The Hidden Meaning of Opal

Opal is one of those gorgeous stones that can reflect spectacles of light, create rainbows, and have us feeling like our inner child. But, what exactly is it about this magnificent stone that really uplifts us and why is it called the 'Queen of Gems’? Let’s find out!

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Like all crystals, opal has an abundant list of healing properties that can create positive shifts in regards to your well-being. However, opal is an extremely unique crystal that has made a historical imprint resulting in it being called the 'Queen of Gems.' According to,

“It was considered by all in the ancient world to be the most bewitching and mysterious gem, worn for its virtues of soothing and strengthening the sight, healing diseases of the eyes, and capable of providing great luck as it possessed all the virtues of the gemstones whose colors reside within in.”

Opal was thought to reflect the colors and properties of garnet, amethyst and emerald. It’s prisms of color bring an abundance of wonder, joy, innocence and hope to anyone who sees it. Truly, opal’s awe-striking beauty and mystery is undeniably inspiring and uplifting.

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As the ‘Queen of Gems’ opal’s name has a rather royal origin. Opal is quite literally thought of as the original gem. The term opal derives from the Latin word opalus which means “precious stone.” Opal also has sanskrit roots deriving from the word upala which means jewel. Opal had such majestic beauty that it was thought of as the most precious of stones.

There are 3 types of natural opal: opalescent precious opal, fire opal and common opal. Precious opal, also called rainbow opal, is rare and known for it’s ability to play with color creating rainbows in the light. Fire opal most often has the appearance of reds, oranges and yellows just like a flame; fire opal, doesn’t cast rainbows in the same way precious opal does. Common opal usually appears glassy and can come in several colors like white, pink or green; it also doesn’t create a play of rainbow color like the precious opal. Each type of opal has its own unique appearance, but they all carry beauty so majestic that they are all considered to be Queens.

Interestingly, opal’s can contain up to 30% water and can dry out if subjected to extremely high temperatures. Opal is a 5-6 on Mohs Scale of Hardness, meaning it isnt too soft or too hard. Opals shouldn’t be put in water for long periods of time, however they are totally fine if they get wet temporarily.

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Ultimately, opal’s unmatched beauty and wonder makes it an uplifting stone; wearing opal can bring so much joy and beauty to everyday life. Metaphysically, opal connects us to the fire and passion within ourselves, it amplifies our intuition and third eye abilities, and it is a symbol of innocence, happiness and hope.

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    I discovered Boho Magic a little over a year ago. Not one of my items was any less than perfect. I can feel the good vibes, literally. No need to place on celenite before wearing. I shared this with my daughter when I purchased her a moonstone fidget ring for her 16th birthday! She has high anxiety, and absolutely loved it. Unfortynately, it fell off at school and she was devastated. But I told her that someone else was in more need of it than she was. Thats what I believe. Thank you for bringing the magic of stones into our lives in such a beautiful way!!

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