Gift Guide: 5 Gemstone Rings for Spiritual Protection

Certain gemstones have the power to protect us from negative energy and harm. Wearing rings with these gemstones can align us with these protective qualities daily and bring us some added comfort. Let’s discover 5 rings that can spiritually protect you!

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You may already know that crystals, and gemstones, have energetic qualities that are a result of their molecular makeup. Every gemstone has characteristics based on their scientific properties and many have the power to protect us energetically and spiritually! Wearing jewelry with these protective gemstones can help us to ward off unwanted energies, interactions and even protect us from energy vampires.

When wearing gemstones for a particular purpose its always great to set an intention. Intention helps to direct the energy of your stone. For example, if you are wearing a black tourmaline ring then having an intention to ward off any unwanted interactions or energies can help this stone do its work.

Wearing jewelry, particularly rings, with protective gemstones can bring you amplified support and relief. Rings are a great option when it comes to allowing our jewelry to support us energetically and spiritually; this is because we can see our rings right in front of us and they can act as a reminder of our intention. When we actively think about our intentions, it amplifies that intention energetically.

Here are our top 5 rings for spiritual protection (and why!)

Black Tourmaline Crescent Moon Ring

This ring packs a powerful punch! Black tourmaline is one of the most sought after protective stones. The reason black tourmaline is so powerful when it comes to qualities of purification and protection is because it is incredibly rich in iron. This high iron content allows the black tourmaline to be like a sponge, absorbing energy and electrical frequencies.

As well, the crescent moon connects us to the symbolism of the moon and our intuition. Together this black tourmaline and moon have the power to not only protect us but also amplify out own intuition so we can have a stronger sense of energy ourselves.

If you want to learn more about the magic of black tourmaline, check out our article on that here.

Celestial Moonstone Statement Ring

The moon connects us to our intuition and emotions. When we wear moonstone it encourages a connection to those symbols and it can assist us as we embrace our own inner knowing which empowers us to make decisions that are better for us. This moonstone ring essentially uplifts our own intuition so that we can be deeply connected to our senses.

For more info on the meaning of moonstone, read this article here.

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Celestial Labradorite and Moonstone Ring

Labradorite is known as a stone of mystery that protects us from things unseen. This is a great stone to wear if you need some added spiritual support and energetic protection. The moonstone, again like the rings above, connects us to the moon and our inner knowing. This ring is a powerful choice as it combines the powers of these two gemstones!

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Amethyst Celestial Ring

Amethyst is famous for its calming and protective abilities. It’s stress relief capabilities has the power to clear your mind so that you can better know yourself and make good decisions. It can also protect you from unwanted energies and other people’s negative projections. This ring also brings in those lunar symbols with its stars and crescent moon details.

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Opal Leaf Ring

Opal is considered the ‘Queen of Gems’ for its gorgeous appearance and powerful energy. This stone has ‘return to sender’ powers and can protect you from unwanted energies by reflecting it back to its owner. It can also absorb energy, including anything negative within close proximity to you.

For more magic on opal, check out our article here.

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We recommend energetically cleansing your jewelry, particularly if it has a stone that can protect or heal you so that you can release the energy that it has absorbed. To do this you could burn herbs around, play an instrument near it or place it under the light of the full moon.

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