The Meaning and Symbolism of Moonstone Rings

With an unreal, silvery light emanating from the moonstone in moonstone rings and other jewelry, moonstone jewelry has unsurprisingly been associated with the moon and its characteristics for centuries. However, along with this lunar connection, moonstone rings, and other jewelry have been in vogue for much longer, as they have been used as talismans to facilitate and represent sleep, fertility, and protection.

However, there is a lot you can comprehend and appreciate about moonstones by giving them a close look. With a milky, lunar color that shifts or moves every now and then, prompting many to believe a powerful yet calm spirit resided in the jewelry piece, moonstone jewelry like this sterling silver stacking moonstone ring is undoubtedly one for the books…or your jewelry box, if you will.  

But what do moonstone rings stand for when worn, and what do they symbolize? Moonstone jewelry incorporates moonstones, so it makes sense to know more about the stone before moving on to the jewelry as a whole. Read on to learn more about the meaning and symbolism of moonstone rings.

What are Moonstones? 

Moonstone rings incorporate moonstone, an orthoclase gemstone belonging to the family of feldspars, a common mineral found in the earth's crust. They appear with varying mineral compositions and alternating layers, of which albite and orthoclase are common layers. These two minerals are unevenly dispersed in the crystal due to unmixing after cooling. They are opalescent stones and can be found in numerous forms and colors. These colors are pink, gray, brown, blue, yellow, and peach.

Moonstones are considered special gemstones due to the supposedly magical glow they possess. This glow is a result of a characteristic called adularescence, which will be explained in the next paragraph. Moonstone possesses an inner glow, which usually shifts on occasion. Rumors abound that the mystery light shifting is in relation to the waning and waxing of the moon itself, but there is no specific confirmation about this.

Adularescence is an optical phenomenon caused by a gemstone's distinctive inner composition, which gives them the ability to refract and scatter light. In other words, adularescence is triggered by light diffraction when it hits the alternating but thin layers of albite and orthoclase in the gem. This produces the floating, shifting, stormlike, ranging from blue to white light that the gem displays.

People believe moonstones somehow take in the moon's energy to possess its inner lighted characteristic. Also, there is a general assumption that this gemstone promotes positive body energy and improves a person's thought process.
The stone gives off a blue hue when the albite crystals are small and reduced, and it gives off a white hue when they are thick and pronounced.

A History of Moonstone Rings and Jewelry

Moonstone rings and other jewelry types were very popular during times of heightened activities in religion and spirituality, such as the Dark Ages. While they became a thing during the Art Nouveau period, they were also popular as jewelry (especially as moonstone engagement rings) in the New Age, during the eighties and nineties.

Also, during these periods, moonstone jewelry was commonly associated with and symbolized love, romance, and the renewal of relationships. This is one reason why moonstone rings are used as engagement and wedding rings. These rings are also the perfect choice for June-borns and are commonly used specifically for thirteenth wedding anniversaries.

This gives you an idea of how symbolic a moonstone ring can be. After now, you will not be surprised when you find couples renewing their vows with moonstone rings.

With the right moonstone jewelry such as the triple chevron boho ring with moonstone sterling silver, you will let people know and see how simple and elegant you are at heart, making people who are like you want to relate with you.

Locations Where You Can Find Moonstone 

You can get the best and most valuable moonstone from India and Sri Lanka. Moonstone from these regions is highly valued because they are blue, which are very rare. However, Sri Lanka has a larger deposit of blue moonstone. While India has fewer blue moonstone deposits, you are more likely to get rainbow moonstone from the region. 

You can also get moonstone from many other countries, such as the United States, Germany, Australia, India, Madagascar, Tanzania, Norway, Brazil, and Myanmar. However, the most interesting moonstone has recently been found in Switzerland, up a mountain called Adular. This is why some people have given moonstone the name "Adularia" in reference to the mountain it is now found in.

Discussing Moonstone Symbolism

As found in the name and as previously said, throughout time many people have closely and loosely related jewelry of this type with the Moon. It is one reason some people consider it the best birthstone for people born on Monday (Moon's day), which is the first day of the week, or the second, depending on where you reside.

Also, there is an unfounded belief that moonstone possesses a calming characteristic in relation to their lunar association, which is considered a good remedy for people who find it difficult to sleep.

Furthermore, according to folklore, magicians would schedule potion mixing for when the Moon and its several phases, especially those that involved the use of moonstones. The use of the stone also depended on the spell (if it was one of decrease or increase). Another belief was that if one plants a moonstone in a garden during a full moon, the garden's capacity to germinate crops will increase.

Lastly, another moonstone ring symbolism often noticed is among lovers and people in relationships. Lovers often traded moonstones after a quarrel, as it was reported to help restore what they might have lost during the quarrel.

Like this sterling silver rainbow moonstone ring, moonstone jewelry will undoubtedly continue to offer that timeless elegance and air of mystery that astounds people and will be a good thing for future generations to continue.


No matter which part of history is your favorite, this century-old rings with a rich history and much symbolism will continue to offer character and speak volumes among humans who understand their language. Even if you have no sympathy for the legends and mystical backgrounds attached to this wonderful moonstone jewelry, you cannot but recognize the enchantment that comes with them.

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