How Fidget Rings Help You Stay Calm, Cool and Collected

fidget rings for anxietyIf you’re looking to keep your anxiety on the down-low (aren’t we all) or a calming distraction to help ease tension, nerves, or ADHD symptoms, spinner rings provide stress relief for restless hands (and minds).

What is a Fidget Ring?

Spinner rings are a combination of classic fidget toys and functional accessories. The rings look like any other piece of jewelry, except you can ‘play’ with them like you would a fidget toy. 

Fidget rings range from understated to statement pieces that rival some of your favorite pieces in your jewelry box. Anxiety rings are ideal for people who constantly have to do something with their hands. 

Tip: If you’re a nail biter or your cuticles have seen better days, fidget rings can help prevent the urge to pick. 

Fidget Rings for Anxiety & Stress Relief

Spinner ringsWhile fidget spinners certainly had their moment, you don’t see them as often—a big reason is that they’re not the most discrete anti-anxiety tool. Spinner rings can help keep your nerves in check, and nobody has to know!

If you’re feeling restless, having trouble calming your nerves, or over-stressed, having this small ring to play with can help keep you on track and ease your mind. Now, you’re probably wondering how it works. Fidgeting serves as a distraction in an over-stimulating environment or situation. Essentially, it creates a diversion and gives your mind something else to focus on other than the thing that’s making you stressed, nervous, or anxious. 

Fidget Rings for ADHD

Fidgeting uses movement to help us concentrate. For individuals with ADHD, fidgets are even more important. The repetitive, rhythmical movements give the hands something to do, allowing the brain to focus on the task at hand. 

‘Adulting’ is hard for everyone, but for people with ADHD sitting in an office or even a classroom all day is harder. A lot of people with ADHD benefit from doing two things at once. Why? Multitasking allows the brain to hone in on the primary task, which could be anything from sending a work email or doing homework to trying to make plans with friends. 

How to Use a Fidget Ring 

Fidget rings and ADHDWhether you’re fidgeting to help calm stress and anxiety or help you concentrate, fidget rings provide rhythmic, expected movements that help you expend nervous energy. 

Anytime you feel anxious, stressed, or distracted, spin the ring. If you have little bad habits like skin picking or nail-biting when you’re worried, the ring gives you something outside of your own body to focus on and fidget with. 

What Kind of Fidgeting Ring is Best for Me?

Who says fidget rings have to cramp your style? Moveable beads and twistable loops that you can naturally play with all day come in plenty of different styles, shapes, sizes, and metals.

Check out our collection of sterling silver anti-stress spinner rings to help keep you calm.

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