Gift Guide: Gemstone Jewelry for Each Moon Phase

Did you know that each moon phase has a special significance and that there are gems that can support us during these phases? Keep reading to discover gemstone jewelry to wear with each moon phase!

deep blue labradorite sterling silver ring with a crescent moon and stars

In many ways the moon symbolizes the cycles of life that nature goes through and also the cycles that we go through too. For example, when the moon is new it offers us the opportunity to asses our goals and the actions we are taking towards them. Wearing a gemstone that represents this symbolism can assist us during this time by allowing the universe to support us.

We’ve created a list of gemstone jewelry that we recommend wearing during each moon phase to invoke the support of the universe!

labradorite and moonstone sterling silver ring with a crescent moon for women available at boho magic
New Moon

The new moon marks the beginning of a new phase. With the new moon themes of hope, renewal and rejuvenation are strong. This phase allows the opportunity to self reflect and be supported by the universe as we dive deep within.

Gemstone jewelry for the new moon phase:


genuine turquoise sterling silver ring for women with crescent moons available at boho magic

 Waxing Moon

The waxing moon phase is an expansive time and an opportunity to take action towards your goals. When the moon is waxing, it is progressing towards the full moon; this is a motivating and abundant time!

Gemstone jewelry for the waxing moon phase:

  • Citrine (abundance, prosperity, gratitude)
  • Rose Quartz (self-love, personal growth, harmony)
  • Emerald (patience, balance, inspiration)
  • Turquoise (balance, uplifting, vitality)
teardrop genuine aquamarine gemstone sterling silver fidget spinner ring for women available at Boho Magic

 Full Moon

The full moon phase is a time of completion and witnessing things coming to fruition. The full moon is a time of heightened energy when we are connected deeply to nature and our intuition.

Gemstone jewelry for the full moon phase:

  • Onyx (confidence, awakening, clarity)
  • Moonstone (moon energy, feminine, intuition)
  • Aquamarine (surrender, authenticity, intuition)
  • Citrine (abundance, prosperity, gratitude)
genuine black tourmaline gemstone with sterling silver crescent moon for women available at boho magic

Waning Moon

After the moon is full, it begins to pull back towards the new moon. The waning moon allows us to look within during this retrospective time and let go of what doesn’t serve us. This is also a time to surrender and trust the process.

Gemstone jewelry for the waning moon phase:

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