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    69 products

    Do You Play With Your Rings?

    If you answered yes, then you may be the type of person who will benefit from a Boho-Magic fidget ring. These meditative, calming, and anxiety-reducing spinner rings are ideal for those hoping to calm their nerves in a simple way.

    These women’s spinner rings are the elegant way to fidget. It can be worn on any finger or even as a thumb ring. When choosing a spinner ring, you’ll want the inner ring to fit comfortably on your finger. The outer ring will spin loosely against the inner ring to aid in relaxation.

    Smooth, Comfortable Fit

    Perfectly rounded with no sharp edges — just how we like our rings. These women’s spinner rings are wide-banded, so we recommend choosing a half or a full size up than your regular size for the best fit.

    Our unique spinner rings are made of 925 Sterling Silver with a unique combination of brass, copper, and silver. The effect is elegant yet casual and comfortable for everyday wear.

    Meditative Moments

    You may be wondering why these spinner rings are so fascinating to people. Well, not only do you look gorgeous with this accessory sat on your hand, but owners of rings that spin can also enjoy the added benefits that come along with these meditation rings.

    When you feel anxiety bubbling over, simply slip the ring on and begin spinning. These women’s spinner rings are a subtle solution that can distract you from your inner turmoil and bring a sense of inner peace.

    Anxiety Spinner Ring Benefits

    Spinning rings are a cool, modern take on historical jewelry. According to ancient tales on the Tibetan Prayer Wheel, you should enjoy the following benefits from anxiety spinner rings:

    • Reduction in anxiety levels
    • An increase in good karma
    • Purification of negative thoughts
    • Decrease in feelings of anger or grief
    • Increased good fortune and luck
    • A sense of peace and serenity
    • A present and "in the moment" mindset

    While we can’t promise you that all of these benefits will immediately appear, it sure won’t hurt to try while looking exquisite at the same time.

    Guide to Using Your Fidget Ring

    The power of the spinner ring truly lies within you, so it will work for as long as you let it. Some of the best ways to achieve the anxiety-reducing benefits of fidget rings that spin include the following:

    Choose Your Favorite Ring

    It’s easy to get caught up in trying to choose jewelry that will match the rest of your wardrobe. While that isn’t a bad thing, your spinner ring for anxiety should bring you a sense of serenity. Instead of focusing on what you may wear your ring with, focus on the way a ring makes you feel. If beautiful hues of turquoise remind you of soothing beach waves, find one from our collection that brings that pop of color. All silver more your style? We have those options too!

    Set an Intention

    Mindfulness is key to achieving the anxiety reduction that fidget ring spinners provide. Setting an intention for when you spin can assist you in refocusing your mind and bringing yourself back to the present moment. Whether your intention is to spin for 10 minutes or to take a deep breath every 5 spins, these mindfulness practices can help calm your brain and get you back on track.

    Find a Calm Environment

    Though you may not always be in a calming environment when you need to use your spinner ring, it can be beneficial when meditation is your intention. When possible, spend some time in quiet and peaceful surroundings to allow your mind some space to relax and focus on your spinning intentions.

    Repeat Affirmations

    Along with intentions, affirmations are another great method of comforting yourself. Our inner thoughts have more power than we sometimes realize, so you’ll want to be mindful of your affirmations. It may be beneficial to jot down a few affirmations that you can always come back to in stressful situations.

    Spinner Rings From Boho Magic

    With so many soothing benefits, a fidget ring is a must-have addition to your jewelry collection. Boho Magic offers stunning bohemian-inspired spinner rings that can dress up your look while calming your nerves. Keep it simple with a beautiful silver band or add a pop of color with turquoise, aquamarine, and more. Shop our spinner ring collection and find the perfect ring for you!