The Hidden Symbolism in Moon Jewelry

If there is anything that points to the fact that everyone in the world has seen the moon, it is the moon jewelry that we see from every culture and what they symbolize. It does not matter whether the jewelry is old-fashioned or modern. We often feel less attached to our contemporary jewelry simply because they hold no water or has any history. In other words, they hold no sentimental attachments to the past or present. But when it comes to moon jewelry, there is always a symbolism or story around it. 

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Whether earrings, brooches, pendants, or rings, jewelry that feature celestial designs such as the moon, sun, or star designs are available in innumerable styles and options today, even though they have been available for far longer. They have become very popular as spiritual and fashion jewelry pieces and have been used as symbols of power, love, and commitment over centuries. But have you ever wondered why these pieces are so popular and preferred?

This article will take an exclusive look at the hidden symbolism of moon rings and their history. Read on to learn more. 

Moon Ring Meanings

If you ask a friend what moon rings are, and they begin to explain the ring found around an actual moon, they are right. Moon rings refer to the bright light rings that appear around the moon when it is in full "bloom." There is an unspoken law that this moon ring, also called a lunar halo, can point to poor weather on the way, especially during winter.

But that's not what we are here to define.

Moon rings are rings that incorporate the moon's shape in any form. It can be a lone crescent shape or incorporate, along with the crescent, a gemstone in it. They are also usually made from sterling silver.

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Moon rings are lovely jewelry pieces that people believe are largely symbolic when used. This is quite unlike many modern jewelry pieces nowadays, which usually do not have any history or meaning attached to them. They are so named because there is a past belief that they are made from the light the moon gives off.

There are many symbolisms and meanings of moon rings, and you will find out more about this as you scroll downwards. 

When Did Moon Ring Jewelry Become So Popular?

Throughout history, moon ring jewelry has always been a means to speak and pass messages between humans without actually speaking. Symbolism in jewelry became a hot topic that influenced human relations to date during the Victorian, Georgian, and Edwardian eras. However, it reached a defining zenith during the Victorian era.

Star and crescent moon ring shapes were the most popular jewelry form during these periods. It was not uncommon for jewelry made during these periods to be laced with sentiment, messages, and symbolism. The Victorians perfected this, using the art of jewelry symbolism via motifs, gems, and flowers to discretely communicate messages, which could be simple or elaborate.

Back then, crescent moons implied spirituality, more specifically, the glorification of the feminine moon goddess. This, in turn, became a rallying point for women, especially during the industrial revolution, where women were no longer just homemakers; they were being allowed to work. This became the foundation for what we know today as women's empowerment rights. Moon rings with stars stand for guidance and direction of people by spiritual forces.

Victorians were highly symbolic people, continually seeking ways to express their innermost thoughts and desires. Every aspect of their daily living, including their clothing, paintings, and tapestries, was full of symbols and messages. Jewelry was not excluded from this; rings, bracelets, brooches, and pendants were used to communicate. 

Some Hidden Symbolism of Moon Jewelry

The crescent moon would become a regular fixture as the years went by. People began to use crescent moon jewelry to symbolize their desires for new relationships. The other people were to see the wearers and acknowledge they were ready to marry. Also, because people believed the moon had something to do with the flow of the sea, sailors began to own jewelry pieces because they thought it could keep people safe and induce luck. Many others believed it helped them return home successfully from long voyages.

Moon jewelry was believed to help people focus on their inner selves and also help protect a person against evil forces. It is also believed that wearing these rings would attract good luck and give the wearer the power to wish. Lastly, this jewelry can stand for romance, and you can find many couples exchanging them as a sign of love and romance for each other.

The crescent moon was also used to signify a change, in reference to the way the moon had several lunar phases.

Wearing moon jewelry that has a crescent moon shape can also be interpreted to describe the moon's waning and strengthening phases. The strengthening phase refers to the period when the moon's surface, when lit, is increasing, moving towards a full moon. As the moon gets brighter, it is believed to bring a new measure of positivity and energy to humans, which gives us a greater impetus to achieve our desires and dreams.

The waning phase, which is when the moon is waning in terms of brightness, is the time when people feel encouraged to remove negative energy (some people call this chi) from their bodies as the moon's light reduces.

How Should I Wear My Moon Jewelry?

You can style moon jewelry in different ways. You can wear them alone, such as this full-finger crescent ring sterling silver for a simple approach, or go all out with this sterling silver crescent ring with moonstone. Note that any ring with a stone is definitely making a statement, so choose your statement.

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Moon rings are fantastic and significant jewelry with a lot of history spanning centuries. With suitable rings, you could get your moon ring symbolism right by making the correct statement and expressing yourself in the best possible way. Whether you wear your star and crescent ring individually or with other jewelry pieces, you always aim to look good and your best. Let the compliments begin to flow in.

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