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Ultimate Guide to Birthstones
Did you know that gifting someone their birthstone is not only one of the most traditional jewelry gifts but also one of the most thoughtful too? Birthstones are thought to have existed thousands of years ago and their meaning and symbolism has stood the test of time. Let's discover the birthstones of each month and why you should choose them as a gift!
Gift Guide: 10 Christmas Gifts for Women
Are you looking for the perfect sparkly Christmas gift for the woman in your life? Then, Boho Magic is the shop for you! We've carefully curated a collection of gifts for your mum, sister, wife and daughter that will have you jingling all the way to checkout! 
The Meaning of the Cowrie Shell
Our beloved cowrie shell ring is one of our fav beachy designs! But, did you know that the cowrie shell has many hidden meanings that can empower women? Let’s explore some of this symbolism.
Gift Guide: 5 Spinner Rings For Women
Do you find yourself fidgeting and in need of a remedy? The Boho Magic spinner rings are your answer! Our functional and playful spinner rings can ease your stress and worries while looking beautiful at the same time. Let's take a closer look at some of our favorite spinner rings you can gift!
The Magic of Turquoise

As one of the most beautiful stones on earth, turquoise is sought after by many jewelry lovers, spiritual people and crystal collectors. It’s vibrant blue-green color captivates anyone who sees it and brings an instant feeling of calm. But, have you ever wondered why everyone loves turquoise? Well, let’s find out!

Gift Guide: Jewelry for Nature Lovers

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your nature obsessed friend? Then we’ve got you covered! At Boho Magic we are so deeply inspired by nature so we created jewelry that symbolizes some of the sweetest things you’ll see outside. These designs are held close to our hearts and we want to share some of our most treasured creations. Keep reading for the ultimate nature lover’s gift guide!

The Magic of Citrine
Citrine is one of the most abundant stones in the world. Surrounding yourself with citrine, or wearing it, can help you attract all that you desire. But how does it do it? In this article we are diving into the magic, science and spirituality of citrine.
Gift Guide: Jewelry for Goddesses
Are you a woman who feels like a Goddess? If you answered yes, then this article is for you! There are several stones and symbols that can assist a Goddess with her empowerment, growth and magic. Wearing these stones and symbols can allow any Goddess to feel her most authentic and divine self! Let’s discover jewelry for Goddesses.
What Story do your Fingers Tell?

Did you know that the finger you choose to wear a ring on tells a story about you? We all know the lore around our ring finger, but our other fingers also have significance. Let’s explore the secrets that our fingers hold!

Gift Guide: 5 Gemstone Rings for Spiritual Protection
Certain gemstones have the power to protect us from negative energy and harm. Wearing rings with these gemstones can align us with these protective qualities daily and bring us some added comfort. Let’s discover 5 rings that can spiritually protect you!
The 5 Pillars of Boho Style

Boho style has become a fashion staple over the last 20 years inspiring the wardrobes of women around the world. In fact, we love it so much that we named our company Boho Magic because we are so inspired by this style! But do you know how to create a boho outfit? Let’s explore the 5 pillars of this fashion.

Gift Guide: Jewelry for Spooky Season
During the autumn season we start to embrace cozy comforts and colors, but we also start getting excited for spooky season. Halloween is always a time that inspires our home decor and outfits, but did you know there are gemstones and jewelry at Boho Magic that scream spooky season? Let’s unveil our spooky collection together!
The Magic of Black Tourmaline

Did you know that black tourmaline has been used as a talisman for spiritual protection for hundreds of years? This stone is not only beautiful, but it is incredibly powerful too. Let’s dive into the science and magic of black tourmaline and why you should consider wearing it!

Gemstones vs Crystals: What are the Differences?

Have you ever wondered what the difference between gemstones and crystals are? At Boho-Magic we love to use genuine gemstones in our jewelry designs and there are many reasons why we do this! Let’s dive into the differences between gemstones and crystals!

Meaning of the Moon Phases
The moon has the mystical and divine power to influence the entire universe, but do you ever wonder how its phases affect you personally? Let’s dive into the meaning and significance of each moon phase including some journal prompts!
Gift Guide: Gemstone Jewelry for Each Moon Phase
Did you know that each moon phase has a special significance and that there are gems that can support us during these phases? Keep reading to discover gemstone jewelry to wear with each moon phase!
The Hidden Meaning of Opal
Opal is one of those gorgeous stones that can create spectacles of light, reflect rainbows, and have us feeling like our inner child. But, what exactly is it about this magnificent stone that really uplifts us and why is it called ‘The Queen of Gems’? Let’s find out!
The Symbolism of Butterflies
Did you know that many of our rings hold symbolism that connects to nature? At Boho-Magic we are inspired by the beauty all around us, but butterflies hold a special place in our hearts. If you’re curious about the significance of our butterfly jewelry, then keep reading!
6 More Facts about Moonstone
Moonstone is one of the most mystical stones as it connects us to both the earth and the cosmos. It’s natural ability to create shimmering optics that mimic the moonlight make it a unique and magical stone that has us wonderstruck. As a commonly sought after stone, moonstone has made its mark on modern day society. But, what are the secrets of moonstone?
What is the Mohs Scale of Hardness?
The Mohs Scale of hardness helps identify the hardness of minerals, including crystals and gemstones, and how resistant they are to being scratched. The higher the number a mineral gets on the scale, the harder it is.
5 Benefits of Wearing Gemstone Jewelry
Many of us wear gemstones because they are so beautiful, but did you know there are actual benefits to adorning yourself with gemstone jewelry? In this article, we’ll dive into 5 benefits of wearing gemstones and how this type of jewelry has the power to uplift you.