The Meaning of Statement Rings

In the fashion world, accessories, especially rings, play a crucial role in transforming an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. You have probably seen some men and women wear rings so big you might not have ever seen them in your life, which is saying something. That's the essence of that type of ring; its primary aim is to make a statement. 

But the big question here is, what is a statement ring? Aside from being bold and often having embellishments and intricate designs, what are they?

Statement rings are not like the usual big and flashy engagement rings. They are on a whole different and unique level. A statement ring is usually a big ring sporting a large gemstone or variations of that ring type. Statement rings are worn to "attract and make a statement," hence the name. Statement rings usually appear in silver or gold and are the common choice of rings for fashionable women in today's society.

Statement rings are also known as cocktail rings, and the reason for this unique name will come up later in this article. Also, people once wore these rings on the ring finger only, but nowadays, they are worn on every finger except the ring finger. The only exception to this is statement engagement rings.

Where Do Statement Rings Come From? 

 Statement rings have been in the fashion line since time immemorial, stretching back to the times of the pyramids. The Egyptians, especially their royalty, were huge fans of statement jewelry pieces along with makeup. The Romans also picked up on this trend, focusing on rings over other jewelry types.

As time passed, statement rings and jewelry began to lose their status as being for nobles and the wealthy only. They began to drop down to the middle class, thereby getting more affordable and acceptable for people lower in the social class. This happened around the middle of the 20th century.

However, in the early 20s, during the prohibition in America, people started referring to statement rings as "cocktail rings" and wearing them as a trend. This was when the sale of alcohol was prohibited in the United States. Being able to order and consume a cocktail in those days meant you were trying to make a statement without actually talking.

Well-to-do ladies dressed in flashy clothing and attractive enough to turn heads would attend an event or a bar and order a drink. Signaling the waiter with a hand sporting a large statement ring meant the waiter should serve them the "prohibited" alcoholic beverages. They would then sit provocatively, flashing and flaunting their rings for anyone looking in their direction.

For many women, the statement ring was also their chance to remind the other gender that they now had social freedom; before then, women did not have the right to work outside their homes or vote. They had fought for it and needed to highlight that they were now free to do as they wished, hence the idea of the statement ring. This made the statement ring an object of rebelliousness and individuality.  

Even today, we still associate people who wear statement rings as deviation from the norm. It has now become an attractive fashion accessory for women to add to their collections in a bid to enhance their beauty and display their status.

What Does a Statement Ring Mean?

Now that we have responded correctly to the question "What is a statement ring?" knowing a statement ring's meaning is paramount.

A statement ring could mean just about anything depending on where the ring is worn and the outfit it is worn with. It could mean a person wanting to exhibit individuality and a good fashion sense, and it could also mean a person who simply wants to hog some attention. 

For instance, a moonstone statement ring could mean feminine energy and intuition.

Overall, the meaning of statement rings depends on the personal style of the wearer, the gemstone, and the symbolism behind the design.

Can an Engagement Ring be a Statement Ring? 

A statement ring can be an engagement ring. While most people prefer less flashy engagement rings, some like elaborate and statement-making engagement rings. 

Most engagement rings come with stones, which is just the perfect reason to go bold and get a large gemstone gold or silver ring as an engagement ring. It is a beautiful choice every day, all day.

How to Wear Statement Rings 

Before today, most people wore statement rings on the right hand. But after people began to use them as engagement rings, it became a trend for people to wear them on both hands, excluding the ring finger. This ensures that most people know whether you are engaged or not. 

For instance, here is an amazing statement ring. Just imagine wearing this Teardrop Labradorite Ring Sterling Silver on your right index finger all day, every day! Its color, gemstone, design, and bold look are enough to complement any look and outfit.

Here are some factors to consider on how to wear statement rings:


Not all statement rings need to be oversized; large rings can sometimes be too bulky and pointless. Bear in mind that the size of your hand directly affects the kind of ring you will wear. 

Small, slim fingers are usually the best to host a simple band with minimal design. Long fingers can take large, flashy designs, and wide fingers go with bigger rings that are also big enough to cover your finger width. Short fingers also go with longer designs, as they will make your fingers look longer.

It is also important to balance out the statement ring with a piece of more delicate jewelry.

Practical Considerations

Another thing to consider is the practicality of wearing any size statement ring. Depending on your use, your statement ring should go with the size and material made of. For example, heavy rings cannot be everyday statement rings for you because of their weight and how they might clash with other accessories you have on you. 

Instead, find a medium ring that can be worn daily or consistently. Heavier rings can come off once in a while. Also, opt for subtlety with everyday statement rings so they do not clash with your outfit. Start with smaller rings and go bigger as you grow fond of wearing rings.

Note that:

  • Solid color rings go well with patterned outfits.
  • Brightly-colored gems contrast nicely with grey, white, and black clothes.
  • Multi-colored rings and gemstones go well with plain clothes.
  • Remember that your nail polish is also part of your dressing.

Also, wear your outfit before picking a ring to match. It is easier to change rings than to change the whole outfit.


Events determine the outfit and jewelry. Know what kind of outfit goes with which event so you do not appear overdressed or underdressed. For office appearances, go with minimalism so you do not appear too flashy. Weddings and other celebratory events can require flashy so that you can wear your bold and beautiful statement ring. For casual occasions, your statement ring choices should be playful and unconventional.

For instance, this Large Moonstone Filigree Ring is a superb casual choice. It is perfect for various events as well as casual outings.

Can You Wear Multiple Statement Rings?

Yes! Nowadays, it is common to see many people wearing multiple statement rings on their fingers. While the occasion dictates this manner of dressing, you should also ensure that it suits the style and personality you want to express. Ensure you match colors when wearing multiple textures to ensure the rings complement each other.

Caring for Your Statement Ring

Statement rings are made from precious metals and gemstones, so the cleaning methods and routines differ. 

Sterling silver is a common and excellent choice for making statement rings. Sterling silver alloy is made of 92.5 percent silver (with some other metals such as copper, silicon, germanium, and zinc adding up the total depending on the output). Statement rings made with stainless steel are easier to clean. Sterling silver is mixed with other metals because sterling silver alone will tarnish over time.

Here are steps to follow when cleaning and caring for your sterling silver statement rings for women:

  • Get a ceramic dish and put it in a layer of aluminum foil. Ensure the aluminum foil covers every surface of the ceramic. Boil some water in a separate dish while you're at it.
  • Pour a teaspoon of salt into the foil-covered dish. Add a tablespoon of vinegar. After this, slowly pour a half-cup of vinegar into the dish – emphasis on the word slowly – to ensure the ingredients do not react violently and fly out of the dish upon contact.
  • Add the boiling water to the mix.
  • Slowly drop your statement ring of sterling silver into the dish and ensure it touches the foil.
  • After a half minute, slowly remove your statement ring and rinse it under running water. Check for tarnishing. Keep rinsing until there is no sign of tarnishing.
  • Clean with some tissue paper before leaving it to dry.
  • Remove your ring when doing any activities that could damage it.
  • Store your ring safely in a jewelry box or a soft pouch.


By now, you are more knowledgeable about statement rings. Statement rings for women will always be a highlight at parties and events, so you should know how to combine them with your outfits and dresses properly. 

Whether you prefer vintage or contemporary, your statement ring will always make a statement, and you should get to decide what kind of statement it will be.

Looking for statement rings for women? Check out our online statement ring collection.

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