5 Mind-Blowing Facts About Moonstone

Moonstone is one of the most stunning and popular gemstones on the planet, known for its unique milky blue sheen with a silver and dazzling look. The adularescence of Moonstone gemstone is responsible for its captivating and seemingly translucent nature. As jewelry, either as a ring, earring, or pendant, it is a thing of beauty.

Sterling Silver Raw Moonstone Ring

Sterling Silver Raw Moonstone Ring

Moonstone is a type of feldspar gemstone known for its unique color and luster. Moonstones have been valued for centuries for their unique properties. The ancient Romans believed Moonstone was helpful and associated with renewal, calmness, good fortunes, emotional intelligence, luck, and abundance. It has a history of deep admiration from various cultures and peculiar popularity among followers of different social classes and art movements.

Moonstone has some remarkable geological properties and a fascinating cultural history. Without further ado, are you interested to learn more about Moonstones? This post will explore some mind-blowing facts about Moonstones, from their past to their physical and chemical properties. 

What is Moonstone?

Moonstone is a feldspar mineral with a pearly, rainbow-like sheen. The stone embodies moon energy and has been utilized for ages in jewelry, art, and countless other purposes. 

As a result, it is right to say that the Moonstone is a lovely gemstone with a long history of usage in jewelry and for its metaphysical characteristics. For centuries and in the present day, Moonstone is believed to offer good luck and protection to the user, as well as assist in meditation and connecting with divine feminine energy.

Moonstone gemstones range in hue from white to grey, peach to yellowish green, and even blue. Each piece's worth is determined by its quality parameters, such as clarity and color saturation.

Moonstone History

This highly valued gemstone has long been cherished by different people worldwide for its beauty and helpful abilities. It was worn as a charm for ages to protect travelers at night and to bring love luck. 

Moonstones gemstones may be traced back to the feldspar crystals in igneous rocks like granite. It is mainly made up of orthoclase, a feldspar mineral that includes aluminum silicate and potassium. Because of its layered structure, when light strikes this crystal, it produces a dazzling tint, and when held up to the light, it resembles a little light-filled Moon. 

Due to its unusual sparkling beauty, Moonstone is one of the most valuable gems available and its use in various jewelry pieces, ranging from delicate pendants to elaborately carved rings has been met with acceptance, enthusiasm, and love.

Moonstone Physical Properties

Moonstone comprises two minerals called albite and orthoclase that combine to produce a micro-crystalline structure. It is usually opaque and has a white or slightly blue color. It comes in a variety of colors, including blue, pink, gray, and peach, although it is mainly white. It has a crystalline luster, which means it is dazzling and glossy.

Moonstone hardness is rated 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale, comparable to other feldspar minerals. This implies that more rigid materials like quartz or topaz can damage it. The specific gravity of Moonstone is 2.55 to 2.60, which is somehow lesser than any other feldspar crystal.

Overall, the Moonstone's physical properties give it a distinct look and make it a popular gemstone in jewelry. Gemstone fans and jewelry makers widely value it due to its delicate, radiant brilliance and transparency.

Sun Moonstone Fidget Ring Sterling Silver

Sun Moonstone Fidget Ring Sterling Silver

Moonstones Chemical Properties

Moonstone is a mineral made up of sodium potassium aluminum silicate and is related to labradorite and sunstone. Other minerals that may be present include orthoclase, anorthite, and quartz. 

Moonstone has isomorphism, which means it may have multiple chemical compositions while maintaining the same crystal structure. This is due to the fact that various elements are capable of substituting for one another in the crystalline structure. When Moonstones are exposed to water, oxygen, and carbon dioxide, they can destroy their dazzling look. This can also cause the mineral to degrade and lead to other minerals, such as clay.

In general, the chemical properties of Moonstone reflect its feldspar mineral composition and its sensitivity to chemical and weathering processes. These qualities are critical for understanding how Moonstone originates, is utilized for diverse purposes, and reacts with the natural world.

5 Mind-blowing Facts about Moonstone

Here are some mind-blowing facts about Moonstones:

1. Moonstone Emits an Opalescent Sheen

People have long agreed on the characteristics that the most highly valued Moonstones should have is a colorless, semitransparent to virtually transparent look with no apparent impurities and a brilliant blue Adularescence, also known in the trade as blue shine.

Therefore, Moonstone gemstone is well-known for its lovely opalescent sheen, which gives it a mystical and ethereal appearance. Sheen is the reflection of light from beneath the gemstone's surface, creating a shimmering effect that resembles the glow of the moon. When the light hits the Moonstone, the opalescent sheen unique to this gemstone, scatters and reflects, producing this mesmerizing play of light. 

2. Moonstone exhibits the Adularescence Effect

Moonstone has an Adularescence that gives it its delicate shine, just like the moon star that lights up the sky. It is named after Mount Adular in Switzerland, where the effect was first observed. This effect causes the light to move across the stone's surface, creating a floating or billowing glow.

Therefore, it is safe to say that Moonstone gemstone is distinguished from practically every other gemstone on the planet by its adularescence. This adularescence effect has captivated people, endowing Moonstones with supernatural powers. The Moonstone's gleaming, ethereal brilliance appears to ripple over the surface as though alive, giving it a magical quality.

3. Moonstone Is a Relatively Soft Stone

Moonstone is characterized as a moderately soft stone, with a Mohs hardness rating of 6 - 6.5, making it more straightforward for designers in the jewelry industry to experiment with the forms and looks in their collections. Due to their softness, they are more susceptible to scratches compared to harder gemstones like diamonds or sapphires.  

As a result, Moonstone requires proper care to avoid damage. It is advisable to store Moonstone jewelry separately and avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that can harm its surface.

Because of the gem's low hardness, the carving is done with extreme care and accuracy, providing lovely Moonstone gemstone rings, earrings, and necklaces.

Moon Moonstone Layered Necklace Sterling Silver

Moon Moonstone Layered Necklace Sterling Silver 

4. Moonstone is associated with the Moon

People have long associated Moonstones with the Moon. Moonstone has long been a part of many cultures and traditions worldwide. Because it is usually related to the Moon, such as lunar deities and the moon's mystical energy, it is believed that if a Moonstone is in one's mouth during a full moon, one's future can be prophesied. As a result, some see it as an alternate birthstone for persons born on Monday, the "Moon's Day."

It is also believed to harness the power and energy of the moon, promoting emotional balance, intuition, and feminine energies.

5. Moonstone is a Symbol of Love

The Moonstone is a well-known stone that represents love, passion, and romance. Moonstone rings, earrings, or necklaces can aid in attracting love into one's life. In ancient times, it is believed that people used to wear necklaces with Moonstones on their chests to entice love, enhance the bond between lovers, and bring harmony and deep emotional connections. They felt the stone would help them overcome loneliness and find their soul partner.

Moonstone is often given as a gift to express love and strengthen relationships. It is also considered a stone of fertility and is associated with nurturing and protective energies.

Bottom line

These mind-blowing facts highlight the enchanting qualities of Moonstone gemstone, making it a cherished gemstone with rich symbolism and allure. Shop with us.

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