Gift Guide: The Magic and History of Valentine's Day

Valentines day is right around the corner! Have you thought about what your going to gift the one you love? Well, we've got a few ideas for you. Plus, we're going to explore the origins of this love-themed holiday. Let's get into it! 

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Valentines day is a wonderful time of the year that gives us an opportunity to intentionally celebrate our love! Wether you're celebrating with friends, family or your romantic partner, Valentines Day let's us embrace gift giving as our love language. We love to gift our loved ones something sentimental. Maybe it represents a memory or the way we think about someone. There are so many ways to show our love and gratitude through gift giving! So, we've created a list of 10 intentional and thoughtful gifts for the ones you love. But first, let's explore the meaning of Valentines Day!

There is some conjecture online regarding the origin of Valentines Day, but all scholars agree that its origins are rather old. Some believe Valentines Day is in remembrance of a man name Saint Valentine who had a mission of love. Saint Valentine was a Roman clergyman, in the 3rd Century, who went against the law to marry Roman soldiers. At that time, soldiers were not permitted to get married. He was condemned to death and is said to have died on February 14, 270 AD. 

According to there is another theory that Valentines Day is a Christianized version of the Pagan holiday Lupercalia which was historically celebrated on February 15. Lupercalia is an ancient Roman and Pagan festival with themes of fertility and purification, just before the Spring equinox and Pagan sabbat of Ostara also representing fertility and rebirth.

As well, you may have noticed the image of cupid as a symbol for love and Valentines Day. Cupid is often depicted as a mischievous figure who shoots arrows into people who will become a lover and plays with people's emotions. Well, the depiction of cupid is actually a representation of the classical Greek God of Love named Eros.

Overall, Valentines day is a time to honour our love for each other and all the people who have come before us who fought for opportunities to love too! Now, here are our top 10 valentines gifts (don't forget to include your own handwritten love letter with your gift!):

1. Rose Quartz Teardrop Ring Sterling Silver

Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love! This ring is also in a teardrop shape which is a nod to the beauty of our emotions. Gift this rose quartz ring to the woman you love!

sterling silver genuine gemstone rose quartz rings for women available at boho magic
2. Fidget Ring with Empowering Engraving Sterling Silver

This spinner ring is great for anyone who is looking to find presence and reduce fidgeting habits. The message of "I am powerful, worthy, enough, loved and safe" is the perfect message to gift someone you care about.

I am Enough engraved sterling silver spinner ring
3. Sun and Moon Necklace with Moonstone Necklace Sterling Silver

Give the gift of the sun and moon to! This moonstone necklace is perfect for any woman because it not only represents the magic of the universe but the moonstone gem represents the divine feminine. If you like this necklace, check out the matching ring!

The symbol of the bee represents family and community. As well, the citrine stone is a symbol of abundance and prosperity. These bee earrings can represent all that you and your lover are working towards!

sterling silver genuine gemstone citrine bee earrings for women available at boho magic
Just like our rose quartz teardrop ring (above) this necklace can represent the depth of your emotions and love.

sterling silver genuine gemstone rose quartz necklace for women available at boho magic
Let your lover know that they are worthy and that they are enough with this sentimental ring! 

sterling silver genuine gemstone empowering spinner fidget ring engraved with "I am Enough" for women available at boho magic
This ring reminds us of the innocence and beauty of our inner child! The butterfly is also a symbol of transformation, which you cna read all about in our blog here

Timeless Butterfly Ring Sterling Silver
As the stone of abundance and prosperity, we love citrine! Wearing this stone as a necklace, placed close to your heart, can attract more love into your life! 

Teardrop Citrine Crystal genuine gemstone sterling silver Necklace for women available at boho magic
9. Leaves Green Onyx Ring 

This nature inspired green onyx ring is the perfect gift for the nature love out there! For more ideas, check out our nature lovers gift guide.

 Leaves Green Onyx Ring inspired by nature with genuine gemstone and sterling silver ring for women available at boho magic
Combine nature and unconditional love with this rose quartz and leaf ring! 

genuine gemstone Rose Quartz Leaf Ring Sterling Silver for women available at boho magic
If you need more gift ideas, check out our gift guides! 

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