Bee Jewelry

Show your love of nature with our beautiful bee jewelry. Our stunning honeybee rings & necklaces come with free US shipping and 60-day returns.


    Show Your Love of Nature with Boho Magic’s Beautiful Bee Rings

    The bumblebee is one of nature’s most beautiful creatures, symbolizing natural goodness and harmony. Boho Magic’s online collection of bee rings celebrates this wonderful honey-producing insect with a range of finely crafted designs. If you love nature - and you love jewelry - you’ll love our 2023 collection of bumblebee rings!

    Boho’s bee rings combine gleaming 925 sterling silver settings with exquisitely detailed gold-plated brass decoration. Our designers and jewelers succeeded in creating tiny lifelike bumblebees. The intricately crafted bees look like they just landed on their silver settings and could fly away at any moment.

    Our nature-inspired jewelry will bring a special charm and lightness to any outfit you wear. The golden-colored bees and sunflower designs will add a touch of summer to even the coldest winter day, and lift your mood whenever you look at your ring. All our bee rings (and our unique sterling silver sunflower and bee necklace) are true works of jeweler’s art that you’ll cherish.

    Choose the Perfect Bee Ring

    Our 2023 Bee Rings collection features chunky spinner and fidget rings, and slender, elegant stackable rings. All the designs are stylish enough to wear to any special occasion or important event, and they also look amazing with your oldest jeans and a t-shirt. Boho Magic jewelry is for creative people who set their own styles and love to enhance their look with an extra splash of color.

    Bumblebee Spinner Rings

    Anybody who suffers from anxiety, boredom, or just a surplus of energy can benefit from a Boho Magic spinner ring. The rings are designed with a moving band or centerpiece that you can twist and rotate all day long. You can use your ring to channel tension and nervous energy, or to help you concentrate on work, problem-solving, or when you need to remember something important.

    Our spinner bee rings are a lot more than just tools for relieving stress and anxiety, or whiling away time in a queue or waiting room, they are also beautiful nature-inspired jewelry. The quality of the design is superb, and they are robust enough to last a lifetime - even if you’re twisting and spinning them all day long. The tiny ornate bees and sunflowers are carefully arranged so that the action of the spinner ring won’t weaken the silver solder.

    Bumblebee Stackable Rings

    Stackable rings are one of our most popular types of rings. The rings come in a set and can be worn together on the same finger, on different fingers, or mixed and matched with other jewelry. The special Bumblebee Stackable Ring set is one of the best in the entire collection. Our jewelers opted for simple elegance when they designed the set and used 925 sterling silver to craft five thin rings with a unique antique look.

    The set of five stackable rings contains four rings ornamented with cute bumblebees (with spread wings) and one ring with a stunning golden sunflower. You can arrange the rings on your finger to show the bees circling the sunflower, or use your imagination to create a personal tribute to nature. The stackable bee rings are designed to allow all kinds of creative combinations and new styles.

    Why Do We Wear Bee Rings?

    There is a symbiotic relationship between humans and bees that goes back thousands of years. Despite all the advances in modern agriculture, we still depend on these tiny creatures to pollinate many of our crops. We also continue to harvest their honey and value it over all other sugars and sweeteners. Even today, beeswax candles and beeswax polish are preferred over synthetic alternatives. Nothing beats the homely aroma of beeswax polish or the clean burn of beeswax candles.
    Bees in turn thrive whenever we create beneficial conditions for them, and fly straight to our orchards, fields, and gardens in search of nourishment. Nature-inspired jewelry featured bumblebees as far back as ancient Greek and Roman times. Every early human population valued honey - far more than we do today - and celebrated bees and beekeeping in their art and jewelry.

    Bee Rings: Symbolism and Spirituality

    The Ancient Egyptians depended on bees to pollinate their crops across the fertile Nile Delta and prized honey as food and as medicine. Bees were so crucial to their society that they came to represent the power of the Pharaohs, divine wisdom, and the intangible life force present in all living creatures.

    The Ancient Greeks also understood the importance of bees, but interpreted the bumblebee as a symbol of prosperity, ritual purity, and religious celebration. During the Industrial Revolution, bees were a convenient symbol for hard work and industry. Many manufacturing towns adopted bee symbols for their coats of arms. The phrase “as busy as a bee” captured the spirit of the period.

    Today, bee jewelry represents far more than just a fashion statement or a love of beautiful jewelry. We wear bee rings and necklaces today because we still value the natural goodness of honey and beeswax and want to feel a deep connection to the natural cycles of growth that bees are at the heart of. Bees - producers of nourishing and tasty honey - can also symbolize a commitment to a bountiful and prosperous life with all good things in abundance.

    Buy a Bee Ring and Bee Necklace Together

    If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a nature lover, a bee ring and a matching bee necklace make a beautiful gift set. When you opt for a Boho Magic Gift Card, the recipient can shop our entire online jewelry collection. The gift cards range in value from $50 all the way up to $500 and are a fast, convenient and secure way to buy jewelry online.

    925 Sterling Silver

    925 sterling silver is the perfect precious metal for our nature-inspired jewelry range. The gleaming silver is a great background material that shows off intricate golden-colored ornamentation like sunflowers and bees to their best advantage. The beauty of the natural designs is highlighted, and the fine details of the jeweler’s skill are revealed. 925 sterling silver can easily be worked to create an aged antique look, or polished to a smooth shine for a modern designer look. It’s malleable enough to easily craft into complex shapes but is robust enough to wear daily.

    Celebrate the world of nature and shop our online collection of bee rings today. Bees may prefer the summer, but our rings look amazing all year round. They are wonderful on a warm spring or summer day, and bring a spark of light to the winter gloom.
    When you shop online, we’ll arrange fast despatch, and guarantee free US shipping and 60-day returns.