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    50 products

    Experience the Mystical Blue and Green Colors of Turquoise Jewelry

    Boho Magic designers love to create original jewelry from the world’s most beautiful precious stones, gems, and crystals. If we have a special favorite it’s probably Turquoise. The blue and green hues of these special stones look amazing when we craft them into Turquoise rings, earrings, and bracelets. Turquoise, with all its striking colors, is especially suited to the 925 sterling silver we use to create the majority of our online jewelry collection.

    The 2023 online Turquoise jewelry collection at Boho Magic includes some superbly designed real Turquoise rings in vintage and modern styles. Our Turquoise rings for women range from simple and elegant silver bands to chunky gothic-style jewelry that's especially popular with teens. You can easily find the perfect sterling silver Turquoise ring for any occasion, personal style, or outfit.

    When we craft jewelry with Turquoise gems, we consider each stone individually. Every Turquoise gem has its own special qualities, and we try to bring them out in our jewelry designs. When we create a Turquoise stone ring, we don’t run a production line and randomly match stones to sterling silver settings.

    Our jewelers explore the color and hues of each gem - green or blue - its clarity and shape. Creativity and boldness is the hallmark of Boho Magic jewelry, and our Turquoise rings are real eye-catchers. A green Turquoise ring or an oval Turquoise ring will be crafted to complement and showcase the stone. Real Turquoise rings are works of art created by jewelers who genuinely love working with these ancient gemstones.

    The History of Turquoise Rings

    Turquoise rings have a fascinating - and profound - history. The Ancient Egyptians valued rings and jewelry with Turquoise and are believed to have mined the gemstones in the barren Sinai desert. A large Turquoise ring was a definite status symbol in ancient Egypt. Some beautiful examples of gold and silver jewelry with Turquoise gems are on display in museums around the world. Some of Boho Magic’s most attractive Turquoise stone rings are inspired by ancient Egyptian designs and wouldn’t have looked out of place in an Egyptian palace.

    The Egyptians weren’t the only ancient culture to value green Turquoise rings. The Aztecs also loved to wear rings and other jewelry with Turquoise. They took Turquoise jewelry design to new heights, creating truly stunning Turquoise mosaic masks and used Turquoise shards to decorate their shields and weapons. The Aztecs believed Turquoise was a firestone and credited it with special powers.

    Turquoise reached Europe from Persia via the medieval trade routes and became hugely popular from around the 14th century. A silver ring with Turquoise stone was a genuine status symbol, and Turquoise rings for women were prized as romantic gifts. Jewelry with Turquoise decorations has been found in archaeological sites across Europe, and the quality of some of the Turquoise stone rings is outstanding. Jewelers were already using 925 sterling silver alloy by that point and had mastered the art of creating fine sterling silver Turquoise rings.

    What’s the Best Style of Silver Turquoise Ring?

    Silver Turquoise rings come in all shapes and styles, ranging from vintage-style oval Turquoise rings to large Turquoise rings with gold-plated brass bands for extra decoration. Turquoise is a very versatile stone, partly because of the natural color variations and partly because of the way it lends itself to all kinds of beautiful designs. Turquoise rings for women can be really elegant. The triple chevron rings and crisscross rings are superb designer-style jewelry that you can wear with an evening dress or smart business clothing.

    Large Turquoise rings are popular with men, especially the signet ring styles that use square or oval polished Turquoise stones in chunky silver settings. An oval Turquoise ring looks good on any finger but is particularly stylish worn on your pinky finger.

    Turquoise: The December Birthstone

    Turquoise is the birthstone for December, and a stylish silver ring with a Turquoise stone is a great birthday gift for anybody born in December. Don’t worry if you were born in one of the other eleven months of the year: if you feel a connection to Turquoise, wear it too!

    If you have a loved one with a birthday in December, a silver Turquoise ring can be a wonderful gift. If you want to combine a birthday and a Christmas gift, try a Boho Magic Gift Card. A convenient online gift card is a flexible and secure way to buy Boho Magic jewelry all year round. Gift card options cater to all budgets between $50 - $500 and come with free US shipping and 60-day returns.

    925 Sterling Silver Turquoise Rings

    European jewelers have been using 925 sterling silver to create stunning Turquoise jewelry for around a thousand years. 925 sterling silver is now used worldwide and is preferred over softer pure silver for its optimal balance between flexibility and robustness. A 925 sterling silver ring with a Turquoise center stone is tough enough for daily wear and shouldn’t dent or get scratched under normal circumstances.

    How to Clean a Silver Turquoise Ring

    When you buy a sterling silver ring with a Turquoise stone (or a ring with several small stones), you’ll be able to keep it looking almost brand new with just an occasional clean and polish. Turquoise ranks at 6 on the Mohs hardness scale. It’s not an especially hard stone. It’s a bit tougher than window glass, but a lot more fragile than diamonds, so some care is needed.

    The best way to look after real Turquoise rings is to gently wash them in warm soapy water and rinse them thoroughly. You can pat them dry with a piece of kitchen towel and then polish the 925 sterling silver with any store-bought silver polish. If you live in a humid climate, you may need to clean your ring more often.

    Buy Turquoise Jewelry Online

    Turquoise is one of those magical stones that look amazing whatever you wear it with. You can wear your Turquoise ring to a business meeting, in a nightclub, or even just to run errands and go shopping. It will add a natural touch of personal style - as well as an eye-catching flash of deep ocean blue or mysterious green to your look!

    Our 2023 collection of green and blue Turquoise rings is fantastic value for money. You can buy online now, and we’ll arrange fast dispatch with free US shipping and 60-day returns.