What Story do your Fingers Tell?

Did you know that the finger you choose to wear a ring on tells a story about you? We all know the lore around our ring finger, but our other fingers also have significance. Let’s explore the secrets that our fingers hold!

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For those ring lovers out there, the way you choose to wear your ring can tell a story about your personality and character. Whether you love a gemstone thumb ring or prefer to decorate your index finger, there is a hidden message within your choices.

With the exception of a wedding ring placement, there really are no rules on how to wear rings. However, there are some subconscious underlying reasons that may drive us to place our rings on certain fingers. The fingers that we are naturally inclined to wear our rings on tell a story that unravels our purposes, interests and motives.

Before we jump into these secrets, let’s first quickly chat about the meaning of our hands. The hands that we choose to decorate can signal our priorities. Our left hand represents our inner divine feminine meaning if we are embracing our creativity, passions, emotions and healing then we might favor the left hand more. Our right hand represents our inner divine masculine meaning if we are goal orientated, driven, and financially motivated then we might favor our right hand. As well, adorning your dominant hand symbolizes that you are in alignment with your goals and that you are taking action towards them.

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Equipping yourself with these secrets can help you understand other people and give you more choices on how you express yourself. Much of this information is based on palmistry, folklore, psychology and even body language analysis. This is all for fun so take what resonates and leave what doesn’t!

What is the meaning of each finger for wearing rings?


The thumb is connected to the planet of Mars which symbolizes action. If you love a thumb ring you might be action orientated, a go getter, and have strong willpower. It can also symbolize your inner masculine qualities meaning you value those associated characteristics!

Index Finger

The index finger (2nd finger) is connected to the planet of Jupiter. This is the planet of abundance and success. You might have a positive outlook and you can sustain your needs. You might be ambitious and have a growing confidence.

Middle Finger

Your middle finger is connected to the planet of Saturn which rules our life lessons and responsibilities. If you favor your middle finger you might have a lot of responsibilities and your ring might offer you a reminder to ask for help when you need it!

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Ring Finger

Our ring finger (4th finger) is often reserved for an engagement or wedding ring. This finger is connected to the sun, which represents passion, drive and foundations. The ring finger, as we know, represents commitment, even if it is to yourself. The ring finger also signals that you value love. If you are wearing a ring on your ring finger, and you’re not engaged or married, then this can also be a sign that your highly creative and are committed to balancing your own energies.

Pinky Finger

The pinky finger is associated with the planet of Mercury which represents communication and foresight. This finger is often reserved for people who are extraverts or have a rather social purpose. If you wear your ring on your pinky finger you might like talking to people and seeking new perspectives. You might even have a very social career.

If you love this article and want to adorn your fingers with gemstone rings then definitely check out our ring size guide so that you can measure each of your fingers for its best fit!

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