The 5 Pillars of Boho Style

Boho style has become a fashion staple over the few decades inspiring the wardrobes of women around the world. In fact, we love it so much that we named our company Boho Magic because we are so inspired by this style! But do you know how to create a boho outfit? Let’s explore the 5 pillars of this fashion.

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Boho, short for bohemian, refers to a type of fashion that looks free-spirited, artsy, comfortable and adoringly stylish. However, there is a lot of debate surrounding the origin of this style. Many sources say there was a hint of boho style at the end of the French revolution, others feel that it started in Bohemia, which is now the Czech Republic, and many think that the hippie rebellion of the 1960s birthed a bohemian style movement. Whenever, or wherever, this style originated it is clear that it’s not a trend; boho style is here to stay.

Boho style sees people wearing flowy fabrics, mixing prints and adorning themselves with accessories that take their outfits to new heights. Boho outfits allow people to wear their creativity on their sleeve…literally!

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One of the great things about boho style is that it is so accessible and anyone can surely assemble a boho outfit from within their wardrobe. But where would you start? Here are the 5 pillars of boho style:

1. Flowy Garments

A foundation of boho style is organic silhouettes and flowy fabrics. While boho outfits are often balanced with a garment that hugs the body, free flowing clothing is fundamental. This might look like wearing lots of maxi dresses and skirts, flared jeans, loose denim overalls, palazzo pants and oversized sweaters. Whether your layering a loose cardigan that hangs perfectly over your vintage boyfriend Levis or your belting a flowy maxi dress there is always a lot of room to breath with a boho outfit!

 2. Prints and Textures

Printed and textured fabrics are an absolute staple with any boho outfit. In fact, you’ll often see boho lovers mixing prints and combining a variety of fabrics. But, there is a fine line between creating an outfit with mixed fabrics that is stylish rather than obnoxious. Those who have mastered the art of boho style walk that line seamlessly and always find a way to look stylish. You might see a boho girl expertly mixing florals, celestial designs and animal prints with suedes, patchwork and embroidered items.

Many sources online will tell you that boho style is mostly just earth tones, but we respectfully disagree! Any color palette can work for a boho outfit because the heart of this style lies within your own creative expression. But when it comes down to the type of fabrics, anything that isn’t classified as ‘boring and simple’ can really help create that boho look.

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3. Accessories

A boho outfit wouldn’t be complete without a selection of accessories that expresses your personality and adds depth to your clothes! Any accessory can work with a boho outfit and the more the merrier. Your accessories can bring any outfit to life, give it new meaning and allow you to express yourself in amazing ways.

Maybe your layering your gemstone rings, choosing a dangly pair of earrings that once belonged to your mom, cinching a vintage belt or reaching for your handmade tote bag. Choosing accessories that inspire you will not only bring your outfit to life but it will uplift your energy as you wear it allowing you to really own your fashion sense.

When we were naming Boho Magic, we were thinking of these free spirited women who love to allow their accessories to tell a story and represent their creative voices. Ultimately, our gemstone jewelry and eclectic designs were created for anyone who wants their accessories to inspire them and their outfits!

gemstone and sterling silver jewelry for men and women available at boho magic

4. Layers

A key point of boho style is layering. With a boho outfit, you’ll often see lots of layered clothes and accessories that give more opportunities for expressing individuality and uniqueness. This might look like layering rings upon rings, long and short necklaces, putting 1 tank top over another and a sweater that falls far past the waistline of your maxi skirt. This style very much embraces the idea of smart and stylish maximalism.

We particularly love to see the layering of rings, which is why we have created so many ring sets! Check them out and get inspired.

5. Vintage Pieces

You may have picked up on the fact that boho style is super eclectic. We’re mixing silhouettes, fabrics, textures, accessories and we aren’t shying away from prints and colors. There is a lot going on within boho style and yet the boho ladies are as fashionable as ever! Want to know their secret? It’s vintage.

Mixing newer clothes with vintage finds will help elevate your boho outfit because its those special vintage pieces that are so full of character. Check out your local thrift stores and dig through your grandma’s closet to find those treasures that inspire you and your outfits. Shopping vintage also allows you more opportunities to find those eclectic pieces and to mix and match garments while also reducing your carbon footprint. Try it out and let us know in the comments what your favorite vintage jewelry pieces are!

Don’t forget to check out our sterling silver and gemstone rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces that can elevate your boho look!



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