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    Women's Turquoise Rings

    The versatility of real Turquoise jewelry makes it the perfect accent for almost any outfit! That’s why our team at Boho-Magic believes that it should be a staple in every wardrobe and jewelry box. Here are some things you need to know about Turquoise rings for women.

    What Does Turquoise Mean?

    Turquoise, meaning “Turkish stone”, is a common mineral used to make jewelry such as sterling silver Turquoise rings for women. For many ancient cultures, this stunning gemstone is a protection amulet that symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

    The calming blend of green and blue that this stone boasts is often associated with a variety of meanings, including energy, sophistication, wisdom, creativity, serenity, and good luck. This abundance of spiritual meanings is the exact reason why women’s Turquoise rings are making their way into many jewelry collections.

    Wearing Turquoise Rings for Women

    Part of what makes this amazing gemstone such a must-have for your closet is its affordability. It gives your outfit a dash of style, pizzazz, and class without breaking the bank.

    Turquoise rings for women go with almost any and everything! Wearing it with black clothing really makes the blue and green colors pop. You can also pair it with a bold color. Pairing the ring with other natural elements adds a nice touch. It also blends well with other stones and metals such as pearls and copper, allowing you to mix and match with different jewelry.

    A real Turquoise ring is a perfect complement to any outfit. From a formal gathering to a casual night out, it is a perfect choice! Feel free to browse our selection of rings if you’re looking for a new piece to add to your jewelry box.

    Much like every other stone, you may be able to resize your ring to better fit your finger. Again, much like every other stone, resizing does run the risk of jarring the stone loose. It’s best to consult a ring sizing chart before making your purchase so you can make certain that you’re getting the right size ring when selecting a Turquoise ring.

    Caring for Turquoise Rings

    Proper care of your sterling silver Turquoise rings is necessary to maintain the natural beauty of the gemstone. If your jewelry comes in a box, it’s best to keep the box for secure storage when not wearing your Turquoise rings. Air and moisture exposure can increase the risk of tarnish and lead to potential green discoloration on your finger.

    If you notice discoloration of your sterling silver Turquoise ring, there are a few cleaning methods you can try. Warm water and a soft-headed toothbrush are one of the best combinations to use for a gentle cleanse that won’t damage the Turquoise gemstone. A silver polish with a clean cloth can also be a beneficial way to carefully clean the sterling silver of your ring without damage to your gemstone.

    Keep your Turquoise rings as dry and protected as possible to avoid major damage or discoloration. The more you care for your rings, the longer life they will have.

    Women’s Turquoise Rings from Boho-Magic

    Add a sterling silver Turquoise ring for women to your collection today with one of Boho Magic’s stunning options. Between the spiritual meanings and the affordable beauty of these Turquoise rings for women, you won’t want to miss out on our Most Loved choices. Trust Boho-Magic to provide you with the best Bohemian-style jewelry on the market.