How and Why Should You Wear Thumb Rings?

Thumb rings are a unique statement to add to your jewelry collection. But did you know that some people possess several spiritual and healing benefits? If that sound appeals to you, learn more about how to choose and style a thumb ring below.

Why Should You Wear Thumb Rings?

Because You’re Unique

Thumb rings are unconventional. We mostly wear our rings on our three longest fingers. If you value your individuality, you’ll be content with your jewelry on your terms. Thumb rings are a way to make the statement that you’re unique and happy to be that way.

Because Thumb Rings Have a Lot of Meaning

Wearing a ring on your thumb has a lot of significance. Here are just some of the many meanings associated with thumb rings:

  • Willpower

  • Wealth

  • Individuality

  • The health of the solar plexus (according to the convention of the seven chakras)

  • The health of your lungs and breathing system (according to reflexology)

  • Power

Because you use your phone a lot

Our thumbs are delicate parts of the body, and modern life requires that we use them a lot. Whether we’re typing away at keyboards in offices, tapping at our phones, or carrying heavy grocery bags to and from our homes, we put a lot of strain on our joints.

Arthritis rings, like the one pictured below, were initially developed to keep those joints in place and offer them some extra support. While Boho Magic does not claim to be a substitute for medical advice, why not add an arthritis ring to your jewelry collection as a reminder to put self-care first?

Arthritis Ring

Because you like the look

There’s a reason the likes of Meghan Markle and Rita Ora have been spotted wearing thumb rings. They can add a polished and pretty vibe to any outfit in a wonderfully offbeat and individual way.

The variety of styles and designs at Boho Magic means there’s really something out there for everyone. Whatever you like, emphasize your creativity and passion by wearing a thumb ring.

How Do You Wear Thumb Rings?

The maximalist way

Wear a thumb ring the maximalist way if you like a busy, layered, slightly eccentric vibe. For inspiration, look to boho icons like Stevie Nicks and Mary-Kate Olsen. To get the look, try these tips:

  • Stack your rings. Different thumb rings sit on slightly different parts of the finger; wear a simple, sterling silver arthritis ring on the base of your thumb and stack a more delicate, colorful one above. Boho Magic also offers pre-curated stacking sets.

  • Wear multiple rings. You can do this any way you want–the cluttered, rock n’ roll chic way is just to throw on as many chunky rings as you can, decorating nearly every finger with a piece you love.

  • For a more mindful choice, some customers coordinate rings according to the symbolic meaning of their gemstones or the position of the ring on each finger.

  • If you want something more curated, try matching rings. We have simple, classic chevron designs for both the ring finger and the thumb. Try wearing them together, maybe with a traditional stone ring on the index to break up the uniformity a little.

Chevron Thumb Ring
  • The quirkier, the better. The maximalist look works best with super individual and artistic shapes, like our bold arthritis rings. Match this with super large or colorful stones. Anything that catches your eye and speaks to you is the right choice for this style.

The minimalist way

The minimalist way to wear your thumb ring is classic, understated and delicate. Thumb rings can feel both offbeat and sophisticated if you style them right. If the sound of that appeals to you, try this:

  • Go for thinner, more delicate lines. This is particularly important for those with smaller fingers, which would be overwhelmed by a larger shape. But even for those without this problem, a thumb ring with a delicate silhouette looks extremely natural on any hand and easily compliments any outfit you wear. Thinner lines also look cleaner and daintier.

  • Stick to colors that flatter you. Minimalist styles aim to get maximum impact with little actual jewelry. For that, it’s crucial to choose your ring wisely according to your own coloring and undertone. Gold will bring your skin to life and look effortlessly luxurious on you if you have warm undertones. If you’re cool, sterling silver or white gold will flatter your complexion.

  • Feminine and classic styles work best for a minimal look. Simple metal bands, pearls, and tiny gemstones are pretty and timeless.

  • Stack responsibly. You can still stack rings and follow the minimalist fashion! Just go for light colors, small rocks and very delicate shapes.

Aquamarine Stacking Set

Aquamarine Stacking Set

And whatever you do

Whether you prefer a subtle or bold look, remember to stay expressive and authentic to yourself. Whether you’re drawn to the boho style, a mystical, hippie vibe, or something else, shop our thumb rings to add some spice to your jewelry collection.

Feather Thumb Ring         Moonstone Chevron Thumb Ring

       Feather Thumb Ring                            Moonstone Chevron Thumb Ring

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