The Meaning of the Cowrie Shell

Our beloved cowrie shell ring is one of our fav beachy designs! But, did you know that the cowrie shell has many hidden meanings that can empower women? Let’s explore some of this symbolism.

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The cowrie shell is an oval white porcelain-looking shell that folds inward. It can be found all over the world including in tropical parts of the pacific, in Australia and Africa too. The cowrie shell is commonly seen within jewelry designs and it has very deep symbolism that might surprise you!

It is a symbol of female empowerment

The cowrie shell is thought to represent the divine feminine and movement into womanhood. The cowrie shell is typically chosen to be worn, not only because it is beautiful, but because it has a deep spiritual connection to the feminine. It can be worn as a symbol of a woman’s growth, self-love and empowerment.

It is a symbol of fertility

Many women around the world have worn the cowrie shell as a symbol of fertility. It’s believed that wearing the cowrie shell can help a woman conceive a child and birth it safely.

Authentic white cowrie shell and sterling silver ring for women available at Boho Magic

It connects us to the ocean

The cowrie shell is of course from the ocean, like all shells! Many sources talk about the cowrie shell representing the Goddess of the water. Water can symbolize our emotions, our movement through life, our intuition and our own inner well. As a symbol of the water and the feminine qualities of it, the cowrie shell can be worn to embrace these ideas.

It was once used as currency

Even though the cowrie shell can be found in several spots around the world, it has an important history within African culture. As a symbol of wealth, the cowrie shell was actually thought to be one of the first forms of currency in Africa. In a blog written by Greenviews Residential it states that,

"In West Africa, the cowrie shell was introduced as early as the 8th century by caravans of Arab traders. During colonial times, the Europeans witnessed the fondness that certain African tribes had for these shells and helped them make the main currency in the trade of slaves, gold and many other goods traded at the time. It conserved its status as a means of payment, and a symbol of wealth and power, until the 20th century."

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