Moonstone Earrings

The mysterious shimmering glow of Moonstone earrings compliments every hair color and complexion. Buy now for free US shipping with 60-day returns.

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    12 products

    Moonstone Earrings are the Perfect Way to Complete Your Look!

    Moonstone is one of the world's most beautiful, mysterious, and alluring gemstones. The best Moonstones contain shimmering moonlight and are ideal for earrings, especially hoop earrings that dangle and catch the light. The actual colors of Moonstones can vary considerably. Some Moonstones can look like milky white pearls at first glance, while others take on hues of blue, green, and gray - or even peach and brown shades. Boho Magic Moonstone earrings mainly feature stones with subtle white, blue, and green hues. It's our experience that these colors create the most striking jewelry.

    All Moonstones possess an ethereal glow that has fascinated humans for millennia - much like the moon. The effect is caused by adularescence or light scattering between unique microscopic layers inside each stone. The shimmer is always intriguing and is enhanced by the gleaming 925 sterling silver we use to craft the settings for each Moonstone earring.

    Boho Moonstone Earring Styles

    Our 2022 collection of Moonstone earrings features some beautifully designed hoop earrings and climber earrings. Our Boho Magic jewelers love to break conventions and redefine styles, and we've got some special creations that don't fit into any ordinary category. Check out our special Saturn Moonstone Earrings and Moon Earrings with a round Moonstone set over a silver crescent moon. If you're into alternative jewelry, you'll love our raw, unpolished Moonstones. The rugged Moonstones are left exactly as nature made them and set in minimalist silver prongs.

    Does Moonstone Have Healing Properties?

    Many Moonstone wearers swear that the stones have unique healing properties. There is a belief human beings respond biologically to the moon's cycles. It's possible that Moonstones can help us achieve balance and harmony and channel our closest planet's natural energies.

    Moonstone lovers make a lot of claims for the power of Moonstones to heal and regulate the body and mind. These include the ability to eliminate toxins and water retention and to improve liver and pancreas function. Even if you don't believe that Moonstones can improve your health, they can definitely calm your mind when you use them as an aid for meditation.

    Moonstones for Men

    Many men wrongly assume that Moonstones are women's stones. Historical evidence shows that the ancients prized Moonstones for both men's and women's jewelry. Some esoteric traditions associate Moonstones with the brow chakra, and new-age lore suggests that Moonstones can help men to open up emotionally. Although our current online collection of earrings is mainly for women, we have some fantastic Moonstone rings for men!

    Moonstone: The Birthstone for June

    Moonstones are one of the three traditional birthstones for the month of June. If you've ever seen the full moon on a warm and cloudless June night, you'll understand why! Moonstones as jewelry have a deep history and ancient religious symbolism. They were associated with Greek and Roman lunar deities, and the ancient Indians believed that Moonstones were made of solidified moonlight.

    Buy Moonstone Earrings as Gifts

    Moonstone is the birthstone for the month of June and is a popular choice for many people born under the star signs of Cancer and Gemini. Moonstone earrings are a superb gift for anybody with a birthday in June. They are also ideal for women with a mysterious side to their character or who are interested in esoteric and new-age arts. Moonstone is also an excellent gift for people who love natural beauty and value balance and harmony.

    Buy a BOHO Gift Card

    Earrings can be the perfect small gift. They're a wonderful romantic present, a great way to say thank you, or just to say I love you! Earrings are a great choice to celebrate any occasion, but choosing the right pair of earrings can be more problematic. When you buy a Boho gift card, your loved one can shop the entire Boho online collection. Gift cards range from $50 to $500, so there's no problem if you're torn between several styles of earrings! Boho gift cards are easy, convenient, and secure. All online gift card purchases come with free US shipping and 60-day returns.

    Experience Some Boho Magic in Your Life!

    Boho Magic Moonstone earrings are beautifully crafted, and we only use hand-picked and ethically sourced Moonstones. We choose each Moonstone for its core colors and the way the light shimmers inside the stone. We also pay close attention to the cut and polish of our Moonstones. Every earring is eye-catching and will add a special unique touch to any outfit you wear it with.

    How to Care for your Moonstone Earrings

    Moonstones are generally durable gems, but they don't react well to hot water, harsh cleaning fluids, or abrasive materials. We recommend gently washing your Moonstone with lukewarm water and a mild detergent, then patting it dry with a kitchen roll or a tissue. You can easily polish the 925 sterling silver setting with a commercial silver cleaner from your local hardware store or supermarket. Just apply a small amount of fluid to the silver and avoid contact with the Moonstone itself.

    Boho Magic jewelry has a wonderful collection of Moonstone earrings and other Moonstone jewelry. Moonstone is one of the world's most beautiful gems, and you can buy it online now with free US delivery and 60-day returns.