The Birthstones of June

If you have a June birthday, one of these three stones can represent your month: Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone. All three of these are beautiful choices, but our favorite is Moonstone!

Here’s a little more information about these gems:

Moonstone Birthstone

According to, "moonstone is a gem of the feldspar group of minerals and formed from orthoclase and albite. The two minerals are intermingled at first, but when it cools, it creates two stacked layers. It’s because of the two layers that this stone produces adularescence. Light shines through the two, flat layers and scatters the light into many directions."

One of the reasons we love this gem so much is that it looks like it is in motion when the light hits it. As you roll the gem back and forth in the light, it changes the angle of the gem’s surface and naturally catches the eye.

Teardrop ring with Moonstone - June's birthstone

What Does Moonstone Represent?

This gem represents new beginnings of inner growth and strength. Also, it’s been known to represent love, fertility, and passion. It has been associated with Roman and Greek lunar deities as well as in Hindu mythology.

Where is Moonstone Located?

It can be found in many locations around the world such as India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Madagascar, parts of the US, and Tanzania to name a few. However, most of the stone is mined from India and Sri Lanka.

The Taj Mahal in India

How to Clean a Moonstone

It’s important that these stones are not exposed to high heat, which is why an ultrasonic or steam cleaner shouldn’t be used. Simply use soapy water with a soft toothbrush to clean around it.

Pearl Birthstone

The pearl comes from oceans, lakes, and rivers. It’s a traditional gem that women of every age have worn for centuries. They live in saltwater or freshwater mollusks and can be organically produced or produced in a lab through cultures. The traditional color of the stone is off-white, but can be manufactured to be other colors.


The alexandrite birthstone is made of chrysoberyl which is a mineral that changes colors in different lighting. The stone can show bright green or bluish-green in the daylight and purplish-red in incandescent light. This mineral is mined from Sri Lanka, East Africa, Brazil.

Find Your Perfect Moonstone Today

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