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    28 products

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    A fidget ring is a perfect solution if you suffer from stress, have too much energy, or get frustrated when you have to wait in line. The Boho online collection of fidget rings - also known as spinner rings - contains some stunning designs. Most of our rings are reassuringly wide and chunky and seriously stylish personal jewelry items. The rings are crafted from 925 sterling silver and decorated with a range of handpicked gemstones and crystals. We also use exquisitely wrought silver ornamentation in the form of tiny sunflowers, bees, roses - and even skulls.

    Our fidget rings are guaranteed to be robust enough to take as much fidgeting as you can throw at them. You can play with these rings daily, and they should still last a lifetime. Although the rings are designed primarily for instant stress relief, they are part of the Boho Magic online collection and are superb jewelry items. Our designers have captured a number of styles, from vintage to esoteric and even understated elegance!

    Gems, Crystals, and Semi-Precious Stones

    Boho Magic is famous for its ring designs that feature beautiful center stones. We mainly use handpicked Moonstones, Aquamarine, Larimar, Turquoise, and Amazonite for fidget rings and spinner rings. They're the most calming colors for stressed and anxious people, and they look amazing, set in gleaming sterling silver. If you're impatient or irritable, try gazing quietly into a Moonstone and Aquamarine for a minute. You can also try twiddling your ring in time with your breathing until you relax.

    Most of the semi-precious stones and gems on our rings are traditional round cuts, but we also love using teardrop, oval, and square cuts. Boho stones are usually professionally polished, with the exception of some exciting and unconventional raw gems that we left in their rugged natural state. If you want an unconventional ring, check out the Raw Apatite fidget ring. The exact color of the apatite gem is hard to describe. The best is deep cobalt blue with dark shadows and lighter natural facets.

    Fidget Rings for Women

    Our range of fidget rings is very popular with women. They're stylish enough to wear to work and are perfect if you're stuck in a meeting or talking on the phone. You can quietly play with your ring at any time, and the chances are that no one will pay the slightest attention. Suppose you need to concentrate, solve a problem, or just brainstorm with colleagues. In that case, a fidget ring can really help focus your mind and generate great ideas.

    Fidget rings are amazing for busy people who get frustrated in boring situations. When you're standing in a queue, sitting in traffic, waiting for the elevator, or for an appointment, it's surprising how your ring will help you kill time and control your natural impatience. If you've got small kids, a fidget ring is definitely a must-have item. It won't just help you to stay calm. If you hold out your finger, babies and toddlers love to play with them as well!

    Fidget Rings for Men

    Plenty of guys suffer from restlessness, impatience, and anxiety. If you've got too much energy and you'd rather be somewhere else or doing something else, a Boho Magic fidget ring is an excellent little coping tool. If you're in a work situation or a social situation where you can't afford to look bored or stressed out, try quietly turning your fidget ring. It's a great aid to calmness and can also help you concentrate and filter out background noise and distractions. If you have nervous mannerisms that you find embarrassing, a man's spinner ring will keep your hands busy.

    Boho Magic's men's fidget rings are extremely stylish. Most of the designs in the online collections are slender bands with an emphasis on minimalism. Our silver men's rings, inlaid with Viking runes and Roman numerals, are current bestsellers. The finely patterned snake ring is also very popular. If you're looking for a chunkier ring, try the Compass Spinner ring engraved with the cardinal points of the compass in black inlay.

    Buy Fidget Rings as Gifts

    If there's someone in your life who can't sit still, or who suffers from stress, a fidget ring is a wonderful gift. It's a beautiful item of personal jewelry with a very practical purpose. Boho jewelry is designed by creative artists for people who love individuality. Our rings are ideal for people of all ages who have the confidence to express themselves. Boho Magic rings are also affordable. You can easily show someone how much you care without putting too much of a strain on your finances. If you need to buy several Christmas gifts, our prices can make a big difference!

    Buy a BOHO Gift Card

    Some people think of gift cards as the lazy person's solution for birthdays, Christmas, and graduations. We believe that they are a wonderful way to put a smile on someone's face. Jewelry is an intensely personal item. If you're buying a ring or necklace for somebody who you love, you want them to feel good about wearing it every day. A Boho Magic gift card lets your loved one buy the perfect ring that matches their individual style. All purchases made with Boho gift cards come with free US shipping and 60-day returns.

    Do Fidget Rings Really Reduce Stress and Anxiety?

    As far as we know, nobody's done a scientific study on whether fidget rings actually reduce stress and anxiety. We do have loads of positive feedback from people who bought our rings and wear them every day. Enough people are telling us that playing with their rings calms their nerves for us to be pretty confident that the concept works!

    If you do get impatient easily, suffer from stress or anxiety, or need physical activity to aid concentration, a Boho ring could be the answer. If nothing else, you'll buy a stylish piece of jewelry that will look amazing whenever you wear it.

    Boho Magic jewelry has some unique fidget rings set with gems like Aquamarine, Moonstones, Larimar, and Turquoise. You'll also love our fine silver filigree work and detailed ornamentation. You can shop online now, with free US delivery and 60-day returns.