How to Properly Clean Gemstone Rings

Owning awesome and stunning gemstone jewelry pieces is all well and good, but ensuring it stays clean and stunning is more important. Like clothes and shoes, jewelry can accumulate dirt and grime over time. As a result, you will need to create time to clean your gemstone rings and other jewelry. Regularly doing this will ensure that your gemstone rings are always sparkling and shining and that they will always attract the attention you want and deserve.

It is important to note that while gemstones used for jewelry are typically long-lasting, they are prone to scratches and damage. Gemstones vary in strength and luster, which means they respond to forms of damage differently. By knowing how to clean gemstone rings and other gemstone jewelry, you can ensure your jewelry last longer than most. Also, don’t limit the cleaning to the gemstones alone, you have to clean the precious metals that hold the gemstones. These precious metals include sterling silver, gold, and platinum.

Your ring is your prized possession, be it your wedding ring, engagement ring, statement ring, and more. You will always want your rings with a gemstone to always shine and sparkle. This is why knowing the best approach to cleaning gemstone and precious stone jewelry is essential. 

This article gives you much information on this, read up and get informed.

How to Clean Gemstones

Cleaning your gemstone rings is essential to the longevity and prolonged beauty and shine of the rings. However, before you get started, you need to know the best ways on “how to clean gemstones.” This ensures that you are cleaning your gemstones the right way.  

Hence, an essential first step to getting your gemstone rings properly cleaned is being able to identify which gemstone is in your jewelry. Every ring in your jewelry box has a gemstone you might not be aware of. As a result, ensure you know the type of gemstone you have on your ring before cleaning.

No gemstone or precious metal is the same. Each gemstone and precious metals possess various physical and metaphysical properties that could be mildly similar to one or two gemstones, or completely different. This leads to the fact that they react very differently to sunlight, heat, scratches, liquids, and even moonlight.

Most gemstone rings and other jewelry are usually cleaned by soaking the gemstones in warm water having mild detergent and no bleach. After fifteen to twenty minutes of soaking, remove the gemstone ring(s), rinse in clean cold water, and clean them with a soft brush with consistent gentle strokes. 

Knowing how to clean gemstone rings this way helps remove substances like makeup, built-up oil and grime, and skin dirt. You can then wipe the ring dry with a piece of microfiber cloth, and this should be done at least twice a week. Note: Do not use hot or steamy water to clean your gemstone rings and jewelry, as many gemstones disfigure in the presence of water and/or heat.

Also, if you want to clean colored stones, using mild dish soap in warm water is the way to go. You can also include the soft brush treatment to restore the color.

Here are some specific instructions and guidelines about how to clean gems:


Diamonds are the hardest jewels on earth, but that does not exclude them from getting scratched and lined. 

To clean: Soak in warm water having mild detergent with no bleach. After fifteen to twenty minutes of soaking, remove the diamond ring, rinse in clean cold water, and clean with a soft brush with consistent gentle strokes. However, before cleaning, take note of the type of precious metal that houses the gemstone. This helps in effective cleaning.


Cleaning turquoise jewelry requires extra care and maintenance and should be cleaned with just a clean damp cloth. Turquoise is a porous gemstone, and as a result, using soap, cleaning solutions, and detergents will get into the stone and change its color. Owners of Turquoise rings who have made this mistake reported that the stone changed to an uncharacteristic green or off-blue color. 

To clean it correctly, wipe it with a damp piece of cloth, and pat it dry with a dry cloth immediately after.  This helps protect and preserve its shine and color.


This supposedly healing stone is a beautiful light-colored stone and, as such, must be kept free of scratches, sunlight, and other forms of damage. Hence, it needs utmost attention and care.

Beautiful Ocean Blue Larimar Sterling Silver Ring


Apart from putting it off before engaging in activities such as swimming, laundry, and bathing (as it is readily affected by acids such as chlorine), you should also look to clean it as soon as you are done putting it on for the day.

Clean regularly (at least once a week) with clean water and very little mild soap. Use a soft toothbrush to clean out any dirt, then rinse with clean cold water and dry with a clean, soft cloth. 

Note: Watch out for the stone getting bluer than usual. If this happens, it is absorbing too much water. To prevent this, scale down the amount of water that comes in contact with it and store it properly.

Also, if you don’t want to use water for cleaning your Larimar gemstone ring, use a jewelry polishing or cleaning cloth.  


Aquamarine is a magnificent gemstone. No matter how it is work, it always stands out and enhances the look. This is why knowing the right way to clean this gemstone is essential.

Teardrop Aquamarine Rings


The best way to clean aquamarine rings and other jewelry is to sink them in a bowl filled with warm water and liquid dishwashing soap. Put it in for about ten minutes, and then take it out and scrub gently with a toothbrush to ensure its prongs stay tight. Rinse under cool running water.  


Moonstone is a very particular gemstone and, as such, should be cleaned with warm soapy water only. Note: Do not employ ultrasonic and steam cleaners for moonstone jewelry.


If you need to clean your Labradorite jewelry, the best way is to use an untreated cloth dipped in water and gentle soap. Do not use hot water and ultrasonic methods to treat or clean your Labradorite ring or other jewelry. 

Labradorite Sterling Silver Rings


Use a soft piece of cloth to avoid scratching your precious stone’s surface, and store it in soft materials too.

