4 Moon Rings for Different Occasions

All over the world, people wear rings according to their preferences, which means they wear them in various ways and for distinct reasons. Of course, you might think they only wear it to look good. Still, in reality, there are just about a thousand and one reasons why they wear a unique ring type (such as a moon ring) to a specific event or on a particular finger. 

These reasons can vary between personality, history, relationship status, cultural beliefs, fashion style, love for stones, and more. For example, moon rings with gemstones are much preferred as jewelry due to the many benefits you will get while having the stone close to your body or person. Unsurprisingly, they are preferred over Alexandrites and Pearls as June birthstones. 

This article will help you pick the best moon rings for each occasion, whether a beach outing or a black-tie event.

Moon Rings for Different Occasions

Moon rings are very unique jewelry, and it’s no wonder they are employed to beautify and adorn the human body. You can wear them to different occasions in different ways, depending on how you see fit. Here are some moon rings and the occasions you can wear them to:

The Black Tourmaline Moon Ring

Black Tourmaline Moon Ring Sterling Silver

This moon ring is very attractive moon jewelry. The black tourmaline stone it incorporates is cut in the form of a teardrop. It blends well for night outings like balls, cocktail parties, and other elaborate settings. This Black Tourmaline moon ring is a head-turner and will help you define your fashion style and statement. 

You can also add other accessories like moonstone earrings and necklaces to your appearance to complete the look and add more sophistication while waltzing across the dance floor. 

The ring is wrapped in sterling silver, which helps maintain its glamorous and witchy look. Its night-black appearance perfectly fits night balls with flowing gowns and wine glasses…or goblets. 

The Healing Crystal Point Moonstone Moon Ring Sterling Silver

Healing Crystal Point Moonstone Moon Ring Sterling Silver

Looking to complement your everyday wear and look just a touch above average? Then this ring is just the thing for you.

This Healing Crystal Point Moonstone Moon Ring comes with a translucent moonstone band made of sterling silver. It gives off a simple and sophisticated look at the same time. It can go with a minimalist dress style and make you look simple at any party. Best of all, it works for an everyday look. 

Nowadays, many people prefer the simple yet effective accessory look, which is precisely what this ring brings to the table. Rest assured, you will receive compliments that day and for the rest of the week!

As moonstone rings give off an eye-catching look, a simple moonstone ring makes a statement about your person and your appearance. This Saturn moonstone ring will complement your favorite attires and outfits with incredible ease. 

The Sterling Silver Crescent Moon Ring with Moonstone

Sterling Silver Crescent Moon Ring with Moonstone

As Moonstones come in different (but few) colors, they give us many options when we plan to add them to our outfits for specific events. Suppose you wear this sterling silver crescent moon ring with moonstone. In that case, the white clarity of the moonstone on the ring gives off a sense of privacy and individual style. You can increase your options even further by adding a pair of moon earrings.

With the sterling silver crescent moon ring with moonstone, you can put on numerous bright or quiet outfits. This will complement the ring and the style it offers. Wearing this ring to the beach or outdoors in summer is not a bad idea if you picture it. 

Pairing this moon ring with an all-white outfit is a good idea also. Also, you can add your Moonstone earrings and jewelry to stand out. This will make the ring the highlight of your outfit, and you will get to hog all the attention. 

The Full Finger Crescent Moon Ring Sterling Silver

Full Finger Crescent Moon Ring Sterling Silver

Not everyone likes to wear rings with stones. If you are one of them, this is the perfect ring for you. The full finger crescent moon ring made of sterling silver is a simple-looking ring shaped like a crescent. This makes it the ideal fit for any finger you want it placed.

Rings without stones are recommended for active and free events like the outdoors. You can also wear them around your home to add a homely feel as you walk around the house. Go casual and put this ring on to symbolize your individuality and style.

You can wear this ring during a dog walk or a day in the park, seeing the sights and having some alone time while meditating.

Tips to Follow When Wearing Moon Rings and Other Rings

Here are some tips to guide you when wearing moon rings and some other rings:

  • You might now know this, but it is true; every ring sends a subliminal or loud message. A ring gives you an identity; with it, people can identify who you are and where you have been. For example, a ring can help you know whether a person has served in the military. Rings can also help you know a person’s status; a diamond or gold ring says a lot about their status and what they can afford. 
  • Think about metals and stones and how they go with your skin. For example, silver is a good choice for you if you possess a cool skin tone. To know if you have a cool skin tone, check if your veins are visible. Gold jewelry goes with warm skin colors. Your accessories should follow your choice of color also – belt buckles, wristwatches, rings, and, to go a step further, shoe buckles. 
  • Large hands go with large rings, and small hands go with small ones. Choose your rings in proportion.


Given that they come with so many benefits, it is no wonder moon rings will forever be preferred among jewelry lovers. You can get your moon rings at Boho Magic’s online store. Choose one or more to pair with your outfit today. Ensure you get a picture too!

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