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    195 products

    195 products

    Our Collection of Unique Rings will Amaze You!

    Boho Magic is for people who love beautifully designed jewelry and value individuality and originality. Our 2022 collection of unique rings brings together an amazing range of designs, featuring some of the world’s most mysterious and alluring semi-precious stones. We focus on vivid colors, bold styles, and robust, high-quality personal jewelry for daily wear.

    Boho Magic rings are all crafted from durable 925 sterling silver. It’s a wonderful medium for fine jewelry that’s been used for over a thousand years. The silver alloy is malleable enough for our jewelers to create stunning rings, but won’t easily dent or scratch. If you like shiny jewelry, you can polish the 925 sterling silver to a gleaming shine in just a couple of minutes - it’s perfect if you want to enhance the natural beauty of a moonstone or larimar center stone.

    Unique Ring Styles

    There’s definitely an emphasis on vintage-style rings in this year’s collection, but you’ll find a range of imaginative styles and designs. Our esoteric and healing rings are extremely popular, as is the collection of thumb rings, men’s rings, and bohemian jewelry rings. Boho Magic’s artists and designers are fascinated by different cultures and historical periods. Ring designs are inspired by everything from Viking rune work, to ancient Egyptian mythology, ultra-modern minimalist designs, and new-age esoteric. There’s something for everyone in the 2022 collection - and the rings are available at affordable prices.

    Choose a Beautiful Crystal or Gemstone

    Boho uses ethical sourcing to handpick some of the world’s most amazing crystals and semi-precious stones. We select our stones for color, size, cut, and final polish quality. All the stones and crystals are set firmly in their 925 sterling silver settings and will not come loose.

    Our Top 10 Crystals and Semi-Precious Stones

    Boho Magic’s Top 10 best-selling crystals and semi-precious stones all look amazing and are set in 925 sterling silver and will quickly become your favorite items of personal jewelry.

    1. Moonstone

    2. Aquamarine

    3. Rose Quartz

    4. Larimar

    5. Black Onyx

    6. Labradorite

    7. Turquoise

    8. Emerald

    9. Tourmaline

    10. Tiger’s Eye

    Unique Rings for Women

    Our unique rings for women include some of the most beautiful designs in our entire collection. Boho’s women’s rings are famous for their bold, creative designs and individual flair. Our jewelers express their passion for their art, explore exciting new concepts, and reinvent traditional styles. Our women’s rings also show a special connection to nature and natural themes. As well as featuring some of the world’s most esoteric and exotic gems, Boho’s designers use wonderful leaf-like silver filigree work and lifelike bees, butterflies, and other stunning decorative motifs.

    Unique Rings for Men

    We think outside the box when it comes to men’s rings. We don’t believe there should be any single style of men’s rings. We also think that a well-dressed man should have a selection of rings for different occasions and styles of dress. At one end of the scale, our jewelry designers explored the concept of simplicity and drew on the old-fashioned signet rings that have been popular for hundreds of years. Our Black Onyx Signet Ring epitomizes sophisticated masculine elegance and designer chic.

    Many men buy healing rings with crystals and semi-precious stones or make a strong personal statement with a thumb ring. Whether you want to enhance your image as a sharp dresser or challenge how people perceive you, you’ll find the ideal man’s ring in our online collection.

    Unique Rings for Healing and Protection

    Human beings have worn rings for healing and protection for thousands of years. Personal jewelry, set with crystals and stones, has been used to ward off the evil eye, heal illnesses and protect against misfortune for millennia. Boho Magic continues the ancient traditions with unique rings designed to protect wearers against all kinds of danger. Some of our current bestsellers are special Arthritis Rings. Many jewelry lovers report that rose quartz, moonstone, aquamarine, and larimar can all improve their mood and attract good energies and good people!

    As well as being beautiful jewelry items, Boho Magic meditation rings are superb tools for achieving mindfulness. If you find that you’re getting stressed, or experiencing negativity, your meditation ring will help you to be aware of your mental state. Squeezing the ring and focusing for a moment can help achieve greater calmness, or can remind you to sit quietly and meditate for a moment. If you wear your ring daily, you can improve your quality of life.

    Buy Rings as Special Gifts

    Unique Rings for Women are special gifts that can seal an intimate bond between two people, or just express love, affection, and friendship. Boho Magic has created designer quality and vintage style rings at prices that people can afford. The 2022 collection has a huge range of beautiful items for men and women. There’s something for every style and taste and it’s a great way to find a special gift that’s genuinely beautiful and unusual. If you’re looking for that hard-to-find ring, but don’t want to commission an expensive original item, Boho is for you!

    Buy a BOHO Gift Card

    Rings and jewelry are uniquely personal items and it isn’t always easy to find the right piece. If you’re struggling to find the perfect ring, a Boho gift card is the perfect solution. Online gift cards are completely secure, match every budget, and cover the entire Boho jewelry range. A gift card is the ideal birthday or Christmas present, and is also ideal for graduation presents - or just surprise gifts to let someone know you care. When you buy jewelry online with a Boho gift card you have free US shipping and 60-day returns.

    Styles of Unique Ring

    We have more ring types than you have fingers to wear them on! This year’s most popular styles are signet rings and slender bands for men, unisex and women’s thumb rings, fidget rings, stacking rings, wide band rings, meditation rings, spinner rings, and statement rings.

    When you check out the online collection, you’ll be amazed at the versatility of our designs. Our designers and jewelers are truly talented and creative people, and we give them absolute freedom to explore their art. We recommend that you take the time to browse our entire online collection because it’s full of surprises. Even veteran jewelry collectors will find new styles and designs.

    Spoil Yourself with a Unique Boho Magic Ring!

    Boho Magic is a very special brand for people who want affordable jewelry that matches their image and outlook. If you love vintage, try a moonstone and aquamarine ring that looks hundreds of years old. Some of our esoteric rings might have been seen in an Ancient Egyptian temple, Shaman’s cave, or a Viking longboat. You’ll find bold, bright colors, with vibrant, cheerful designs, as well as slender, understated bands set with shiny black onyx, rugged black tourmaline, or enigmatic tiger’s eye.

    Boho Magic jewelry is a great way to spoil yourself without breaking the bank. Our unique rings for women, as well as for men, are also wonderful romantic gifts, birthday presents, and surprises. You can shop online now, with free US delivery and 60-day returns. Once you try out our 2022 range, you’ll be hooked!