized for its otherworldly colors, which range from bluish white through to blue and green shades of turquoise, and even hues of purple. Violet and indigo. Boho jewelry currently uses blueish Larimar stones, mainly because they create such a stunning effect when we set them in 925 sterling silver.

    Larimar and 925 Sterling Silver

    Some things in life just go together perfectly. Larimar and sterling silver are both beautiful in their own right, and they complement each other flawlessly. Gleaming 925 sterling silver enhances and showcases the translucent and mysterious colors of larimar stones, but never detracts from their allure. Any sterling silver ring with a larimar center stone will display the larimar to its fullest effect. 925 sterling silver is also easy to clean and polish and is robust enough to last a lifetime.

    Larimar Rings for Men

    Many people assume that larimar, with its deep and mysterious beauty, is a woman’s stone. In fact, larimar is also a popular choice with men, especially men who are interested in meditation and new-age philosophies. The BOHO Fidget Ring, with its graceful wave designs and round cut blue center stone is popular with men who seek a calming influence. The chunky two-tone Larimar Spinner Ring and Meditation Ring are also recommended for men who love the stylish combination of sterling silver and an ancient-looking blue stone.

    A silver and larimar ring will look amazing when you wear it with dark clothes. It’s perfect for adding a splash of color and originality. A Boho Larimar Ring will definitely challenge peoples’ preconceptions if you wear it with a business suit! BOHO Larimar Rings are ideal for unconventional men who have the self-confidence to express themselves and want to show a different aspect of their personality.

    Larimar Fidget Rings for Women

    If you suffer from restless hands, you may benefit from the calming influence of a soft blue larimar stone. Some people believe that the mysterious stones have inherent healing properties, while others simply use them as an aid to mindfulness. What is certain is that a few moments spent contemplating the almost hypnotic blue and white hues can help.

    If you combine contemplation with some breathing exercises, your Larimar Ring can become a valuable tool. Many people find that the blue larimar stones remind them of a calm tropical sea and are a great aid to relaxation. If you choose your Larimar Ring carefully, it will become a useful, practical item, as well as a unique and eye-catching item of personal jewelry!

    Buy Larimar Jewelry Gifts

    Exotic larimar stones have an esoteric quality that appeals to people who are interested in spirituality and deeper truths. Larimar is also prized for its intriguing colors and unique look. The Boho range of Larimar Rings is inspired by the vintage and antique jewelry of previous centuries and expresses our designers’ trademark boldness and creativity. BOHO Larimar Rings are for people who value individuality and a distinctive personal style.

    Buy a BOHO Gift Card

    It can sometimes be a challenge to pick out the perfect jewelry gift. If you buy someone a special BOHO Magic gift card, you can’t go wrong! BOHO gift cards range from $50 - $500 and can be used to buy the latest Larimar Rings (and other jewelry items from the BOHO online collection). Gift cards are quick, convenient, and completely secure. They’re the perfect present for any family member or friend who loves exciting and original personal jewelry. When you buy jewelry online with a BOHO gift card, you’re guaranteed free US shipping and 60-day returns.

    Buy Silver Larimar Earrings

    The BOHO 2022 Larimar Jewelry Collection is built around the concept of vintage-style sterling silver rings, but we do have an exclusive Larimar Earrings design!

    The larimar stud earrings are designed for simplicity and elegance with an almost unfinished natural look. Each round-cut larimar stone is encased in a free-flowing sterling silver band with unpolished ridges that create a wonderful contrast and hewn effect. Every larimar stud earring is completely unique and is set with handpicked larimar stones.

    Enhance Your Image with a Silver Larimar Ring!

    BOHO Larimar Rings are truly wonderful items of personal jewelry. If you want to stand out from the crowd, and you’re looking for an interesting and original ring, a Larimar Ring is the perfect choice. The fascinating larimar colors have a strangely calming effect, and it’s easy to get lost for a moment when you look deeply into the stones. They’re also an attractive and vibrant items of jewelry that will match any item you wear.

    Larimar looks amazing when it catches the sunlight and is even more striking under a full moon. It’s also a special gift - either for a romantic partner or for a close friend or relative. The BOHO 2022 Larimar Jewelry Collection brings you one of the world’s rarest and most enigmatic stones at affordable prices - and with free US shipping and 60-day returns!