Rose Quartz

As one of the most unique gemstones on earth, Rose Quartz rings or jewelry needs to be handled with care and regularly cleaned. To clean, use only water. Place your rose quartz jewelry under running water, or place it in a water-filled bowl. Ensure you clean with a dry cloth after cleaning with water.

Big Rose Quartz Sterling Silver Ring


Effectively cleaning and cleansing your Rose Quartz ring is essential as there are said to be so many spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional benefits linked to it.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a product of the tourmaline family. Other tourmalines are pink tourmaline, dravite, indicolite, purple tourmaline, and rainbow tourmaline.

Black Tourmaline Ring


Each tourmaline takes a different approach to its cleaning. To clean the black tourmaline gemstone ring, place the ring in warm soapy water and scrub gently with soft clothes or soft toothbrushes. Note: Do not use ultrasonic methods or steam cleaners.


A good number of rubies, whether heat treated or untreated, can be cleaned in warm, soapy water. However, if there are filled cavities or fractures in the stone, the best mode of cleaning suited to this gemstone is a damp cloth approach. Ultrasonic and steam cleaning methods are used for lattice diffusion-treated, untreated, or heat-treated stones.


Sapphires are of the same family as rubies (corundum), only that they are blue, while rubies are red. Hence, they should be treated the same way as rubies, which is outlined above. Soak your sapphires in warm soapy water, brush gently with a piece of soft cloth or brush, and rinse and dry. Also, because sapphires and rubies are usually untreated, lattice diffusion-treated, or heat-treated stones, they can be cleaned with ultrasonic and steam cleaners.


Emeralds are beautiful, sparkly gemstones that should not be cleaned using steam and ultrasonic methods. Instead, use a microfiber cloth to remove dust, wash with soap and water, and clean them with a dry cloth.


Pearls are one of the most glittering gems of all time. However, pearls are easily affected by numerous factors, such as temperature, steam, and heat. They are also affected by chemicals in hairspray, cosmetics, and perfume. 

To clean, put them in lukewarm water with mild detergent and clean them with a soft cloth.

How to Clean Precious Metals

Precious metals have a different cleaning approach. Here are some of them and their recommended cleaning steps:

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver refers to silver containing copper, which is added to increase its strength and durability. Pure silver is usually more likely to tarnish.

If you use soap and water to clean your sterling silver and you’re not getting effective results, there are many other ways. Baking soda with water, lemon and olive oil, or vinegar and baking soda are some of the numerous ways to clean your sterling silver. Ensure to rinse and dry with a soft cloth after every cleaning.


As always, prepare a warm water solution with a few drops of dish soap. Soak your jewelry in this mixture for about five minutes, and swish them about to free up any dirt. Take out the jewelry and place it on a soft cloth, then use a soft toothbrush to remove leftover dirt. Finally, rinse with water and clean with a soft cloth.


Platinum is a superb precious metal that does not tarnish and is very responsive to cleaning. With just a clean, lint-free cloth, you can clean up any dirt on your platinum jewelry. 


If there is a precious stone attached to any of the precious metals, ensure you take note and adjust your cleaning liquids and their application accordingly.

Daily Gemstone Jewelry Care

Apart from your usual gemstone cleaning twice a week, the daily care of your gemstone jewelry, worn or not, is crucial. Keeping them safe every day should be part of your overall strategy to keep your gemstones shiny and attractive. 

Here are some activities to care for your gemstone jewelry daily:

Avoid Hard Physical Activities like the Gym

Most gemstones are pretty little objects to be worn to specific places, quite unlike your everyday wristwatches. Do not wear your precious jewelry to places like the gym, or a sports activity. If you do wear them, ensure you take them off if you are participating in any of the activities.

Showering, Swimming, and Household Cleaning

Take your gemstone rings off you when working at home, taking a nap, swimming in your backyard pool, taking a shower, or doing household chores. This is because, you cannot guarantee that your hands will not hit or scratch hard surfaces, which are detrimental to your gemstone rings.

Also, when taking off your gemstone rings, ensure you pull them wholly, not from the base or head of the gemstone. As this may stretch the metal holder and cause looseness. It could also cause the gemstone to get loose and get lost.

Applying Lotion

Many gemstones are sensitive to certain substances in hairspray, perfumes, and cosmetics. As a result, do not wear your gemstone rings when applying lotion.


As advised for any other jewelry, you should not wear your gemstone ring when cooking or baking as you could expose the gemstone to heat and direct hits. Also, while it is okay to use baking soda to clean some jewelry, you should be aware that it is mildly abrasive. 

Therefore, when baking, take off your gemstone ring and properly store it. Once done, you can wear it again.

Storing Gemstone Jewelry

It is essential to learn how to store your gemstones to maintain their luster and appearance for much longer. 

Each gemstone should have its soft cloth-lined pouch, or you can get a bigger box with numerous compartments so all your gemstones are in one place. You can store stones in sections, grouping soft stones and giving harder stones their own compartments and boxes. For example, look to store diamonds together and separate them from your emeralds and pearls.

Doing this brings about easy access to your rings, but most importantly, prolongs their lifespan, shine, and appearance.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your gemstones clean and safe is a priority, and while it is a simple task, it requires following specific guidelines. Clean your gemstone rings as soon as you are done with them and consistently when you do not wear them. Check your soft clothes and brushes and ensure they are all as soft as possible. 

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