Anxiety Rings

Reduce stress and aim for greater peace of mind with a Boho Magic anxiety ring. Shop our online collection for free US shipping and 60-day returns.

    28 products

    28 products

    Anxiety Rings Are a Constant Companion

    Anxiety disorders affect millions of people worldwide. Everybody experiences anxiety differently, and we all have our own personal triggers. There’s no single solution or cure for anxiety, but a beautiful anxiety ring, set with a soothing gemstone like aquamarine or turquoise, can help to reduce negative feelings and achieve greater mindfulness!

    Boho’s online collection of anxiety rings covers a beautiful range of styles. The most popular designs tend to be quite wide and solid - and usually have a vintage look. The advantage of a wider ring is that you’ll always know you are wearing it. When those unwelcome feelings of anxiousness kick in, you can squeeze the ring and focus on calmness. Alternatively, you can take a minute to look quietly into the semi-precious stone centerpiece, collect your thoughts, and calm your breathing. A Boho anxiety ring is a constant companion - as well as a stunning item of personal jewelry.

    Gems and Crystals for Anxiety

    Some colors definitely have a calming effect, and many people believe that certain gemstones and crystals have healing and calming properties. Our 2022 collection of anxiety rings is built around Moonstones, Turquoise, Black Onyx, Larimar, Amazonite, and Rose Quartz. It’s our experience that most Boho customers who buy rings online prefer the mysterious pale blue, dark blue, and greenish hues of these stones. The exception is Black Onyx which is also a surprisingly popular choice and has a deeply soothing effect.

    Why do we use 925 Sterling Silver?

    Suppose you’re focusing intently on a gem like a Moonstone, Aquamarine or using it as a meditation aid. In that case, it’s important to experience the full beauty and depth of its natural colors. 925 sterling silver enhances the colors of blue and green gems but doesn’t distract the eye. If you’re wearing a Black Onyx ring, the gleaming silver setting creates a powerful contrast. It complements the Onyx centerpiece, but never diminishes it. 925 sterling silver is also a very practical precious metal. The alloy is soft enough to easily craft into intricate designs but robust enough for daily wear - which is especially important for anxiety rings!

    Anxiety Rings for Men

    Many men in the US suffer from anxiety. It can be caused by negative childhood conditioning, traumatic life events, or worries about work, health, and a myriad of other difficulties. Men tend to deal with their anxiety less effectively than women and often try to suppress it. They are far more likely to suffer in silence. An anxiety ring can be a superb tool for any man who is fighting against anxiety. It’s a constant talisman - and a secret weapon - that can help you to achieve focus and mindfulness whenever angst kicks in and begins to spoil your day. If you’re determined to live life to the full and achieve your natural potential, an anxiety ring can help.

    One of Boho’s bestselling anxiety rings for men features a silver filigree inlaid band and a black onyx center stone. It’s a stylish and timeless ring that goes far beyond simple fashion trends. Another popular choice is a Viking-style ring, set with black runic letters. In fact, you can choose any Boho men’s ring and wear it to combat anxiety. All you need is a design that suits your personality and expresses your determination to overcome your fears!

    Do Anxiety Rings Work?

    All the feedback we get from Boho customers is that their rings really help them to overcome anxiety. Some people believe that gems like Moonstones, Aquamarine, and Larimar have intrinsic healing properties. They are certain that when they wear a ring set with a suitable stone, they can channel the healing powers that it contains. The effect can be subtle or profound, but it is always in action.

    People who don’t believe in the healing power of gemstones and crystals still find that anxiety rings can be a wonderful mindfulness tool. A silver Moonstone or Larimar ring is a precious personal item. It can definitely help you to check and calm anxious thoughts and feelings. A ring isn’t a panacea - particularly if you suffer from severe anxiety - but it can be part of a holistic approach to treatment. Try gazing into a mysterious limpid Moonstone, or losing yourself in a deep Aquamarine next time you need to calm your mind.

    Buy Healing Rings as Special Gifts

    If you know someone who suffers from anxiety, a healing ring is a very special gift. It’s a great way to show that you care and that you’re thinking of the recipient. Anxiety can often be a major problem for teens, and an anxiety ring can help them to deal with the issue. Boho rings are also beautifully designed fashion items for people who prize individuality and bold self-expression. When you buy a Boho ring as a special gift, you are choosing a present that will last a lifetime.

    Buy a BOHO Gift Card

    Jewelry is a highly personal item. Judging how they’ll react to a particular gift can often be challenging, even if you know someone well. A BOHO Magic gift card is the perfect way to show someone that you care. The cards range between $50 - $500 and are valid for the entire online collection. You can use your Boho gift card to buy rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other stunning items of jewelry online. Every online purchase comes with free US shipping and 60-day returns.

    A Boho Magic Ring is for Life!

    If you’re fighting anxiety, a special anxiety ring with a handpicked gemstone or crystal can help you to calm your mind and control your thoughts. At the very least, you’ll have a striking item of personal jewelry that will look amazing whenever you wear it. Our Moonstones, Aquamarine, and Larimar gems, and Black Onyx stones are visually stunning and constantly fascinating. You’ll see something new in your center stone every time you look at your ring.

    All Boho Magic jewelry comes with fast despatch, free US shipping, and guaranteed 60-day returns. The sterling silver rings are strong enough to wear every day and take a high polish with most silver and metal cleaning solutions. Boho Magic is magic for life!