Gift Guide: 5 Spinner Rings with Hidden Magic

Did you know that we have several rings with hidden meanings? We love to design rings with secret messaging about elements in the natural world. Let’s explore some of this hidden magic together!

green onyx and ivy sterling silver spinner ring with magic for women available at boho magic

When designing our jewelry, nature is always our biggest inspiration. There are many symbols that we love to include in our designs. For some, the meaning of these symbols is obvious but for others, these symbols remain hidden magic.

Here are 5 rings with hidden magic:

1. Compass Spinner Ring 

This sterling silver spinner ring showcases a compass on the outside of the band and the word "explore" on the inside of the band. You might be thinking that the symbol on this ring is just a compass that encourages you to go onto adventures outside. What you don't see is that the symbol of the compass also connects us to the elements. East represents air. South represent fire. West represents water. North represents earth. And, the middle dial represents an element called ether which signals to our internal center. We invite you to let this ring help you explore the deeper meaning of nature and her elements while also learning to navigating your own internal world. It also has a gold-tone ring to spin while on your adventures!

Sterling silver spinner ring for women with a compass symbol available at boho magic
2. Moon Phase Spinner Ring

This spinner ring features a band with each moon phase on it. Upon first glance, it might seem like the message is in the symbols: that this ring is called the moon phase ring because it displays the moon phases. But, the extra hidden magic is that the moon phases spin around your finger just as the moon spins within the cosmos!

This silver spinner ring features a gorgeous and delicate dandelion. The dandelion seeds appear to be blowing in the wind. There are also seeds from the flower on the spinning band which adds to the imagery of the dandelion blowing in the wind. The hidden magic of this ring is in the symbolism of the dandelion. Traditionally, when we blow on a dandelion we can make a wish and hope that the winds carry our wish and release the magic into the universe. Wearing this ring reminds us that we can make wishes that manifest everyday, not just when we blow on this flower! What's even more magical is that you can constantly bring your wish into the present moment as you continue to spin the ring; this will help you manifest your wish! 

4. Tree of Life Spinner Ring

This spinner ring features a gorgeous engraved tree of life. The tree of life has several meanings including ancestors, the root chakra, the afterlife and our connection to nature. What you might not notice is that there are 4 leaves on the spinner ring. These leaves can represent the 4 cardinal directions and their corresponding elements, as we explored above in the compass ring. Spinning this ring can help remind us that everything is connected: past, present and future.

tree of life magical sterling silver spinner ring for women with hidden meaning available at boho magic

Green Onyx Spinner Ring

This stunning green onyx spinner ring is decorated with vines of ivy. The hidden magic here lies within the ivy. Ivy represents loyalty, fidelity, devotion and eternity. Green onyx can represent intellect, communication, trust and truth. With all of these meanings combined, this green onyx ivy spinner ring is the perfect gift to give the woman your love! 

green onyx and ivy sterling silver spinner ring with magic for women available at boho magic


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