Bee Jewelry


    For most people, the presence of bees can provoke unpleasant memories involving stings, rashes, and temporary pain. However, when you go beyond their intermediation presence, you’ll find that they make the perfect decorative item for those seeking to enhance their jewelry collection with symbolic value.

    Bee jewelry products come in all forms. You can select bumble bee jewelry or honey bee jewelry as a start. Read on to discover how these insects became a popular selection among jewelry enthusiasts.

    Symbols of Bee Jewelry

    Viewed across many cultures with symbolic meaning, bee jewels symbolize the power of friendship, unity, selflessness, community, and pure joy. When paired with items including necklaces and rings, bees exemplify several qualities in an individual, including diligence, cleanliness, modesty, wisdom, and courage.

    Ancient civilizations as far back as the Mayans perceived bees as insects with symbolic value. To ancient Egyptians, bees represented royal power, wisdom, and vital force. The ancient Greeks, on the other hand, believed that bees symbolized prosperity, purity, and celebration. Finally, ancient Judaism depicted bees as a notion of a successful society.

    Even in the modern world, these insects remain associated with ideas of spirituality and harmony. Since they are considered talismans, people rely on them for immediate protection against negative influences that affect their energy levels.

    Wearing Bee Jewelry

    Fortunately, there are no strict guidelines involving best practices for wearing bee jewelry. With that said, there are some tips you can follow if you want to amplify your look, communicate a symbolic message, and obtain beneficial qualities. These tips include:

    • When deciding on ways to mix and match your bee earrings, don’t be afraid to keep your items toned down. Focus on a single element when you select your pieces.
    • Consider wearing golden bee rings on your right hand as a sign of luck, wealth, and deep intuition.
    • A bee necklace is a good selection for improving oratorical abilities.
    • Consider wearing hair jewelry with bees as a form of spiritual development and wisdom extraction.

    Caring for Bee Jewelry Items

    Lucky for you, caring for your bee products is just a matter of following simple jewelry maintenance guidelines. The following steps can go a long way in helping you preserve these appealing items and keeping your style fashionable.

    • Make sure to keep gold earrings away from products with perfume to preserve the plating.
    • If you own any necklaces or bracelets, make sure you remove any dirt from metal parts with a damp cloth.
    • Use soap, warm water, and two to three tablespoons of baking soda with lemon juice to clean any bronze items you own.
    • Place silver pieces in a foil-lined bowl, then pour one tablespoon of baking soda mixed with one cup of water on the item. Let the piece sit for 10 minutes before rinsing and drying it with a cloth.
    • Keep bee earrings with fabric away from makeup products.

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