The Symbolism of Butterflies

Did you know that many of our rings hold symbolism that connects to nature? At Boho-Magic we are inspired by the beauty all around us, but butterflies hold a special place in our hearts. If you’re curious about the significance of our butterfly jewelry, then keep reading!

Timeless sterling silver butterfly thumb ring for women and girls available at boho magic

 Around the world butterflies are revered for their beauty, their mysticism and their powerful symbolism of transformation. This is why we created our butterfly rings, because the butterfly is a symbol that many of us can connect with and appreciate. But what is it about butterflies that is so fascinating?

Butterflies have many unique traits that other insects don’t have such as teeny tiny scales covering their wings. It is not only their unique beauty that makes them so special, but also their ability to mirror the cycles that humans go through too. Butterflies start out as one thing (a caterpillar) and then, through a period of transition and transformation, they grow into a more empowered being (a butterfly). This cycle mirrors the stages of growth that humans go through as we too evolve.

 Butterfly Jewelry collection available at Boho Magic

The life and cycle of a butterfly can teach us many valuable lessons. For example, a butterfly doesn’t resist its cycle of life, it surrenders to it which allows it to become a more evolved version of itself. Ultimately, butterflies symbolize not only transformation but hope, rebirth and resilience as well.

When we were creating our sterling silver butterfly jewelry, we also thought of the presence that butterflies carry. Whenever we see a butterfly flutter by, we stop what were doing and take a moment to witness the majestic beauty of nature. This is the intention that we wanted this jewelry to reflect. Our hope is that whenever you wear one of our butterfly rings, and catch yourself looking at it, you’ll take a moment to be present with yourself and witness that majestic beauty reflected within you.

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