How To Overcome Anxiety By Wearing Spinner Rings?

With pandemics, the climate, and professional pressure, anxiety levels are at a record high. But did you know your jewelry could make a difference? With specially-designed spinner rings, you can give yourself a meditative aid and an outlet for all that stress. Read on to learn more about how it works.

How Can Spinner Rings Relieve Anxiety?

Have you noticed how when we’re nervous, we tend to fidget? There’s actually a reason for that: when we’re anxious, our body releases stress hormones, which ready our muscles to move fast. In our early history, this helped us to fight and escape predators. Now, we still release those hormones, but instead of running away from a tiger, we tap our fingers or nervously play with whatever is near us.

Perhaps when you were younger, your parents told you to stand still and try to control that jiggling leg. Nowadays, it’s becoming more and more common to flow with the instinct to move. Do you remember fidget spinners, those little toys that became trendy a few years ago? They actually started out with a therapeutic purpose: to help children with ADHD, autism and anxiety to release some of their extra energy. Having something to fiddle with enabled them to relax.

Boho Magic spinner rings utilize a similar concept. Each ring has an extra band that you can twist around to your heart’s desire. Unlike fidget spinners or jiggling your leg, Boho Magic’s spinner rings are discrete. You can use them in offices, college classrooms, on the bus or subway, or just at home. Far from attracting weird looks, they’ll be a beautiful and grounding addition to your outfit.

It isn’t just a matter of finding an outlet for some of that nervous energy. The continuous action of spinning the ring can be a focal point that guides you away from the anxiety in your head. The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, try this grounding technique: twist the ring slowly and intentionally a few times. Close your eyes, and focus on the movement; really meditate on it. Doing this will help you get out of your busy mind and focus on the present.

How Else Can Boho Magic’s Rings Help Me Relax?

Inhale, Exhale Fidget Ring     Still I Rise Ring    I am Enough
Inhale, Exhale Ring            Still I Rise Ring                    I am Enough Ring

Boho Magic’s spinner rings are intended to calm and relax you. Along with the spinning band, many of our rings come with uplifting affirmations that have personal meaning and can be used as mantras. Different ones are available according to your needs. Do you struggle with rapid breathing or panic attacks? Our ‘inhale, exhale’ ring is a valuable reminder to take a deep breath and reset your nervous system.

If you’re a literature lover, then you’ll definitely adore our ‘Still I Rise’ ring, named after the famous poem by the writer, poet and activist Maya Angelou. It’s perfect for people who need a little extra resilience in their lives. Or maybe you have a friend who struggles with her self-esteem. Our affirmation ring can help remind her that she is enough and perfect just the way she is.

If engraved writing is less your thing, maybe you’re into gemstones. Moonstone represents inner clarity and good luck. Turquoise has been believed for centuries to ward off the evil eye. Turquoise was also a sign of fertility and royalty in ancient Egypt and was often used to make amulets. Blue Apatite is associated with the future and the accumulation of knowledge—perfect for someone who’s going on a year abroad. Whether or not you believe in it, searching for a gemstone’s meaning can add extra intention to your choice.

Can Men Wear Them?

Of course! Men experience stress and anxiety too; in fact, 1 in 5 men will suffer from anxiety at some point in their lives. Whether you’re looking to treat a special guy in your life or just want a nice gift for yourself, Boho Magic has a variety of unisex and men’s rings to suit a more masculine style. And of course, you can wear them just because you like how they look.

What Spinner Ring Should I Get?

Go for a design that has a positive and personal meaning to you. If you’re a nature lover, who feels regenerated after a hike or a camping trip, perhaps a peaceful mountain scene will give you the calm you crave; or you could choose this brood of bears walking along a forest to remind you of the power of family and the wilderness.

Moonstone Mountain Ring     Forest Mama Bear Anxiety

As you’re scrolling, keep your mind and heart open for a ring you feel a real connection to. Notice the feeling you get when a ring catches your eye. Do you feel serene? Hopeful? A little bit stronger or more optimistic? Great! That’s the right ring for you.

Don’t be alarmed the ring you’re drawn to isn’t a hundred percent your regular style—going out of your comfort zone can be a powerful message to your anxiety that you’re choosing growth, even if it makes you a little uncomfortable at first.

In summary

Boho Magic’s spinner rings use a simple spinning mechanism to help you whirl your troubles away. Managing anxiety has never looked so good, with dozens of materials and designs to choose from. Shop the spinner ring collection to discover their calming benefits.

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