Is it Real or Fake Turquoise? A Guide to Spotting the Difference

There’s nothing worse than buying an expensive piece of gemstone jewelry you believe is high quality and later finding out the gemstone is fake. If you want to avoid buying inauthentic Turquoise jewelry, read this guide on how to tell if Turquoise is real.

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We are experts at identifying real Turquoise because we create beautiful Boho-style jewelry with natural Turquoise every day. First, we will start with explaining what fake Turquoise is, then discuss how to identify real turquoise.

What is Fake Turquoise?

So, what is fake Turquoise made of, and does it look just like real Turquoise? Fake Turquoise is usually made from an absorbent white mineral called Howlite. Howlite is easily painted or dyed to be disguised as Turquoise. Since it is naturally white, it can be dyed any color in the rainbow.

Dyed howlite generally looks virtually identical to real Turquoise. By looking at it alone, you might not be able to identify if it is real or imitation Turquoise.

Fake Turquoise is also sometimes made of plastic, in which case you can usually tell it is fake because it is too lightweight to be natural Turquoise. Some fake Turquoise also feels like it is hollow inside which is not the case with genuine Turquoise. These are two easy ways to tell if Turquoise is real or fake.

There are a couple of other ways to tell if Turquoise is real. Read on to learn more about identifying factors you should know.


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How To Tell if Turquoise is Real: Identifying Factors

There are a few key things to look for when trying to determine if your jewelry is made from genuine Turquoise. It can be difficult to tell the difference between real Turquoise vs. fake Turquoise, but here are some things to look out for.


One important factor is color. Genuine Turquoise has a bright blue-green color, while fake Turquoise aka howlite can be a wide range of colors, including green, black, brown, pink, and even purple. Real Turquoise will never be anything but a blue-green shade, so if someone is selling "Turquoise" that is purple or another unnatural color, it isn't real Turquoise.

Price Tag

Another consideration to make when buying Turquoise jewelry is the price tag. Genuine Turquoise is relatively expensive, so fake Turquoise jewelry will be much more affordable. If you come across an "amazing deal" on genuine Turquoise jewelry that seems too good to be true, it probably is. Use your gut when you see inexpensive Turquoise jewelry. Heavily discounted Turquoise, or $2 jewelry, are generally fake.

Look or Appearance

It is possible to tell the difference between real Turquoise vs. fake Turquoise by looking and feeling it, but it isn’t always the most effective way to tell if Turquoise is real. Sometimes you can see dye piling up in cracks of the fake turquoise, which is a dead giveaway. Another thing to note is if there are no cracks in the stone, if you can’t feel any cracks, they may have been painted on to look real. 

The Scratch Test

The most effective way to identify real Turquoise is to do the scratch test. Howlite or other materials fake Turquoise is made from are softer stones than genuine Turquoise. Lightly use your nail to scratch a less visible part of the stone like the backside and if it scratches easily, it’s howlite. If you aren’t able to scratch the stone, it’s likely genuine Turquoise! Be careful when doing that that you keep the scratch to a minimum as to not ruin your piece of jewelry.

Now, you know how to tell if Turquoise is real. If you are looking for authentic Turquoise jewelry to add to your wardrobe, look no further than Boho-Magic.

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  • Nicki

    This was super helpful! Always knew about the weight and color, but nice to understand the science behind the difference in Howlite and real Turquoise.

  • LindaLee

    Thank you! Great article; very interesting; but I did find it under your Blog :-)

  • Jane EM

    So any purple turquoise is actually dyed howlite? Did not know that. I’ve done some research on composite turquoise, and am not quite sure how it’s considered genuine or natural. Also I’ve read that most turquoise in jewelry is stabilized. I have some Sleeping Beauty turquoise pieces and they are a pure robin’s egg blue with no matrix, and they have been oiled. They were relatively expensive. Does this mean they are fake? Interesting topic, would love to know more! :)

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