Ultimate Guide to Birthstones

Did you know that gifting someone their birthstone is not only one of the most traditional jewelry gifts but also one of the most thoughtful too? Birthstones are thought to have existed thousands of years ago and their meaning and symbolism has stood the test of time. Let's discover the birthstones of each month and why you should choose them as a gift!

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Birthstones have been a concept that has been around for centuries; the idea of birthstones was even mentioned in the Bible. But, it wasn’t until 1912 that an official list of birthstone was released leading to one of the world's most popular gifts!

It was in 1912 that the National Association of Jewellers created a list of “birthstones” which would entice consumers to purchase jewelry as sentimental gifts to themselves or for the ones they love. It was certainly a genius marketing idea that made customers want to buy something unique and special over and over again. 

Nowadays birthstones are not just a thoughtful gift but they are also used to amplify our jewelry collections, uplift an outfit, create a style with purpose and, for many, wearing a birthstone feels empowering. Every birthstone has a metaphysical meaning and a purpose which can bring about positive change and shifts within someone’s life allowing for a more empowered sense of self. This makes birthstones an even more compelling purchase!

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Additionally, each month has a few birthstones. Back in 1912, though, there was only 1 birthstone per month. However, now, that list has grown! We’ve done our research and have complied a list of all the options.

Here are the birthstones and their magical meanings (the first stone listed is the traditional option):


Garnet (heart, passion, love, friendship, devotion, life force, sleep, vitality, calm)

Rose Quartz (self-love, unconditional love, compassion, inspiration)


Amethyst (calm, peace, tranquility, de-stress, femininity, spiritual protection)

Bloodstone (courage, wisdom, sacrifice, heart)


Aquamarine (relationships, water, dreams, youth, happiness, eternity)

Bloodstone (courage, wisdom, sacrifice, heart)

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Diamond (strength, courage, endurance, love, commitment, devotion)

Opal (purity, luck , creativity, pleasure)


Emerald (sight, foresight, clarity, truth, heart, rarity)

Chrysoprase (good fortune, prosperity, heart, balance, positivity)


Pearl (purity, mystery, fertility, water magic, intuition, integrity, joy)

Alexandrite (creativity, good luck, prosperity, intellect)

Moonstone (Feminine energy, the moon, ocean, intuition)


Ruby (protector, Harmony, passion , root chakra, earth magic, ancestors)

Carnelian (courage, creativity, sacral chakra, pleasure, manifestation)

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Peridot (spiritual protection, purity, compassion, sleep, inner child)

Spinel (passion, devotion, commitment, maturity, stamina, root chakra)

Sardonyx (protection, communication, courage, inner strength, resolve)


Sapphire (honesty, fidelity, truth, purity, innocence)

Lapis Lazuli (communication, throat chakra, friendship, wisdom)


Opal (purity, luck, creativity, pleasure)

Tourmaline (compassion, healing, protection, reconciliation, relationships)

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Citrine (abundance, prosperity, wealth, the sun)

Yellow Topaz (self-expression, creativity, memory, rest, communication)

Pearl (purity, mystery, fertility, water magic, intuition, integrity, joy)


Blue Topaz (authenticity, protection, intelligence, forgiveness)

Turquoise (good fortune, good luck, peace, love)

Tanzanite (pattern collapse, calm, intuition, psychic)


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