A Guide to Anxiety Rings

It happens to almost everyone.

Feeling nervous, sweating, rapid breathing, trembling, increased heartbeat, and trouble concentrating.

All these are the top symptoms of anxiety. The worst part is experiencing these symptoms in the middle of a company meeting, interview, or date. 

You’re not alone; 19.1% of American adults have an anxiety disorder.

What if I told you there’s a proven, simple solution to make you worry-free without breaking the bank (or losing your mind)?

You guessed it: an anxiety ring!

You may be wondering: What is an anxiety ring? How does it work? Is it effective? In this guide, we’ll answer all these questions to help you click anxiety at bay. 

Stay with me.

What Is an Anxiety Ring?

What Is an Anxiety Ring?

Source: Boho Magic

An anxiety ring resembles a normal ring but has a special design to alleviate anxiety by letting you focus on the ring instead of the situation, task, or idea that’s worrying you.

An anxiety ring is also called a worry ring or spinner ring. It contains beads or bands that you can rotate on your finger.

There are different types of anxiety rings online; checking them will help you decide on your preferred design. Get a ring that will match your personality and keep up with your spirit.

Did I mention that these rings gained popularity from TikTok and that many people have embraced the idea? Remember, not every health tip you see on TikTok works, and you need to consult your doctor.

Do Spinners Rings Work for Anxiety?

Do Spinners Rings Work for Anxiety?

Source: Pexels

The spinning rings will give you a calming effect when you understand the concept of rolling them on your fingers. You understand that anxiety is within you and must deal with it before it gets intense.

Don't ignore that you need mental expert advice because you got yourself an anxiety ring since the condition may be deeper than you thought. Your doctor can prescribe antidepressants to help lower your levels of anxiety.

Note that the ring isn't a cure for your anxiety but will only give you calmness now. You will also view it from a different angle; with time, you can easily overcome stressful moments.

Anxiety can be gross and go beyond your logic, affecting your physical health, which is why you need to manage it.

People experience different types of anxieties, which can lead to phobia, and it's not surprising if you can't tell the origin, and that's where a therapist comes in.

How to Maximize the Benefits of Your Anxiety Ring

Some behaviors are associated with anxiety, and using the anxiety ring will help you overcome it. Here are some ways to improve the benefits of your ring.


You can start by looking for a happy thought to keep you associated with the ring. Bring back happy memories like a vacation experience or an adventurous trip.

Additionally, you can switch to affirmations where you keep reminding your inner self that you can overcome the anxiety. Some affirmation words include "I can do better "and "I can get over my anxiety."

Some prefer thinking of someone who has ever or is making them happy while spinning the ring. It could be your child or your family member.  

A Cool Environment

With your anxiety ring, move to a calm environment that will keep you relaxed when spinning the ring. The corner of your room, in your office with the door closed, or in the park can be good places to ease your anxiety.

Take a deep breath as you associate with your ring and try to stretch your muscles by moving your hands and feet or applying other relaxation techniques and once you feel better, you can stop spinning your ring.

Use It When Anxious

Please don't wait until your anxiety is extreme to spin the ring. You can spin it whenever you feel anxiety symptoms or have one. Remember to keep in mind whatever you've decided to associate with.

Spin the ring until you get better. With time you find that you are switching to the ring every moment you feel anxious without struggling. It also helps you overcome biting your fingers.

Anxiety Ring Pros and Cons 

Anxiety rings are very easy to use. You only need to spin the bands or beads as you meditate on your happy moments.

The rings are easily available in most online shops, plus they are affordable.

They don’t attract attention. The rings look like normal jewelry, and it's hard for people to notice that you are using them to fight your anxiety unless they are experts.

I love that you can engrave your sweet memories on the ring like the name of a loved one.

However, you can't solely depend on an anxiety ring. It offers temporary relief for anxiety, and you need to see a doctor since the anxiety could be due to some medical conditions.

And another thing, some people may over-rely on the ring and fail to seek medical attention, especially if the anxiety stems from an underlying medical condition or the use of some drugs (more on the causes of anxiety later).

Fidget Spinners and Anxiety Rings

Fidget Spinners and Anxiety Rings

Source: Boho Magic

Fidget spinners are closely related to anxious rings. They are toys with a ball bearing that users rotate in the middle of their fingers. Both are meant to reduce anxiety by helping you focus on the situation causing anxiety.

Let me take a wild guess; you are wondering which one is better, right? It depends on your preference. However, when you choose the anxiety ring, nobody will know what you are trying to achieve. They may take it as simple jewelry.

With fidget spinners, you can't hide your actions with fidget spinners since people will notice their uniqueness easily.

Who Are Fidget Rings Good For?

Fidget rings work for people battling anxiety and severe ADHD. You only need to spin the ring to get over what is troubling you.

How Does an Anxiety Ring Work?

The concept of how an anxiety ring works is like a meditation ring. With meditation rings, you should focus on the band's flow, and with time you will channel your anxiety energy to them.

The spinning gives you a calming sensation. Take a deep breath when meditating to restore your inner peace.

Don't forget to associate the spinning with good moments. The ring works for adults and children.

On Which Finger Should I Wear My Anxiety Ring?

You can wear your anxiety ring on any finger if you are comfortable. Ensure that it's in the finger that allows you to rotate the beads or bands. You can even move it to your thumb.

What Beads Are Good for Anxiety?


What Beads Are Good for Anxiety?
Source: Pexels

The mala beads are the most used in managing anxiety. The beads are associated with religious practices. However, they are excellent for mindfulness without necessarily associating them with religious beliefs.

What Can You Engrave On Your Anxiety Ring?

You can engrave different things on your ring, from your name to a sweet message. You may also put images on it.

How Do You Get a Worry Ring?

Many online stores sell anxiety rings. You only need to order one that you like, and you can also get to a physical store around you.

How Do I Take Care of My Anxiety Ring?

When your ring is squeaky when spinning, you need to clean it.

First, you can use soap and water. Get a bowl of warm water, add some mild soap, and swirl the mixture until some bubbles form. Submerge the ring and swirl the bowl again to remove dirt stuck on the ring.

Let it soak for five minutes before swirling the bowl again in all directions to remove the stubborn dirt. Remove the ring and dry it with a towel.

Lubricating your ring keeps it smooth and easy to spin. Lubrication is a good option if you clean your ring and it doesn't stop being squeaky.

Start with getting a good lubricant, and the best part is you can find a wide range of silicon products that work well for rings. You can also use coconut oil or graphite lubricant.

Use a small amount of the oil and rub it well on the inside, between the band and outside of the ring. Use a paper towel to wipe excess lubricant from the ring.

What is the Main Cause of Anxiety?

Anxiety may have various causes, including childhood experiences, such as neglect, emotional or physical abuse, losing a parent, or bullying.

It might also result from your current life situations like joblessness, long working house, unexpected changes, financial issues, housing problems, losing someone, or feeling isolated. 

Besides, living with a chronic or life-threatening health condition could trigger anxiety. 

Lastly, drugs and medication can cause anxiety. Examples are alcohol, recreational drugs, and medications for physical or mental conditions. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now have an answer to the question, what is an anxiety ring? Now, no more clicking your pen, hitting the table, or tapping your fingers.

No magic comes with anxiety rings, though. You only need to concentrate on spinning the beads or bands as you meditate on what makes you feel better. 

Before getting the ring, you should get a doctor's advice who knows you may not be suffering from anxiety or it's a more serious mental problem. 

Anxiety rings shouldn't be a replacement for medication. Take your prescription as you continue using the ring. Take care of your ring and ensure it doesn't get squeaky.

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