Gift Guide: Jewelry for Spooky Season

During the autumn season we start to embrace cozy comforts and colors, but we also start getting excited for spooky season. Halloween is always a time that inspires our home decor and outfits, but did you know there are gemstones and jewelry at Boho Magic that scream spooky season? Let’s unveil our spooky collection together!

Halloween, spooky season and autumn jewelry shopping and gift guide collection available at Boho Magic

Whether your shopping for yourself or for your loved ones, our spooky collection has something for everyone! We’ve curated this list for all your halloween essentials including spiritual protection, autumnal colors and honouring your ancestors. But first, let’s chat a bit about the meaning of autumn and halloween.

For hundreds of years, Pagans have celebrated the fall equinox as a time of harvest. Not only are we harvesting an abundance of food from the earth, but we are also celebrating our own personal growth and manifestations that are coming to fruition as we prepare to end the year and enter into the dark months with the moon.

Traditionally, halloween stems from the pagan sabbat called Samhain (Soww-win) which celebrates the witches new year. That’s right, historically the new year actually began with Halloween. It’s at this time that the veil between the spirit worlds is at its thinnest which is why many earth based people honour their ancestors at this time. This is because their presence can be felt more than at other times of the year.

There are many symbols and crystals that can amplify our experiences during this spooky time. In addition to our halloween favourites collection (which you can shop here) we also want highlight 5 pieces of jewelry that you need this spooky season and why:

1. Black Tourmaline Rings

Black tourmaline contains a ton of iron, giving it the ability to absorb energy. Black tourmaline can literally absorb negative energy, leaving you more protected from that toxicity. As well, black tourmaline can emit frequencies that ward off negativity too. As halloween events pick up and as the veil between our worlds thins, you might want to consider protecting your energy from anything toxic or unwanted! To learn even more about black tourmaline, check out our article on the magic of this stone here.

genuine black tourmaline gemstone sterling silver ring for women available at boho magic

2. Coffin Rings

Our coffin rings are some of our more funky designs that have a triple meaning! First of all, the coffin itself is a nod to spooky tales of Dracula. As well, the coffin can represent all our ancestors that have passed. Thirdly, we have coffin rings in labradorite and black onyx. Labradorite is known as a stone of mystery that protects us from things unseen. Black onyx represents new beginnings and can connect us to the pagan roots of Halloween being a new start!

genuine labradorite gemstone sterling silver coffin shaped ring for women who love dracula and halloween available at boho magic

3. Citrine Jewelry

Citrine rings and necklaces can provide a burst of joy and light as we begin our descent into the dark nights. As a symbol of the sun, citrine is a beautifully abundant stone that can act as a lantern during the autumn and winter months.

Our citrine bee jewelry is a particularly good choice during this season as the bee symbolizes protection, new beginnings and community.

genuine citrine gemstone sterling silver and gold bee ring for women available at boho magic

4. Moonstone Jewelry

As the moon begins to over power the sun, we can connect with the moon’s energy. Wearing moonstone allows us to tap into the power of the moon as well as our own inner divine feminine. The darker months are a great time of hibernation and retreat where we often take a look at our personal paths and shadows. Moonstone can really support us during this time as it represents the magic and cyclical powers of the moon.

genuine moonstone and labradorite gemstone sterling silver moon theme ring for women available at boho magic

5. Rose Quartz Jewelry

Rose quartz might sound like an unexpected addition to a spooky jewelry collection, but hear us out! At this time, it can be a struggle as we lose the daylight while also attending an endless stream of holiday events. It’s important to remember to take care of yourself during this time and set boundaries so that you can stay in your power. Rose quartz is the ultimate stone of self-love. So we recommend wearing rose quartz as a reminder to not lose yourself during these times!

genuine rose quartz gemstone sterling silver ring for women available at boho magic

If you want even more autumnal and spooky inspiration, check out our entire halloween collection here.

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