Cleaning and Maintaining Your Fidget Ring: Tips and Tricks

Our daily wears often absorb dirt, oil, and cosmetic residues; in this case, they get stuck on your fidget ring's stone surface. Knowing how to clean your spinner rings in your home is essential in maintaining them and keeping them germ-free because keeping dirty rings will breed bacteria that could harm you if it comes in contact with body fluids or food. Also, it could cause metal discoloration, skin irritation, and stone scratching.

However, cleaning them at home shouldn't be a regular practice instead of professional cleaning. Although removing your ring's surface residue on your own is simple, you can also clean them at your jeweler's place/shop to securely remove the thick layers of compressed debris and dirt. As the fashion icon we are, we want them always to look sparkling clean and new. But without consistent cleaning and maintenance practices, they might lose some of their shine over time. 

Occasionally, spinner rings can start to squeak or be difficult to spin. Most frequently, greasing and polishing your ring might swiftly resolve the issue. This article will discuss excellent tips and tricks to help maintain your rings so that they'll keep looking better for a longer time, but before these tips, you need to know some things about your ring material.

What You Should Know about Precious Metals

Before cleaning your spinner rings, figure out what kind of metal you have. Rings are typically made of gold brass or sterling silver because these elements are robust and durable enough to ensure that your rings last for an extended period.

Teardrop Turquoise Fidget Ring Sterling Silver

Teardrop Turquoise Fidget Ring Sterling Silver

Before being used to create jewelry, these elements are typically alloyed. That is because their pure forms, particularly those of silver and gold, can be pretty soft, making them unsuitable as ring material as they are. Since gold seems the most delicate metal at its finest, it usually requires higher maintenance.

The types of alloys that are mixed with gold can also change the metal's color. To make rose gold, for instance, we can combine gold with copper, and to make white gold, we can combine gold with light-colored metals like nickel and zinc.

It's essential to know what can and cannot be used to clean gold and silver because of the differences in their chemical compositions, which can also affect how they respond to various chemicals.

Tips and Tricks to Cleaning Your Fidget Rings

This section will discuss how you can clean the two most common worry ring materials – gold brass and sterling silver.

Sterling Silver Turquoise Ring with Spinning Bands

Sterling Silver Turquoise Ring with Spinning Bands

How to clean gold brass rings

As discussed above, gold requires high maintenance and can be challenging to clean. However, there's one sure way to clean your gold rings: 

You can wash it/them up with washing liquid and water

Warm water and washing solvent can quickly restore lightly-used gold jewelry. The lukewarm water will help any ingrained materials loosen, and the liquid cleanser will efficiently remove dust, grease, and debris from your gold brass rings

Also, you can add soda water if you feel like you want something a bit stronger than water to help loosen buildups because using that can make the carbonation fizz.

How to clean your sterling silver worry rings 

Follow these steps:

Use warm water and soap

Warm water and dishwashing liquid can typically successfully remove dirt and grease accumulated on your sterling silver fidget ring if it's only beginning to appear dull and discolored.

You should combine some mild liquid dish cleaner and warm water in a basin until a warm soapy mixture forms. Rub the ring/rings with a soft cotton cloth that has been dipped into the mixture. Afterward, you should immerse your sterling silver ring/rings in a bowl of fresh water, cool them off, and wipe them dry using a clean cotton towel.

Aluminum foil

You may use a more powerful technique to clean your sterling silver rings if they have accumulated a layer of tough grease and debris. Boiling a liter of clean water with one tablespoon of baking powder and adding a moderate amount of aluminum foil is an uncommon but incredibly efficient method to get rid of that dirt.

Baking powder paste

Rose Quartz Flowers and Butterfly Spinner Ring

Rose Quartz Flowers and Butterfly Spinner Ring

There may need to be more than the steps above to revive your sterling silver fidget rings if they appear to be severely tarnished. Instead, you could make a paste out of baking powder to apply to your rings and then wipe it off. To achieve this, mix roughly three parts of baking powder with a portion of clean water, stirring till a thick paste forms.

Use a clean cotton cloth to apply the mixture to your damp sterling silver ring/rings, and ensure you apply it to all its nooks and crannies. Your sterling silver ring/rings should be thoroughly rinsed with a clean towel before being dried.

Tips and Tricks to Maintaining Your Fidget Rings

The following are practical ways to maintain your worry rings:

Remove them before you clean

Before you start cleaning, take your rings off and keep them in a secure location. That way, you will lessen the possibility of your ring getting in contact with any cleaning chemicals that might damage its material.

Remove them before going swimming or showering

While the periodic bath or swim might not impact your spinner rings, water can gradually damage them permanently. That is because water contaminants and chemicals react with the materials in your ring/rings, tarnishing and making them look dull.

Remove them before exercising

Don't be scared to remove your rings when exercising to avoid stressing it out; exercise can cause damage to the ring or dislodge the gems. To prevent it from being scraped or scratched in your backpack, consider putting it aside in a ring box or pouch it came with.

Don't resize repeatedly

Your fingers might grow larger over time because of environmental changes, weight, or travel. However, frequently resizing your ring could weaken an already delicate ring and increase its exposure to significant damage.

Bottom Line

While you should consider having them professionally cleaned at least once a year by your jeweler, you can also clean your fidget rings yourself. Hopefully, you've learned the practical ways to clean and maintain your spinner rings for lasting use. So, consider putting them to good use. 

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