Gift Guide: Jewelry for Goddesses

Are you a woman who feels like a Goddess? If you answered yes, then this journal entry is for you! There are several stones and symbols that can assist a Goddess with her empowerment, growth and magic. Wearing these stones and symbols can allow any Goddess to feel her most authentic and divine self! Let’s discover jewelry for Goddesses.

Sterling Silver Egyptian Isis Goddess ring for women and goddesses available at Boho Magic

Before we jump into our selection, let’s first chat about Goddesses! A Goddess can be a woman who takes personal responsibility, who empowers herself, who seeks continued growth and believes in magic. When a Goddess adorns herself with symbols and natural gemstones from the earth, she is giving herself more opportunities to embrace her authenticity and self-expression which leads to deeper empowerment.

You might be wondering, how does wearing a gemstone or a specific symbol create authenticity and empowerment? Every stone has unique abilities that are based on its molecular makeup and every symbol carries energy that aligns with the meaning being portrayed. For example, black tourmaline is fantastic for spiritual protection because it literally absorbs negative energy. So, if we were to wear stones  and symbols that emphasize our personal intentions of authenticity and empowerment then those intentions can be magnified.

Every single stone and symbol has energy. What’s amazing about energy is that it can be directed. So, as a Goddess, we recommend setting an intention when wearing a special jewelry piece so that your intention can direct the energy of that stone or symbol to assist in uplifting you. If you want to learn more the differences and science between crystals and gemstones, check out our article here.

Here are our 5 jewelry pieces for Goddesses:

Peach Moonstone Celestial Ring

This ring offers us a double meaning for Goddesses. Moonstone connects us to the moon, which is nature’s symbol of the divine feminine (an energy that lives within all of us!). Wearing moonstone allows to connect deeper with the symbolism of the moon and of our inner divine feminine magic. As well, peach or orange colors connect us to our sacral chakra. For women, the sacral chakra is one of our greatest sources of power and also where we hold the energy of our wounds and traumas. So wearing peach moonstone can help a Goddess connect to her intuition, inner knowing and assist her with her healing journey.

genuine Peach Moonstone sterling silver Celestial Ring available at boho magic

Labradorite and Moonstone Necklace

This necklace reflects the symbol of the goddess. You may have seen the symbol of the Goddess before and it looks similar to this necklace: where a wider circle or teardrop sits below a smaller circle and arms reach up from the sides to the top.

In addition to representing the Goddess symbol, this necklace has moonstone, which we’ve covered above. Labradorite is a stone that has the power to protect us from things unseen. So it’s a great stone to have around to protect our own energy so that our intentions and authenticity are protected.

We also have this necklace in a ring version, check it out here!

Genuine Labradorite and Moonstone Celestial sterling silver Goddess Necklace for women available at Boho Magic

Rose Quartz Leaf Ring

Rose quartz is the stone of self-love. We can surround ourselves with rose quartz to remind ourselves that we are loved and supported by the universe, even in the moments that we feel alone. As a Goddess, the path to self-love and empowerment can be a long and winding journey. Having a reminder that you are worthy of love can be so powerful and comforting.

Check out our other rose quartz pieces here.

genuine rose quartz crystal gemstone sterling silver leaf design ring for goddesses and women available at Boho Magic

Egyptian Goddesses Isis Ring

This special sterling silver ring shows the Egyptian Goddess Isis spreading her wings. Isis is the ancient Egyptian goddess of magic, fertility, and motherhood. She represents all that is a Goddess. She is not only a Goddess of the feminine but also one of the divine balance of the feminine and masculine too. Even better, this ring is adjustable so you can move it to any finger that makes you feel confidant!

Sterling Silver Egyptian Isis Goddess ring for women and goddesses available at Boho Magic

Aquamarine and Amethyst Celestial Ring

This ring, in that same Goddess shape as the necklace above, has aquamarine and amethyst. Aquamarine brings us a reminder that we, as Goddesses, are a well of intuitive inner knowing and that its safe to embrace that inner well. Amethyst has been widely thought of as the stone of the feminine. It’s a stone with gentle heart opening energy.

genuine aquamarine and amethyst sterling silver celestial moon and stars goddess ring for women available at boho magic

We’ve created an entire collection of jewelry for Goddesses that include everything on this list and all our other options that include these gemstones too. Check it out here!

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