The Magic of Turquoise

As one of the most beautiful stones on earth, turquoise is sought after by many jewelry lovers, spiritual people and crystal collectors. It’s vibrant blue-green color captivates anyone who sees it and brings an instant feeling of calm. But, have you ever wondered why turquoise has been worshipped for thousands of years? Well, let’s find out!

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Turquoise is a sacred stone that is thought of as the oldest stone in human history due to the fact that it has been used by numerous civilizations throughout time. Turquoise has a wide variety of spiritual characteristics that have been sought after for centuries including it’s ability to balance emotions, bring spiritual protection, good fortune, and even immortality. As the birthstone of December, you may also notice your Sagittarius and Capricorn friends swoon for turquoise.

There are many different types of turquoise that can be found all over the world. It’s not only one of the most sought after stones, but it’s also one of the most accessible. A blog called 'Tiny Rituals' describes the origins of turquoise perfectly. They wrote,

"This stone comes from as far as the winter corners of Nova Scotia to the parched dunes of Namibia, and it brings with it a low humming vibration. Turquoise of a greener hue is also found in the mountainous lands of Tibet. It’s been discovered in the wide and open Mojave desert in California, and in other areas of the USA where Apache mines invited the watery stone to flow out of the earth and into people’s hands."

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Here are a few of the magical qualities of turquoise:

It is a good luck charm

Historically, turquoise has been used around the world as a good luck charm. It’s beauty paired with it’s ability to bring peace into any situation makes it a symbol of good fortune.

It helps balance emotions

Turquoise is very often considered to be a symbol of the water due to its vibrant blue-green color and its ability to bring peace and calm into a situation. This stone allows people to sink deeper into their emotions and self-awareness as it helps them to create sacred space within by letting their worries wash away.

It connects to the throat chakra

Due to its blue-like color, turquoise is also connected to the throat chakra which is represented by the color blue. This stone can promote authenticity, speaking the truth and conscious communication. Wearing a turquoise necklace or earrings can assist with throat chakra balancing and healing.

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It provides spiritual protection

For centuries, turquoise has been used a token of spiritual protection warding off negativity and psychic attacks. Turquoise has been found in burial sites over the world including in Egypt and also within Indigenous communities. Turquoise’s ability to ward off unwanted energies is powerful.

To learn more about spiritual protection check out our journal entry here.

Can increase abundance and prosperity

It’s green hue also makes it a powerful attractor of abundance and prosperity. Typically, the colour green, the color of money, is used to attract wealth among many other things.  Since turquoise can also help ward of unwanted energies, it has the ability to promote positive vibes and intentions when it comes to manifestation. Pairing turquoise with citrine, another stone of abundance, can help you attract all that you desire!

It has been worshipped by many cultures

Used by different civilizations around the world, turquoise has been revered by many for its spiritual meaning and it physical beauty. For example, many indigenous communities considered turquoise the ‘God of the Sky’ and felt it was an incredibly spiritual stone. In Afghanistan, it has been worshipped for its good luck symbolism. In ancient Egypt, turquoise was worshipped for its spiritual protection and feminine qualities. In fact, the 'My Crystals' website put it perfectly when they stated,

"In the Egyptian era, Egyptians treated turquoise greatly so that it had its own goddess, Hathor. Hathor was the daughter of Ra and was known as the Lady of Turquoise. The Egyptians believe that turquoise due to its color was connected with fertility, sex, pregnancy, childbirth. Which is mostly popular with women." 

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