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    19 products

    You’ll Love our Online Range of Aquamarine Rings!

    Boho Magic uses handpicked aquamarine gems to create stunning rings. We use 925 sterling silver exclusively as the setting for our aquamarine rings. Sterling silver is the single best precious metal to show off the unique sea blue hues of the aquamarine stones. Most of our aquamarine stones are immaculately cut and polished, but we also use raw aquamarine, presenting the stones in their most rugged natural form. Aquamarine is a unique and unusual gemstone with a long history. Boho’s 2022 collection takes aquamarine to a new level of beauty.

    Aquamarine was popular during the Roman Empire. Although it’s traditionally associated with the sea and seafarers (aquamarine is Latin for seawater), the stone is mined from the ground. The very best aquamarine stones range in color from dark blue to light greenish blue. When the stones also have high clarity and transparency, they take on a mysterious and fascinating quality. A silver and aquamarine ring will attract a lot of attention and admiration.

    Boho Aquamarine Ring Styles

    Aquamarine is a versatile stone suitable for all kinds of ring styles. We think it looks absolutely amazing when used as a centerpiece for women’s vintage-style rings. There’s something about aquamarine that makes it glitter under candlelight, especially when the stone is faceted like a diamond. We definitely recommend our vintage-style aquamarine rings, but you should also check out the spinner rings and stacking rings with aquamarine center stones.

    Our expert jewelers also combined aquamarine with moonstone to create some truly beautiful personal jewelry items. The Aquamarine and Moonstone Stackable Ring is the pride of the Boho Magic collection. If you only buy one ring this year, it should be from our aquamarine range. Aquamarine is one of those rare gems that suits almost every woman. Whatever your style, it will express some of the deeper aspects of your personality. Boho rings will complement nearly every dress style and outfit on some level.

    Aquamarine for Women

    Aquamarine isn’t specifically a woman’s stone. Most people who wore aquamarine rings and pendants in the distant past were probably men. Aquamarine charms were popular with sailors in the ancient world who sought protection against the perils of the sea. When women wore aquamarine, it was usually chosen as a healing stone, or for its calming qualities. In modern times, aquamarine is extremely popular with women and we offer silver aquamarine rings as part of the Boho Women's Collection.

    One of the things that we love about aquamarine is that you can wear it with almost any outfit. A transparent sea blue stone looks stunning with a black cocktail dress, adds some vintage panache to office wear, and creates an amazing contrast with your old gardening sweater or running top.

    Aquamarine Rings for Healing

    Our ancestors valued many different gemstones and crystals for their healing qualities. Modern new-age healers claim that aquamarine can cleanse negative emotions, regulate hormones within the body and promote greater openness, sensitivity, and communication. Even people who don’t believe in the healing properties of gems can’t ignore the calming influence of aquamarine. The transparent blue-green hues and mysterious quality of the stone greatly aid meditation and achieving a calmer state of mind.

    The best silver Boho rings enhance the tranquil colors of aquamarine and bring out the true quality of these deep sea gems. If you’re looking for a stone with healing properties, try aquamarine. If nothing else, you’ll own a piece of stunning jewelry!

    Buy Aquamarine Rings as Gifts

    Aquamarine is the birthstone for March. It’s the ultimate water stone and is especially popular with Pisceans born that month. An aquamarine ring is the perfect birthday gift for anybody whose birthday falls during March. The ancient Romans believed that aquamarine gems protected seafarers and sailors. If someone you love is a sailor - or a surfer, diver, windsurfer, or swimmer - you can buy them an aquamarine ring for some extra protection.

    Aquamarine is also the gemstone associated with the 19th wedding anniversary. If you’re about to celebrate your 19th year of marriage or know someone who is, the gift of an aquamarine ring is the perfect gesture. Aquamarine was traditionally valued for its unique healing properties. It can be a special small gift for someone who is sick. Even if it only has a placebo effect, it’s a great way to show that you care.

    Buy a BOHO Gift Card

    Finding the perfect item as a gift can be a real challenge. The challenge can become a nightmare if you’re buying jewelry online for teens! The good news is that it takes just two minutes to buy a Boho gift card and let your loved one buy the ring or necklace they want to wear. Boho Magic gift cards match every budget and can be used to buy all Boho jewelry online. They are simple to use and completely secure and all gift card purchases come with free US shipping and 60-day returns.

    Should I buy an Aquamarine Ring?

    If you were born in March, enjoy going in the ocean, are about to make a voyage, or celebrate your 19th wedding anniversary, an aquamarine ring is a great choice!

    Aquamarine rings are also stunning pieces of personal jewelry for women with a sense of style. The gem’s unique and mysterious colors are guaranteed to intrigue others. Aquamarine has been worn for millennia and appeals to something deep inside us. You can confidently wear aquamarine and 925 sterling silver, whatever your age, dress style, or personality type.

    Boho Magic jewelry has a beautiful collection of aquamarine jewelry items - with a lot more than just rings. You can shop aquamarine jewelry online now, with free US delivery and 60-day returns.