5 Benefits of Wearing Gemstone Jewelry

Many of us wear gemstones because they are so beautiful, but did you know there are actual benefits to adorning yourself with gemstone jewelry? In this article, we’ll dive into 5 benefits of wearing gemstones and how this type of jewelry has the power to uplift you. 

Turquoise 925 sterling silver boho magic jewelry

For centuries, people have been adorning themselves with gemstones and allowing their significance to empower them. A gem is a cut and polished mineral crystal that can be used for many things including in the creation of jewelry such as rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Gemstone jewelry pieces are truly timeless accessories that can elevate your energy, confidence, style, and over all well-being.

Here are 5 benefits of wearing gemstone jewelry:

1. They help you express your individuality

Every genuine gemstone is unique and one-of-a-kind, just like you! Each one has a different appearance and energy that make it special. The gems you choose to adorn yourself with say so much about your personal style and your intentions. Choosing to wear a particular stone speaks to your own individuality and how you want to express it.

As well, getting to know the properties of stones is a great way to decipher which ones you want to wear and how you want to express yourself. For example, maybe you are looking for a stone that reflects your vibrant personality, creativity and tranquility so you choose to wear turquoise! To learn even more about turquoise, check out this article.

Aquamarine teardrop 925 sterling silver 18" chain necklace for women available at Boho Magic

2. They connect you to the earth

Our earth has many gifts that she shares with us, including her genuine gemstones. The characteristics of a gemstone, including its appearance and metaphysical qualities, mirror the beauty of the earth. So decorating yourself with this beauty is a wonderful way to connect with the earth's gifts!

For example, aquamarine can represent serenity, trust and intuition! Wearing this gem could potentially invite these qualities into your life and allow you to witness how the beauty of the earth is within you.

Black Tourmaline 925 sterling silver minimalistic ring for women at Boho-Magic

3. They can bring you inner peace

Each unique gemstone has positive qualities that can uplift your spirit, help you to create a life you love and, ultimately, invoke inner peace. So choosing to adorn yourself with a gemstone that has qualities you are seeking to bring into your life is a great way to allow your style to empower you!

For example, black tourmaline has the ability to protect your personal energy. So intentionally wearing this stone may potentially ward off unwanted energies which could allow you to cultivate more peace. For more information on black tourmaline, read this article!

round larimar blue gemstone sterling silver earrings for women by Boho Magic

4. They are healing

Gemstones are used around the world to assist people with energetic, spiritual and physical healing. Each gemstone has unique and powerful properties that people can tap into when seeking to heal or enhance their life. When wearing a gemstone, its energy can influence you in a positive way! Additionally, wearing gems on specific areas of your body could bring you positive change too.

For example, larimar is a blue stone associated with creating shifts in communication and over-all balance. So wearing larimar near your throat charka, perhaps in the form of earrings, might be beneficial for someone seeking those shifts. To learn more about the magic of larmiar, check out this article.

timeless and elegant genuine gemstone sterling silver jewelry available at Boho-Magic Jewelry

5. Gemstones are timeless and durable

As we’ve mentioned, gemstones have been worn and utilized for centuries around the world; time has proven that they never go out of style! As well, gems are incredibly strong and durable so they also stand the test of time. Many gems are scratch resistant, water safe and extremely hard to break in any way. So gemstone jewelry pieces are fantastic investments because they last a long time and you can wear them for as long as you want. At Boho-Magic, we create our jewelry using 925 sterling silver. This silver, paired with the durability of gemstones, makes for the perfect long-lasting jewelry piece.

Wearing gemstone jewelry is not only a great investment in your personal style, but the unique beauty and energy of a stone has the ability to inspire connection, peace, healing and timeless elegance. Check out our collections of genuine gemstone rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets for both men and women!

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